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4 StarsI was really excited to read this I mean come on,A VIRGIN MALE STRIPPERYou don t hear that everyday.So this is the 3rd book in the Walk of Shame series and if you ve seen my other reviews for the previous books you ll know how much I love this series Whats not to love God bless America So this book is about Cale our virgin stripper Six years ago Cale promised himself that he will never give himself up only to the women that he loves, and that women is Riley She s the one and only girl I have ever loved and I never even got the chance to tell her.Life can be a bitchAKA his best friend since childhood He let that opportunity pass when she moved to Mexico Yah I think so Anyways, he kept his promise that he will wait for her So when Riley gets back six years later.things go down Literally.One taste One fucking taste and I m ready to give her all of me I want to bury myself between her legs so badThe only problem I had was that it was short and we didn t really get anything from their past But for only like the Prologue and that s like 2 pages only So I wasn t really sure of what to feel when I know nothing about their history Overall, it was good I got you, Rile I ll always have you Complimentary Copy Provided by the author in exchange for an honest review..Thank you TITLE CaleSERIES Walk of Shame 3 AUTHOR Victoria AshleyGENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLICATION July 6th 2015 MY RATING 4 STARS I have followed coughslike stalked this series right from the very first book, and when I saw this sitting on my kindle I did the meanest booty dance in history My dilemma will be Team Slade vs Team Cale Even though I enjoyed this and read it in record time my heart just belongs to TEAM SLADE he was just dirtier, sexier, hotter in a manly sense of the word.My name is Cale Kinley and I m a fucking VirginI have my WTF face on She s the one and only girl I have ever loved and I never even got the chance to tell her..A virgin stripper No fucking way Impossible right Well, I m the fucking exception She is the reason that I m the exceptionThere were so many times in the past that I wanted to feel him against me, but was too afraid to get close to him.. Soooo I ve just picked this up now and can already tell by the first chapter that I m going to be lost within the pages, I m drawn into the story straight away, just has that easy flow writing style that s easy to follow and draws you in.You work at the bar tonight Bartending, rightI choke a little on my orange juice, realizing that I haven t mentioned the small fact that I m a fucking male stripper. OPPSEYSo tell me about your job, Cale I want to know what you ve been up to I want to know all the details. SNORTS Wonder how this shit storm is going to go down Well she took that little bit of information better than I thought she would..This kind of story is one of my biggest weaknesses, from friends to lovers.You will be the first woman to have me inside of her I promise that Rile Just wait and seeThese two s sexual tension and their release without actually going to full distance is pretty damn hot for a virgin he sure knows how to work what he s got..EXPLOSIVE I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you so muchWhen Cale loves someone, he loves them with everything in himCale The virgin male heroine of the series Man, was I waiting for his story Especially, after reading that synopsis Wowza Cale and Riley have been besties ever since they can remember They also have been unknowingly in love with each other for as long too.With chance taking Riley away and years later bringing her back into Cale s grips, he s not taking anychances It s time now to finally claim what s always been his, and that is, Riley.But with Riley s ex and Cale s racy occupation at The Walk of Shame causing concerns, as well as the two battling their own insecurities and feelings for each other, how will it all turn out Is their love truly meant to be Or not at all An over all smexy as hell read of missed opportunities and friends to lovers romance, ladies get ready to be fanning yourselves and your undergarments 3.5 sI was really excited to get Cale s book and if you ve read the Walk of Shame books, you know why Unfortunately, I was a little bit disappointed For one thing, this book is really shortit s only 133 pages Not nearly enough to do Cale justice This causes things to hit the ground running I didn t feel there was enough time for Cale and Riley to reacquaint themselves with each other emotionally There s also some drama with an ex and Cale s profession, of course Although Riley s profession wasn t addressed at allI can t imagine Cale would be okay with that It was great gettingAspen and Slate, okay, mainly Slate Slate still busts me up and I loved how he gave Cale a hard time I did like gettingof the guysand there s some new ones as well I m sure there will bebooks and my bet for the next one is Stone Favorite quote You are my best friend, the man that I love You and only you BR w Melissa ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewOne trope of romance that I can never get tired of reading of is the friends to lovers theme And toss in a male virgin stripper who has been in love with one woman, his best friend then that definitely has piqued my interest In Cale, the third installment of the Walk of Shame series, Ms Victoria Ashley has readers as to curious who is the real Cale Kinley and his relationship with his best friend, Riley Fast forward to six years later, Cale is a stripper at the Walk of Shame and is still a virgin A hot young blood man still a virgin, who happens to be a stripper Well for Cale, regardless of how many young women throws themselves at him there will be only woman who owned is heart and body, Riley When Riley returns back to her hometown,Cale makes it known that this is finally his time to get the girl Toss in an ex boyfriend and Cale s occupation into the mix, can these two finally get their shot at a happily ever after Cale was a quick fast read For all those readers who loves the friends to lovers trope, this book might be the book for you It had some heart tugging moments of two friends trying to deal with issues that might hinder them from truly becoming a couple But like any couple that is meant to be, they persevered and showed that the wait to be together was well worth it image error Book Cale Walk of Shame 3 Author Victoria AshleyPublication Date July 6, 2015Genre Romance Type Companion Series Cliffhanger NoRating 4.25 out of 5 StarsComplimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.My Thoughts Story As always with Ms Ashley s book, I was sucked in from the first page I read Don t even get me started on how freaking hot her sex scenes are I read and then re read each scene because I couldn t get enough of Cale Oh, and don t get me started on how she describes each time Cale dances at Walk of Shame now that had my heart pumping and my panties squishing.Why did I take almost a whole star away I think the book could have been longer and have been spent longer with Riley coming back home I would have liked to have Cale fight a bit harder to get to Riley Maybe have him second guess himself and question his ability to get Riley to agree to be with him I would have liked to have him a bit uncomfortable and out of his element by taking her on a date and romancing her.Why Cause I couldn t get enough of this boy bwhahahaha I just wantedandof him Re Cap Have you ever met a male stripper who was still a virgin How about a man who years ago promised his friend that he would save himself for her Then you must meet Cale He has been waiting for Riley to come back from Mexico after being apart for so many years and when she gets back, he has every intention of popping his cherry and being with her forever.But with every new relationship comes hardships and obstacles How will Riley feel about him being a male stripper Does Riley have a boyfriend What if she says no Wait a minute scratch that last question, because Cale will NOT take no for answer.Reason for Reading Author RequestStory 4.5 out of 5 StarsSteam 5 out of 5 StarsAngst 4 out of 5 StarsWriting 5 out of 5 StarsContent Flow 4.5 out of 5 StarsHEA Spoiler view spoiler Yes hide spoiler .FREE ♲ Cale (Walk of Shame, #3) ♪ My Name Is Cale Kinley And I M A Fucking Virgin Well, With The Exception Of My Tongue The Countless Things I Can Do With My Tongue Are Bound To Leave You Breathless And Begging For , But Is Something That I Can T Give It S A Choice My Choice There S A Reason For That A Very Good Reason, And That Reason Is Her Riley She S The Only Woman That I Want To Bury Myself Deep In The One Woman I Have Wanted Since I Was Old Enough To Fuck I Never Got My Chance Though, Because She Left She Had No Choice And It Stung Like Hell But I Couldn T Let Her Leave Without Telling Her How I Felt I Wanted Her To Be My First And I Didn T Give A Shit How Long I D Have To Wait It S Been Six Years And Now She S Back And Sexier Than All Hell Just The Sight Of Her Stops My Damn Heart From Beating I Want Her And For Than Just Having Her As My First I M Determined To Have Her In Every Way Possible She Thinks This Is Still A Game That I Ve Already Given Myself To Countless Women What She Doesn T Know Is That I Have A Lot Of Willpower When I Want Something As Badly As I Want Her, I Don T Let Shit Stand In My Way I M Going To Prove That To Her There S Just One Little Problem I Need To Take Care Of Him ARC received from author This is a first Victoria Ashley read for me so obviously, I haven t read the first 2 books in this series, and I found that it was ok Just like with any stand alones within a series, the characters in previous books show up here and there but it doesn t give away anything as the focus are on new characters.It reminds me of Magic Mike, how can it not I rarely read H s with Cale s background, and evenrarely a virgin one at that I thought that made it different than most Although with his talents, I must say it s hard to believe it at times Riley is the h who Cale s been in love with, for like ever They have a long history, a cute one In a way, Cale is adorable His thoughts on Riley has always been about how to take care of her and how to tend to her It s always about what she needs And Riley is not bad as a h She s considerate of Cale And it shows how much they care for each other Nothing feels contrived about their interactions.It s a quick read Very straight forward, no unnecessary angst It s got enough funny moments It s got heat, that s for sure if you don t question anything and just enjoy it for what it is Sometimes, you just need something light that s all about a good romp, a decent story and likable characters. 4 Friends to Lover s starsThis book was a friends to lovers romance.But also with a bit of a second chance romance undertone to it Cale and Riley had never let their relationship move past friendship when they were kids , but they have both always loved each other and wantedJust never said anything After being 6 years apart nothing seemed to have changed with the fire that burned between them it seemed to be even hotter and the sexual tension was off the charts They made a promise that they would be each other s first There was so much emotion in this story between the two of them, being torn every which way.How do you tell someone you still love them after so many years How do you tell them you are still a virgin Only because you have waited for them.This story was so sweet and special but also was full of passion and intensity Great addition to the Walk of Shame series I do wish it was longer. I received an arc of this book for an honest review I was dying for this book before I even finished reading Slade I wanted to know what had made him be so mysterious withdrawn, who he was waiting for, how that relationship had ended I have to say that with all the build up to this book I was left a little disappointed I guess I thought that maybe his relationship with Riley had ended contentiously, or maybe she broke his heart by choosing another guy So he decided to wait or couldn t give his heart to someone else I was glad to see that it turned out to be less dramatic but with that being said maybe that s why I couldn t connect Cale Riley had been best friends since they were kids both harboring secret feelings for each other that neither confessed to the other Riley had to leave to go take of her grandmother in Mexico ended up staying for 6 years During this time they kept in touch but as time went on they slowly lost touch and started to move on Cale with stripping at Walk of Shame and having meaningless hook ups but never having sex with any of them Riley with starting to date a guy named Tyler We find out at the end of Hemy that Riley is coming back to town and that gets Cale going At the start of Cale, we find that he s wondering when she will arrive back into town and how soon he can see her Unbeknownst to Cale she s actually already back and not with the boyfriend We meet Riley as she s about to start her first day at a massage parlor She s quickly given her first client as soon as she walks in and it turns out to be Cale, who she wasn t quite ready to see From there I felt like things just went into fast forward I get that they hadn t seen each other in years and that Cale had a plan to not let her get away without her knowing how he felt about her But I didn t get that feeling from it, it seemedabout the sex to me How soon he could show her how he could make her feel, how he could turn her on the way no other man could Wondering who she d hooked up with, how many guys she d been with Like it was some sort of competition I guess I wanted to seeof them as friends reacquainting themselves with each other, than him making his move Basically saying hey I waited for you, you were the one I always wanted The one I m meant to spend my life with I did get that to an extent but it happenedtowards the end They barely caught up before they went straight into having sex with no thought as to where it was going from there, almost a friends with benefits thing Heck even Riley s sister Aspen asked her if they were just friends with benefits Don t get me wrong I still enjoyed reading this book and pretty much read it in a day and the sex was HOT, HOT, HOT It was well written which I have come to expect from a Victoria Ashley book But I think it fell flat for me because I had such HIGH expectations from this book since I fell for our bad boy with the magic tongue all he way back while reading Slade So I m gonna have to give this book 3.5 stars.