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Sever Bronny s continues to show improvement in this exciting addition to the series.Once again the story picks up only a couple days after the end of the previous book Wherer I thought at some point in the first book in the series might contain time jumps it has thus far not been true it is told in a third person limited point of view of male protagonist who is going to turn 15 likely in the next book The writing has become tighter and the story continues to pull the reader along.It is interesting to see what the author does in order to make things difficult for our young protagonist and his friends Finding ways to separate them from help and force them to grow and face exciting challenges There is the patternnow that at some point after they get caught a few spells they will be forced to face the challenges by themselves This can become hokey depending upon how the author does it The story is interesting but how he achieves it this time borderlines on a bit obvious.There s two elements where parts of the story feels as if it was written for an older audience say 17 or 18 and above while other parts such as the burgeoning romances seem almostappropriate for children s books However it s appears that the latter is catching up slightly Still there is the aspect where these people are facing life and death in horrible ways but they still blush at holding hands or a simple kiss on the cheek. It does give the series a bit of a uniquely awkward feel but the story itself fascinating and well paced enough where you do not worry too much about the little things.There were some new antagonist to challenge our heroes as well as some from the past I enjoyed some of the interesting twist the author put in them and to these new antagonist and those from the past However there is still an antagonist problem in that the main antagonist still seem to be only one note personalities that make them annoying and a bit boring You can only have the rude sadistic and deadly bully hang around so long until you get to the point where you are thinking him again These type of characters tend to get silly after a while.There s no swordplay, which appear to be a part of the story in the first book but there s plenty of magic and a bitaction to be found in this book The writting improves the point where it s boarding on 4.5 to 5 star rating There s some story choices that keep the books around a 4 as well as perhaps situations where the rules surrounding the magic system seem to have been forgotten or at least haven t been mentioned since book 1 Mainly I m thinking of the rule that says theyou use a certain spell the better you become at it and the less it cost to cast it I mention this because there are few times in which spells with negative effects seem to have the same length of those negative effects where one would think those effects should be less apparent.Excited to read the next book of the series and a see how muchthe author can improve as he goes along This book is still around a PG 13 except for some of the violence does get graphic Great Adventure I enjoyed the movement of the story, our heroines experiencing success in some situations and facing unsolvable challenges for a time before working out alternatives in other situations. Shockingly ConvincingI am in awe at how well the books in the Arithian Line have convinced me of how small and seemingly insignificant Augum, Leera, and Bridget are There is always this constant sense that they are pushing themselves right along the edge of their abilities just to survive, and yet they do This book also presents crisis very well, but it is paced smoothly with the essential moments of rest between A splendid mix of adventure and fantasy, Valor is a story I cannothighly recommend. FrustratedReally frustrated that they do so much impressive and cool things for half the book and the other half they re just completely controlled and reliant on others If Robin captures them onetime or if Bridget says to let it go without doing something when they re being bullied again I m actually going to lose my mind I ve read like 2000 pages of this series can the main characters please stop being helpless and resigned to their fate half the time. Very good bookWell written great concept Adventure story chase magic teen love the standard trifecta for successful books Well though out the struggle of each character is to their own. Unusual storyThis series just keeps me asking what next The author has a vivid imagination This will hold your interest I can t begin to see where it is going Just have to keep reading to find out what happens. Really great epic seriesYouth oriented but love the story even though my youth has long since past Plan on finishing this series and starting the new one Adding Mr Brony to my author read list. &FREE BOOK ↿ Valor (The Arinthian Line, #3) ↚ Apprentice Warlocks Augum, Bridget And Leera Have Reunited With Their Legendary Mentor, Anna Atticus Stone But Her Epic Battle With The Diabolical Lord Of The Legion Has Taken A Toll, And Now She Suffers From A Deadly Arcane Fever To Revive Her, Augum Will Have To Earn The Respect Of A Warrior People By Facing His Childhood Tormentors Meanwhile, Augum And Leera S Feelings For Each Other Are Complicated By The Upcoming Star Feast, A Magical Midnight Dance To Mark Endyear Their Revelry Will Have To Be Short Lived, However, For A Perilous Quest Beckons The Trio Must Infiltrate An Ancient Castle That Will Pit Them Against Enemies Old And New, While Testing Every Ounce Of Their Skill And Courage VALOR Is The Third Novel In The Fantasy Coming Of Age Series THE ARINTHIAN LINE Awesome This was a wonderful read I loved the adventures the trio have taken so far allowing their friendship to blossom Can t wait to see what comes of Augum, Leera and Bridget as they face their biggest foe. Exceptional story of the struggles of three young peopleThis story draws you into the lives of these three younglings and the people they encounter on their quests to save their world from the Lord of Death