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Ugh I didn t realize this was a novella Well that explains why everything was so rushed I thought the story was cute but come on People really shouldn t fall in love and professing that love after meeting one time That so irritated me And I hated how Annie was willing to throw her own happiness away for some stranger Gotta fight for what you want. I love stories by Cami Checketts, they are always so well written and inspirational I look forward to every book that I read by her for I know that I will thoroughly enjoy every second of it I highly recommend these stories to everyone A Touch of Love is a cute, short novella that explains the overwhelming power of love In this life there will be many difficulties that we all must overcome, but when God leads the right one into your life all those troubles fade away as a miracle presents itself A Touch of Love conveys this and so much [Download Pdf] ☬ A Touch of Love ☲ Annie Stirland Has Endured A Lifetime Of Teasing, Embarrassment, And Isolation Due To Her Speech Impediment When Irresistible Cowboy, Luke Wilson, Seems To Be Falling For Her, She S Certain He S Too Good To Be True A Tragedy Involving His Ex Girlfriend Proves She S Right What Man Can Resist Sheltering Someone They Once Loved Annie Knows She Should Walk Away, But Luke Isn T Ready To Give Her Up A wonderfully written short story that I instantly fell in love with the characters. The story of Luke Wilson and Annie Stirland is a touching clean romance The chemistry between Luke and Annie is powerful I think what appealed to me most was the underlying concept that every person has worth Too often a person is judged adversely because of a single perceived flaw, in this case Annie s stuttering, while other, much important, positive character traits are ignored Annie is kind, brave, funny, talented, loyal, intelligent, and a willing to sacrifice something she treasures Luke when she believes someone else has a greater need, in this case Luke s former sweetheart I love how Luke feels compelled to be Annie s protector almost from the first time he sees her One of my favorite scenes is where Annie s wealthy, mostly absent mother confronts Annie and starts a highly critical tirade Luke interrupts her as demands an apology Her mother tries to defend her hateful words, but Luke leaps to Annie s defense and lists many of Annie s positive attributes and concludes by saying, basically everything that you are not I almost jumped from my chair and cheered I highly recommend this novella to anyone who treasures clean romances. Snow Valley LoveLove reading all these Snow Valley Romance books Read one head to the next one Trying to read all of them. I read this novella in the Summer in Snow Valley anthology Luke hero is a hot cowboy, who is not only a hunk of masculinity, but also a good hearted guy that loves his family and adores the heroine, Annie Annie was a doll She is beautiful, smart, kind and selfless She has a stuttering problem, but Luke isn t bothered by it at all and loves and protects her.so sigh worthy This is what sweet romance is all about and I loved it This story is sweet and stays in that phase when two people are so excited to love the other and can t believe how fortunate they are It kept my interest People handle speech impediments in many different ways, and it was interesting to see how Annie handles it Luke seems like a wonderful guy for her I got a little tired of some of the same teasing between the two a few cut out would have made it better to me. A Touch of Love was a beautiful, clean romance between Luke Wilson and Annie Stirland Annie is the new massage therapist in town and when Luke first meets her it s love at first sight He s perplexed though, because while he makes a purchase of a gift for his sister, Annie speaks not a single word.Intrigued by this beautiful woman, he returns the next day determined to ask her out for dinner But at a loss as to how to go about it, instead he requests a massage for himself and is surprised when she stutters a response Annie feels that no one has ever made her feel as comfortable about her severe stuttering problem as Luke has, even suggesting she write her thoughts down for him to read.A lovely relationship begins to develop and Annie gets comfortable with Luke s family when a number of unforeseen circumstances from their pasts come to town causing twists and turns in their relationship and suddenly Annie breaks things off with Luke to his bewilderment Annie is willing to live the rest of her life with a broken heart if it will mean that Luke will be happy.I liked that this story dealt with self esteem and body image I didn t like Annie s mother very much She sure wasn t very nice to her daughter and didn t have anything at all nice to say to her I also had some trouble with Mandy who was a bit too huggy with Luke I was impressed that she came and had a talk with Annie though to settle where things were at.I really liked the Wilson family If I had to choose a family to marry into, it would be a family like that, where everyone is welcomed and made to feel at home just as Annie was I liked that Luke was able to open up around Annie and Annie around Luke.This was a very satisfying clean summer romance novel I would recommend it for a summer read I gave it 5 stars out of 5.Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review A positive opinion was not required All thoughts are my own.To see my complete review visit Shelf Full of Books Luke Wilson walks into a shop to buy his sister a massage When he sees Annie, the owner, he just wants to get to know her There are so many fun, cute moments in this novella, including when Luke gets treatments so he can see Annie again Annie is darling It was great to see Ty and Kazlyn again briefly, too I have really loved all of the Snow Valley romances I enjoy running into characters from other books, and yet they also each stand alone well.