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!Download Book ⚓ The Serpent King ♈ Dillard Early, Jr Travis Bohannon And Lydia Blankenship Are Three Friends From Different Walks Of Life Who Have One Thing In Common None Of Them Seem To Fit The Mold In Rural Tennessee S Forrestville High Dill Has Always Been Branded As An Outsider Due To His Family Heritage As Snake Handlers And Poison Drinkers, An Essential Part Of Their Pentecostal Faith But After His Father Is Sent To Prison For Sexual Abuse Of A Young Parishioner, Dill And His Mother Become Real Pariahs His Only Two Friends Are Travis, A Gentle Giant Who Works At His Family S Lumberyard And Is Obsessed With A Game Of Thrones Like Fantasy Series Much To His Alcoholic Father S Chagrin And Lydia, Who Runs A Popular Fashion Blog That S Part Tavi Gevinson And Part Angela Chase, And Is Actively Plotting Her Escape From Redneckville, TennesseeAs The Three Friends Begin Their Senior Year, It Becomes Clear That They Won T All Be Getting To Start A Promising New Life After Graduation How They Deal With Their Diverging Paths Could Cause The End Of Their Friendship Until A Shattering Act Of Random Violence Forces Dill To Wrestle With His Dark Legacy And Find A Way Into The Light Of A Future Worth Living I wrote this book, and I m giving it five stars not because I think it s a flawless book Rather, because in it, I was able to say exactly what I wanted to say, tell the exact story I needed to tell, and because Dill, Lydia, and Travis were born into the world exactly as they came to me in my mind.I m giving it five stars because it has resulted in my meeting the most amazing people readers, booksellers, teachers, librarians, bloggers, reviewers, other authors and making some of the best friends I ve ever had.I m giving it five stars because it allowed me to reach the audience I most wanted to reach young people.I m giving it five stars because it changed my life permanently for the better in ways than I can count. if youre going to live, you might as well do painful, brave, and beautiful thingsif you asked me what i took away from this story, it would be the importance of living life with dignity and courage the courage to be yourself the courage to forge your own path the courage to leave for better things the courage to stand up for yourself and others the courage to question what you believe the courage to do what scares you and most importantly, the courage to live life we could all do better with a little courage 4 stars This felt very much like a debut, and unfortunately, none of the characters or story arcs surprised me or touched me nearly as much as they were supposed to Best to sample this if you re curious, as I think you can tell fairly early on if the writing style suits you.Apparently I m the black sheep on this one, though Baaaaa A review copy was provided by the publisher.A Note to Those Who Think This Book is Amazing This is one of those books that seems like a magnet for people who loved it to come on and tell everyone else how great it is Please save yourself and me the time, and just move on or write your own review rather than talking around me or down to me I m glad you loved it, and that you have your own space on GoodReads to talk about it to your heart s desire I deleted the last pointed comment because I ve blocked that person after a long history and her long blog rant criticizing this very short, fairly even tempered reaction to the book as well as the comments, but I will say that I will not be nearly as tolerant going forward Mind Your Own Space. The Serpent King is absolutely captivating.It s sad but it s also very inspiring Jeff Zentner wrote a debut novel here worthy of your shelves, time and attention It s original in a way that is realistic The characters Dill, Lydia and Travis have an authentic voice They are quite different one from the other, yet they are as thick as thieves Dill is a musician, struggling daily with the effects of the sins of his father, literally His father whom is now behind bars Travis s brother died, which changed his father enormously, so much that he became verbally and physically abusive.And Lydia, well, she has no money problems, no family problems in fact, she s got it pretty easy compared to everybody else, but she needs to learn to accept her friends as they are She isn t done growing up, either.It s a poignant coming of age novel that is reminiscent of The Perks of Being a Wallflower Unlike the title and perhaps cover may suggest, and unlike I first thought, there is no magical realism Everything is very much realistic, unfortunately No matter where you live New York, Montr al, Budapest, a random small town no one knows of you cannot escape life, meaning that bad things happen to everyone, all over the world But you can decide whether to get up or stay down Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin THIS FREAKING BOOK I loved it sooooooooooooooo much It broke my freaking heart and gave me joy and broke my heart some It s just so wonderful And the feels in this book are beyond what I can say in my pitiful little review All I know is if you have been meaning to read this book and have been putting if off, READ IT you just might find it as wonderful as I did The main characters are, Dill, Travis and Lydia and I love them so much They are some of the most awesome characters I have read in awhile Dill is the son of the crazy, snake, preacher man Travis is a fantasy book fanatic whom you can not help but love He goes around with his dragon necklace and his staff and is constantly reading his favorite author s books And Lydia is the one that has the money with a father as a dentist and I think her mom was in real estate Either way, her parents are wonderful people, the boys parents, not so much Dill s preacher father ends up in jail for reasons And Dill s mom doesn t even want Dill to finish his last year of high school or go to college, because of reasons Travis has a really sweet mom but a jerk for a father He s a drunk and he s always calling Travis names etc Lydia runs a very popular blog I wish I did talking about any and everything She s going to go to college and make something of herself The boys, not so much, but they finally came up with their own plan And poor Dill has a crush on Lydia but don t want to tell her It all eventually comes out when other things happen And Lydia made me laugh hysterically many times while reading this book thank you, Lydia, I needed that Dill is also a brilliant singer songwriter guitarist As much as I loved these characters and this book, there were some parts that just ripped my heart out and threw it on the floor I really have nothing else to say about it without giving out spoilers I had all of this stuff I wanted to say while reading it and I should have written them all down I would have like to put my many feels in the book, but then again, I would have had to add spoilers and I don t like to do that unless they are mild There is nothing much mild to this book I hope many people love this book as much as I did and I cried a few times and laughed a few times The perfect book, okay not so much the crying because I m tired of crying in books Fin MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Another great coming of age story Warning contents may contain spoilers The religious beliefs are part of the background I didn t get the impression that the author was anti Christian, nor even especially opposed to snake handling as an expression of faith There are communities where it is a demonstration of belief Dill s life is in one In a lot of ways, it s the least of his problems His father is Pastor Early.It had thoroughly scandalized Forestville, Tennessee when Pastor Early of the Church of Christ s Disciples with Signs of Belief went to the state penitentiary and not for the reasons anyone expected Everyone assumed he d get in trouble someday for the twenty seven or so rattlesnakes and copperheads his congregants passed around each Sunday No one knew with certainty what law they were breaking, but it seemed unlawful somehow And the Tennessee Department of Wildlife did take custody of the snakes after his arrest Or people thought perhaps he d run afoul of the law by inducing his flock to drink diluted battery acid and strychnine another favored worship activity But no, he went to Riverbend Prison for a different sort of poison possession of than one hundred images depicting a minor engaged in sexual activity A lot of the small town rumor and speculation aimed at Dill Guilt by association Some people assume that he lied in court to protect himself A man of God would never do something so wrong Dill s mother would prefer to believe that it was his porn Both of his parents blame Dill for his father s imprisonment A minor would not have been prosecuted If Dill had claimed the porn, then his father would not be in prison, and they wouldn t be in debt His father rationalizes his imprisonment as being part of God s plan I m here because the Lord wanted me to minister to other inmates Their emotional blackmail on this kid is relentless.While it s wrapped in scripture, I just thought that they re selfish and self serving Your child s best interest should come before your own Expecting him to lie and perjure himself to protect his father s sin and crime is not an aspect of Christ mission fulfilled on earth Ministry to the imprisoned is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy that Christians perform I understand that the prison is distant, but that s why church groups organize bus trips for community outreach.On the bright side, Dill has a couple of friends Travis story broke my heart And, I liked Lydia and her parents She s not completely likable, but a plausible enough character. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW FREAKING AMAZING THIS BOOK IS AND HOW MUCH I ADORE IT Well, wait I will use words Psychotic words most likely BUT WORDS because omg I loved this book so much. It is gut wrenching and precious and inspiring and hopeful and balances darkness and hope using some of the best storytelling I ve experienced in a long time There is not enough FLAILING in the world for how much I want to FLAIL RIGHT NOW.Shout out to this book for existing Shout out to it for smashing my heart and then being so inspiring I think I need to go eat a planet in celebration.It s basically a story of survival and friendship in a backwards country town It s narrated by three teens, Dill, Lydia, and Travis and usually I don t like that many POVs bUt omg Each person was complex and interesting and loveable and heartbreaking I love love loved them all LIKE DON T EVEN ASK ME TO CHOOSE A FAVOURITE DILL he s the son of a preacher who s just been imprisoned for sexual charges and EVERYBODY knows Dill and is disgusted by him Tiny town, remember Country hicks not very forgiving His mother hates him, school is hell, he s got NO FUTURE because he s stuck in this town and his best friend Lydia is leaving for college and basically ajfdkaslfda he was tragic and adorable and quiet and nearly broken and I couldn t love him He DOES lash out irrationally with passive aggressive arguments with Lydia But I get it When you face losing someone, sometimes you push them away first to help dull the pain BUT IT JUST MADE ME LOVE HIM MORE Plus he s musical Composes BLESS THIS BOOK LYDIA she s a super famous fashion blogger and only 17 NoImNotJealousHaHaHa And she s fashionable, super sassy, epically fabulous, definitely not skinny, and has a future of success paved out before her Plus she has the mOST EPIC PARENT DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP EVER The banter with the parents was so spot on Omg I love how she as flawed and flawless Trust me, it works She was a go getter, but also a dreamer, and her two best friends were dorks, which automatically means she s a glorious person Also sorry not sorry but I 100% imagined her as Lydia from Teen Wolf TRAVIS He was the most adorable dork to ever dork in the universe He s OBSESSED with fantasy, specifically this trilogy which he can t stop talking about He s big and kind and unassuming and just downright lovely Books about lovely boys need to be of a thing And he starts writing and just ajfdsakfd I LOVED TRAVIS AND HE WAS SO PRECIOUS AND PERFECT He had the most horrible dad who abused him and it broke me 3 He reminded me of Adam from The Raven Boys but no bitterness, just 100% gorgeous personality despite his horrible homelife.HOW ARE THESE CHARACTERS ALL SO PRECIOUS I can t get over the fact that they felt so REAL I didn t want to ever stop reading this book And this is only the author s debut Sign me up to read anything by Jeff Zentner ever.Did I mention the writing Flawless It was heavily dialogue centred and balanced the most HILARIOUS humour ever with purely poignant scenes with words I never want to stop thinking about But seriously, I laughed out loud several times HONKED, ACTUALLY And my dog looked displeased And any story about three best friends making the best out of bad situations is the kind of story I m infinitely in love with It described everything SO WELL And the contrast Like Lydia s rich family as opposed to Travis cruel father as opposed to Dill s dying house of poison I CAN T GET OVER HOW VISUALLY AMAZING IT WAS And heartbreaking Like, dude Break my heart Walk all over it I don t even mind obviously.There are religious tones in it too, which concerned me at first.but turned out okay Like I just avoid religious books avidly And I don t even know WHAT kind of Christian believes in handling snakes and drinking poison butokay then But like it didn t slam religion It slammed religion that damages people and it laid out how wrong it is to ruin people s lives because of your religious beliefs But I just really like how it was all handled And Dill s father was totally insane Just sayin Please don t touch snakes, kids DO NOT.Also it really tackles mental illness and it does so flawlessly Like depression This is the kind of book that gets depression 100% right view spoiler I also felt my entire soul lurch when Dill was contemplating suicide after Travis death It was so well done and it turned out so freaking hopeful I justI love this book so much I m so glad he didn t jump and he decided to have a better life Dill is so precious hide spoiler This book just knocked a whole lot of books down on my favorites list and it s a young adult book It s one of my top books ever and I m terrified to review it because I m so scared that I can t do it any justice and I want everyone to read this book People live quiet lives and that s okay There s dignity in that, no matter what you may think.Set in a rural Tennessee small town that was named after a big wig in the KKK the story takes place over one year One year in the life of three teenagers that are in their last year of highschool Travis is a big guy that dresses all in black with a dragon necklace and his homemade staff He wants to take that dang staff everywhere he goes He is obsessed with a fantasy book series called Bloodfall and except for his two friends Dill and Lydia, he would rather live in his fantasy world and escape his abusive father Rest, O Knight, proud in victory, proud in death Let your name ever be a light to those who loved you Let white flowers grow upon this place that you rest Yours was a life well lived, and now you dine in the halls of the Elders at their eternal feast I had no idea those books meant that much to you Travis, Lydia murmured Now I fell all bad about making all those Bloodfall jokes Does that mean you ll read them No Lydia is that free spirit Her family is actually pretty well off and very supportive, but Lydia doesn t fit in with the small town Bible belt because she can t conform She wears eclectic clothing and is sarcastic to almost being abrasive She runs a blog on fashion advice called Dollywould Lydia can not wait to get out of this hick town and take on the world.Then you have Dill Dill s preacher dad recently went to prison Not for having his congregation handle copperheads and rattlesnakes or even for having them drink strychnine, but Dill s mom and of course his dad blame Dill for him ending up in prison Dill hates life in the town and is teased and ridiculed because of who his father is He and his mom swim in debt that his father left them and his Jesus freak mom can t wait for Dill to quit school and help her share some of the load of his father s bills The only shining lights in Dill s life are his two friends and Lydia is leaving soon That is just a small peek at these characters Because they all three are just so much.The author of this book writes this whole living in a small southern town to absolute perfection The people, the setting, the smells in the air Perfection Then the whole having a dad in prison thing My real life involved that and he completely wrapped me in this story Even though my story was many years ago..I felt for this kid so much And depression He describes that sinking cesspool of depression like I ve never read before If you haven t had a time in your life where you just could not get out of bed and make yourself function..this book puts you there But it s not just that Don t think it s just a head in the oven book It s a book about feeling trapped and moving on Feeling you can t do what others say you can t and moving on Standing up for yourself and moving on It s about that light still shining I read somewhere that a lot of the stars we see don t exist any They ve already died and it s taken millions of years for their light to reach Earth, Dill said That wouldn t be a bad way to die, Lydia said Giving off light for million of years after you re gone I m probably going to have to restrict myself from coming and looking at reviews for this book..because for the first time ever it s a book that I would want to troll someone for hating I wouldn t do that because then I would be an asshole but I love this one just that much.I was reading it last night and trying to keep from tears coming down my face and I looked and my husband had noticed We are that weirdo family who make fun of each other for stuff like thatit s how we roll He actually said he was surprised watching my face read this book He said he had seen all my emotions go across my face I couldn t even explain to him why I loved this book so much without sobbing I think I am either menopausal or going crazy I m not a crier I cried all through this dang book even though it s not entirely sad The writing did that to me Jeff Zentner is a musician..who decided that he would write a book It s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that THIS book is his first book I will rabidly pick up anything this guy puts out He wants to write something on a napkin and throw it in the trash I will dig in that trash and treasure that dirty napkin Stop judging me.Everybody just go read this book so that I ll shut up I m embarrassing my own damn self Netgalley in exchange for review I love this review for this book so much She gets this book. And if you re going to live, you might as well do painful, brave and beautiful things Great book, heartbreaker feelgood review to follow First, to work.Home from work But tiredI m not as young as the main character youngsters in this book I ll tell this the book was wonderful until about 60%, then I lost a bit of interest, and it picked up again in the end Four stars Story of three young friends final year in college, going to university and knowing they will go their different ways an extraordinary combination Dill, son of imprisoned Pastor Dillard Early Sr., in prison because of child porn handler of snakes in his church Dill is a troubled kid due to this weird situation Lydia, a mind of her own, successful blogger and fashionista, parents who are well off and love her, who give her space to live her life the way she wants it, and Travis, a big guy with passion for fantasy books games, abused by his drunk father Dill, Lydia and Travis are true friends The story is really beautiful, leading up to a tragic event about midway in the story.I have to say, after that the story gets a bit mushy, a bit lovey dovey, without giving away too much details Now that bored me a bit after a while, so the glimmering 4.55 stars went back to let s say 3.8 for me The ending strong All in all, an emotional, well written story, grabs you by the heart and yes, I cried, lying in my bed reading had to stop at one point.So, I ve said it before and will say it again, a book that makes me cry must be a good book unless it is from sheer frustration of course 4 stars recommended My first ponderings about this book Special.Dill s lyrics Moonlight Calm after thunderstorm.Scarecrows Dusty bibles Abandoned houses.Fireflies Sunlight through dust Fallen leaves Churchyard cemetery Gray autumn sky River levee Gravel Road Wind chimes Wood smoke Train whistle on winter night.Kudzu on telephone pole Hymnal falling apart White crosses by highway Cicada hum.Shadows Sparrows Rust Railroad crossinglights through fog Crickets Dance of leaves in wind Decaying barn Field after harvest Clouds covering moon Quiet dusk Lightning Heartbeats