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This third Edgar book from Jennifer Adams in the BabyLit series is inspired by Poe s The Fall of the House of Usher This is one of Poe s works that I m only vaguely familiar with and I ve actually never read one of the Edgar books before but I still enjoyed this story of Edgar, his friend, Roderick, and Edgar s persistent sister, Lenore I ll definitely be looking into the first two Edgar books, as well as the rest of the BabyLit series, which looks fantastic I don t really remember much about the original story, but I liked this version. #FREE EPUB à Edgar and the Tree House of Usher ì Inspired By Edgar Allen Poe S The Fall Of The House Of Usher It Was A Dull, Dark, And Soundless Day In The Autumn Of The Year When The Mischievous Raven Edgar Heads To His Friend Roderick S House To Work On Their Tree House Edgar Dashes His Sister Lenore S Hopes With The Ever Popular Phrase Sisters Are Not Allowed, Until A Storm Starts To Brew And The Two Boys Realize That Sometimes The Best Things Happen When You Decide To Stick Together The Third Picture Book In The Popular Edgar Series Is Sure To Warm The Hearts Of Kids And Parents Alike It was a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year Edgar, the raven, goes to visit his friend, Roderick, at his house His sister, Lenore, wants to come along, but there are No Girls Allowed in the tree house But Lenore refuses to go home And then a strong wind and a crack of lightning bring new understanding to the trio. Better for adults if you ve read The Fall of the House of Usher , but it does have a minor message for children. Edgar is kind of a jerk Like, geez, dude, maybe do unto others a bit, right Once your children have outgrown the board books, there is an ongoing series of Edgar books, based on tales of Edgar Allan Poe The third and latest in this series is titled Edgar and the Tree House of Usher This book is based on The Fall of the House of Usher and in this book it is not figurative but a literal house that falls out of a tree Edgar refuses to let his sister Lenore come into Roderick s tree house, because she is a girl, but the two boys eventually relent after the tree house falls, and they build a nest for all three to play in It was a cute tale and one that teaches a not too subtle lesson of being nice to younger siblings. Edgar loves his sister, with some Poe flair This is a lovely children s book which is an unabashed nod to Edgar Allan Poe s The Fall of the House of Usher However, in keeping with the tradition of the absolutely wonderful Baby Lit series by Jennifer Adams, keep an eye open for the Edgar series, whether you re looking for a treat for yourself or to start the brainwashing of the young uns with classics inspired reading fare Full review on my blog Guiltless Reading. I have always been a fan of Mr Poe s I kind of remember the Fall of the House of Usher s but not as much as I can recall the Tell Tale Heart and the Raven, two of my favorite stories by Mr Poe I was inspired to go back and watch the original movie and this book is similar to the original This is a fun book to read It is one that I would read again and again I love Edgar, his friend Roderick, and his little sister, Lenore This book is a cute, fun take on a classic story Although I can t believe I am using the words cute and fun to describe a Poe story For young readers this is a book that they will enjoy. Cute, simple story about brother sister love toleration A raven named Edgar doesn t want to play with his little sister, Lenore, who annoyingly follows him to his friend Roderick s tree house Illustrated with browns, greys, and black, against a stark, white background, I like how some of the pages turn vertically to better feature the no girls allowed tree house Edgar and Lenore fight about her hanging out until he realizes that maybe she s not so bothersome, when she almost gets hurt.