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Very unique and over the edge stories Well written, I just didn t like the style. I found the collection of stories to be very fascinating and thought provoking A few of the stories can make you really take a step back and evaluate yourself and your situation On the other hand some of the stories can make you want to turn every light in the house on whilst reading because they can be bone chilling at time A few of stories I felt could have been expanded on and possible made into a stand alone novel or novella, maybe that will be something for a later time LP Hernandez certainly has the ability to tell a story well and set the scene of the story to keep you interested I will be waiting for another page turner from him I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. Scary, creepy, and incredibly thought provoking I m not a big horror story fan, but this book was worth the read for A fate worse than death and Joes Attic if nothing else The last man on Mars and the importance of being eaten are some of the best takes on the zombie genre that I ve ever read, and I hate zombies Don t read before bed, you won t be able to sleep *Free Ebook ↚ Dreadful ⇦ Gehenna When You No Longer Belong To This World Which World Will Claim You A Fate Worse Than Death The Path Of Least Resistance Has Its Own Complications Good Strawberries Beware The Man In The Green Hat The Last Man On Mars An Unfortunate Time To Leave Everything Behind The Invitation New Friend, Old Enemy Good Luck I Met My Twin He Has Terrible Manners An Inheritance It S In Your Blood, Your Dripping, Viscous Blood Little Boy A Dream Home With A Nightmare Past The Importance Of Being Eaten Everyone Has To Eat The Backwards Walking Man A Young Boy Learns The Truth About A Local Legend Joe S Attic An Old Man, His Memories, And The Dead People At The Door