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goog I really want to read this bookish <3 I read all 3 books and i would say it's a bit "raw". "Raw"meaning, these books lack proof reading for typos and grammar errors. At least man lang sa sections that are in english. But then, I guess that's how it is, knowing that these books started in wattpad, where writers can publish their stuff as soon as they have typed in their thoughts.
BUT... look beyond these typos, look beyond the grammar errors and READ the story line and you will find how Aegyodaydreamer can be a very talented writer. A creative combination of fantasy and romance. I appreciate how the prophecies and spells were constructed. Light but with meaning, not to mention those kilig moments... masakit sa puso! Perfect for those late night readings... leaves you day dreaming in the morning at work! LOL :) A beautiful ending to a beautiful tale, oh how I love this book! (≧◡≦) ♡ I think this is a very awesome book i want to read the story of book 3

When I finished the 2nd book, I thought I'll need to wait for a long time to buy this book, but my wish came true and I feel lucky that time when I bought it because it was on sale! ON SALE! *happy dance*

So if I am asked what's my favorite of the 3, I would probably picked this one, because:

1. It was full of blood shed scenes action (well the 2nd book has also action scenes on it, but this book is different and more thrilling than of the two).

2. The characters are well upgraded especially Yana, from being a yaya servant into a scaredy cat timid girl and into a fearless Lux princess.

3. It has full of surprises that I was totally not prepared to confront.

4. The cover is pretty (HAHAHAHA!)

5. It gave me mixed emotions (I was happy, then I was sad then I felt pity for the other characters, and many more emotions that I don't really know what to feel).

The story is fine (except for some grammatical errors and typos, it's not well proofed read). Though I like the idea that it has some illustrations to show the readers what the author is portraying to (because it's somewhat hard to understand what the author is portraying and/or saying esp. when you can't really imagine it). It's a story you'll enjoy to read again and again (though this book is only for Filipino readers I presume, well except for the fact that the author has made an English version of it, then you're lucky). And I can't help but fall in love for Prince Rouel Glaciever, even though he's a cold person, he still cares for the others esp. to his love ones, if only I have the magic to go inside a book and enter their world, I will surely go find him and make him mine hahahaha! So as I was saying, as the books lays itself in front of you you enter a world full of magic, love, family, being kind to others and specially believing in yourself.

For Filipino readers who likes fantasy stories like me and/or you just happened to like the title and the cover or whatever, then I recommend not only this book, but also the first 2 books because it's a trilogy so yeah, you need to read the 1st and 2nd books to read this 3rd book for you to understand the flow of the story. You won't regret reading it, and if you do, well that's not my problem anymore, we have different tastes in books then.

Well I think I'm done with the review. I just want to thank the author for making such a wonderful trilogy books. Job well done *claps*.

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