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@Download Kindle º Ice Moon (Moon #5) Ü One Touch And She Is HisJared Ayers Works Outdoors, Embracing A Solitary Life, Hiding From His Inner Demons But After So Many Of His Pack Brothers Have Found Their Mates, He Starts Wondering If There Might Be A Mate In His Future Too His World Turns Upside Down After He S Hired By The Ice Queen Of Lake Tahoe One Touch Is All It Takes One Touch To Send The Wolf Howling WithinA Gifted Psychic With Pyrokinesis, Taryn Goldstone Wields Fire Beyond Her Control Sometimes With Dire Consequences With Jared, She Discovers That Some Flames Are Meant For Passion And Healing She Has Enemies Who Covet Her Powerful Gift, But They Are About To Learn Just How Far A Wolf Will Go To Protect His Mate Welcome back to the pack Jared is the one wolf that is hiding demons and is looking for his mate He is the master carpenter and loves to work outdoors But as his brothers all find their mates , he wonders if his mate is out there Well as we all know the brothers find their mates and when they do nothing will keep them from their loves Jared finds that out the day he goes to do an estimate on a new deck For the Ice queen of Nevada Where with one touch his wolf starts howling and the pull of the mate is strong He along with his dog Tank will protect them from the evils of Nero I loved the characters in this book, they are so strong , Jared is the man that any woman would want to have He is tall sexy as sin and good with his hands the kind of man you want to have around He is also sweet and lovable and charming He will do anything and everything to help out the pack and keep Taryn and Charlie safe You see him let down his guard and become friends with both Taryn and Charlie first and watch the love grow between Taryn and Jared grows and goes to a slow boil Taryn kind of annoyed me at first she was such a well lack of a better word a ice bitch You see her closed off and well actually scared of what could happen and what did happen in the past As I was reading along I started to warm up to Taryn as I saw her opening up and becoming of the happy woman that Charlie and Jared need I think that Charlie was my favorite character in the book He was so lovable and sweet You just wanted to hug him and watch him be a boy Charlie is such an honest sweet character that loves with all his heart and wants to be happy The rest of the pack also make appearances in the book and there is a surprise that I cheered about I am not going to tell you , you have to read for yourself but its good really good The author has combined suspense and romance seamlessly The way the author just characters go about falling in love naturally was so nice to see But when they did finally end up in bed lets just say it as so hot on so many levels I will never look at another bowl of ice the same way again You have to read the book but lets just say WOOOOOHOOOO Even though this is book 5 in the series , the author still keeps it fresh and new with each character The romance mixed with the mystery and the wickedly evil bad guys Turn it up to be a great read So come back to the pack and take a chance on Jared an Tarynfor ice. 4.5 stars Spoiler free full review of the series Ok, so I admit to continuing to stalk this author and her publisher looking out for when the next book in this series will be available and then I get in as quick as I can to get a copy to read Considering the number of books I ve been reading lately, that should be a great indicator of how highly I appreciate the whole series and this is another great addition to it Jared is the member of the pack who is the star of this story He became a carpenter after traumatic events in his past, leaving his twin to become the doctor he also originally intended training to be He s been hired to help a local realtor, Taryn Goldstone, to carry out home improvements She s nicknamed the Ice Queen of Lake Tahoe and usually avoids any physical contact with anyone including her young son When Jared and she touch, it is like lighting a flame It turns out she s a psychic who burns everything around her when out of control She s so scared of her own ability, she s largely isolated herself to protect everyone she cares about Jared, however, knows she s his mate and is determined to help her gain control of her gifts and to make her his Unfortunately, Nero are not far behind, coming for her again and her young son has a secret she hasn t yet discovered, too Superb the historic involvement of Nero and the pack revelations no, not telling you what are definitely unexpected A new gifted psychic, another threat to the pack and another romance, wow, what an action packed story I couldn t put it down the characters may well be paranormal and highly talented but their interactions, emotions and lives are portrayed in a brilliant manner, suspending disbelief to take the reader on their journey through life, complete with all the drama, turmoil and love that goes with it I m so happy to have been able to read an ARC of this, thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to do so Only problem now is I can t wait for Blue Moon, the sequel, to be released, too, so the stalking will continue I have no hesitation in highly recommending this and the other books in the series to anyone who enjoys to read a mix of genres, including an on going thriller, suspense, romance, paranormal and mystery, too, in a superbly crafted story where the novels do follow on and add to the developing saga but may also be read as a standalone. Ice Moon was a wild thrill ride to write, and I hope you ll have just as much fun reading it Jared and Taryn had sparks, literally, and lots of new secrets were revealed between the Pack and their connection to the evil Nero Organization.The books are all written to stand alone so you can jump in if you haven t read the rest of the series, but I hope you ll be enticed to grab the rest of the books too Welcome to the Wolf Pack Lisa