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!Download ☺ Flirting with the Devil ⚖ Sometimes The Greatest Sinsare Born Out Of LoveFederal Prosecutor Samantha Bennett Knows How To Weed Out The Bad Guys And Put Them In Their Place Behind Bars And That S Exactly What She Did To The Mob Boss Of Vendetti La Cosa Nostra But Her Dedication Cost Her What She Values Most, Her Marriage, Because She Didn T See Her Husband S Betrayal Coming At AllWade Evans Will Do Anything To Get Sam Back And A Plot That Enlists The People She Relies On The Most Is His Best Chance Of Winning Her Heart A Second Time But Suddenly Wade S Not Sure He S The Right Man For His Soon To Be Ex Wife, Because He Wasn T The One To Save Her From The Violent Mob Hit He Failed And The Man She Trusts Most, Ty Beckinsale, Saved The DayWhen Sam Takes A Vacation Alone, Both Men Arrive To Keep Her Safe From A Hitman Determined To Put Her Six Feet Under And Now Sam Must Decide If Heaven On Earth Is Possible, Or If The Devil Who Stole Her Heart Will Lead Her Straight To Hell I received an ARC for an honest review That s it I m moving to Noble Pass and taking up permanent residence in Castle Alainn I will say I was Team Wade for most of the book, but did have moments of being Team Ty Samantha is a lucky woman to have two gorgeous men watching over her, but I m such a sucker for the HEA that I was really rooting for Wade Love Ty too though. Rating 4 1 2 StarsSamantha Bennett is both elated and sad at the same time You can almost feel her emotions coming off the page Wade Evans should be happy with his life but circumstances have changed that A valuable lesson is learned and one that will be interesting to see how Samantha handles it Plus you will want to see how the men in her life handle the mystery and suspense.The author has created a character named Ty that left me wondering what his story is I tried to find out if she s going to give her readers info on him but couldn t find anything This just means that we ll have to keep reading her work in order to see what else she has in store for her characters A reader who gets invested in the author s characters is a good thing.This author knows how to surprise her readers and when the right moment occurs to add in some hot lovin But that lovin is not all that occurs in her stories She creates scenes that grab the reader s attention so that you have no choice but to get comfortable and continue reading I can attest to that because I tried to read this book during my lunchtime and was almost late getting back to work If you need a hot short read than make sure to put this at the top of your list This is also a book that I would read again. Flirting with the Devil is a lovely book that highlights that even the strongest relationships can go through a wobble The book is set in the beautiful Castle Alainn in Colarado The main characters are Samantha a kick ass lawyer who has just had the win of her career,by putting away a mob crime boss Unfortunately this leads to a hit being put on her Wade is Samantha estranged husband who is a successful architect and designer Lastly you have Ty who is Samantha private investigator and friend You can see early on that there is going to be one person left with a broken heart ,but the book is written so beautifully that you find yourself routing for them all This book is beautifully written ,with characters that are easy to love and connect with I have not read any of Kyms books before but after reading this I will definitely read and can t wait to read Red Lace Well done Kym a beautifully written book. Flirting with the DevilWhat do you get when you put a husband and wife who are on the brink of divorce, the wife s investigator and an unknown hitman You get a spicy, suspenseful romantic read.Samantha Evans is an attorney who s walking on cloud nine after sending the head of the Venetti la Cosa Nostra crime family to jail Unfortunately she can t say the same about her marriage to Wade Evans Wade Evans is a contractor, whose life took a nose dive six month ago when his wife asked for a divorce But after she was almost killed and he was there for her, he decided to follow her to Colorado When he walks in and finds Sam and her investigator Ty kiss, he thinks all is lost.But once they sit down and really talk, they learn they have both made mistakes When a woman is killed in the room Sam was originally staying in, they go to a hidden cabin while Ty tries to find out who the hitman is When he walks in and comes face to face with the person who s behind the hit on Sam, he does everything he can to save her, only to be shot In the end Wade and Sam work together to save themselves.So if you are looking for a good read with a happily ever after, then you want to read Flirting with the Devil. Flirting with the Devil is an action packed crime solving investigation and marital romance novel proving that love and trust are seeds that need constant watering and care, and that sometimes loving someone means to go the extra mile and to let it go in a display of unselfish love Truly a wonderful story that will take you through the self evaluation of the principal characters as well as your own relationship with your significant other I fell in love with how all the characters love each other, as well as how deeply they suffered pain, loneliness, desolation, and fear There is a character that will steal your heart for sure so I will tease that he will be getting his own book This is the first book I ve read by Mrs.Roberts and it has become the catalyst to make me go shopping for of her books. This was a great novella full of romance and suspense It is one of the five A Noble Pass Affaire series All five are stand alone and can be read in any order The characters were well written and the story flowed very smoothly Samantha is a separated DA who is still very much in love with her husband but fears that he doesn t feel the same Ty is her investigator and protector Then there is Wade, her husband and the love of her life After an attempt on her life after putting away a major crime boss, Samantha goes to Colorada alone She isn t alone for long though because both Ty and Wade show up to protect her from another attempt on her life Will Wade be able to help you see that they are meant to be together forever and protect her so that she has a forever or will Ty take that place in her life I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a fun, quick suspenseful romance I was given an ARC for a honest review. What a fun read This novella had it allintrigue, action and suspense, love, lust and heartache And just when you think you have it all figured out, you don t Samantha may be awesome attorney that crushes a mob boss, but her love life is in shambles When she takes off to the mountains of Colorado to celebrate her victory, she learns it s anything but a vacation Her lead investigator best friend turned body guard also makes the trip to protect her from the unhappy mobsters and threats on her life He is also madly in love with her In steps Sam s estranged husband who is determined to show her that he is still her one and only true love.it gets a little crowded in that Colorado ski resort Sam has some decisions to make and it s alot of fun on the ride to the Happy Ever After I loved this story Samantha Bennett is a federal prosecutor who just won a big case against the mob Wade Bennett is the husband she left 6 months earlier when she felt he was having an affair Ty Beckinsale is her closest friend who also happens to save her from a violent mob hit Flash forward a few months and the vacation Samantha takes on the advice of some friends Little does she know she s been set up, and the mob is still out to get her She shows great chemistry with both men, but which one will she choose You need to read the book to find out Samantha Evans Bennett is a fighter in every sense of the word From living on the streets as a young child, she is taken in by a good foster family and manages to get into University to study law She is fiesty,fearsome, go for the throat prosecutor But her love life has gone down the crapper Now divorced from the man she thought was the love of her life and she now has a hit man after due to her indicting a mob boss Wade Bennett thought he had it all Beautiful wife, flourishing business but SAmmie walked out of his life and he s still not sure why He didn t think he could be the right man to protect her and has stayed out of her life But when he realises that she is in danger he flies to her rescue.Ty Beckinsale, is Sammie s investigator, best friend and now body guard He also wants to take their friendship further, but she was married to Wade But now the field is opening up and he s going to make his move Set at the same Colorado resort as the others in this series, it was great how this book flows into the already made world With character overlaps from previous books and a stunning snowy setting, this book just sucks you in Great complex characters and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat Twists and turns in the plot and i did not see that coming moments I had to read it all in one go Could not put down deliciousness Will Wade win back his wife and earn her trust again or will Ty crack her armour and make his move and show her how good they could be Lovely little moments within the book when Sammie is reading another book from the series I wanted Looking forward to the others in the series with baited breath