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I have been waiting eagerly for the second installment of this saga, and I can easily say, I was not disappointed one bit It s hard to put my feelings for this book into words Freydis s story evoked so many strong emotions that words seem paltry in comparison This brave story held me captive from page one.Freydis, at once both wild and fragile, drew me into her story with her proud self reliance Contrary to thinking that I might not have anything in common with this warrior woman, at peace in the forest with a dagger in hand, my heart found in her a kindred spirit How often do we mistakenly hold those who love us at arm s length, feeling unworthy of such a love Not only does Freydis feel unworthy of her husband Ref s love, but she is sure that she will never be capable of accepting the love of Gudrid s God, He who seems to ask so much of her in return It is much easier for her to hold on to the hate, anger and justification for her actions, than it is to admit her need Freydis is a complex character, with many facets the juxtaposition of warrior and wife is one she cannot seem to balance she must be all warrior in order to never appear weak, yet recognizes that being a wife, woman and mother is as equally daunting as going into battle.The setting is vivid and alive The hardships, and often danger, that they faced in these times add a heightened sense of the setting and time period The details of how the Vikings lived how they ate, their homes, clothing and adornments, their fierce pride of family legacy and their strong love and loyalty all are touched on here with a deft hand, providing the reader with fascinating and authentic details No details are sugar coated their lives were hard, dangerous, and often violent, but I never once felt like anything went overboard or went into detail than necessary.Even though this is a historical novel, issues relevant to readers today, especially marriage, family and feelings of unworthiness are a vital part of this story There is such a tension found within these scenes, compounded by the exquisite tenderness in the scenes between Freydis and Ref My heart ached and cheered for them in turns I admit, I haven t read about a fictional couple yet this year that put my heart through the wringer as these two did What a heartbreaking turn of events, yet what a gorgeous resolution readers will discover here And while nothing ever pushed the boundaries, I did appreciate how realistically their marriage is portrayed Certainly for readers who liked book one, God s Daughter, I highly recommend continuing the saga with Freydis s story And if you haven t read book one yet, I highly recommend them both Though Forest Child probably could be enjoyed as a stand alone, I do feel that I had such a strong connection with her because I met her first in God s Daughter I am a huge fan of Heather Day Gilbert s writing, especially the characters she has created and how they become so real to me In Forest Child, she has truly outdone herself I can easily say it is my favorite book of hers to date, and it has a permanent spot on my keeper shelf.I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author The opinions expressed here are my own. I love history And I love reading about Vikings Heather Gilbert combines both extremely well Her first in this series, God s Daughter, told the story of Gudrid, who abandoned her training as a seer to embrace the Christian God Gudrid was the daughter in law of Eirik the Red and the first documented European woman to have a child in North America.Forest Child tells the story of Freydis, child of Eirik the Red and half sister to Leif Erickson Freydis is angry at nearly everyone, full of fury and armed to the teeth In fact, she is as deadly as any Viking male She feels she must show everyone how valuable she can be as both a woman and as a warrior.I was totally captivated by this book I enjoyed every moment I read it in its entirety in one day Each time I had to put it down to attend to necessary chores, I could not wait to get back to it, reading it while eating meals and leaving things undone to return to its pages Heather Gilbert s historical research is impeccable and her characterization of Freydis is top notch She is so descriptive of everything that I felt as if I were there in the boats sailing to Iceland and n the longhouses during meal times Seriously, I was plopped right down in the middle of the action each time I came back to read This is a wonderful story, full of characters that are totally believable It s one thing to invent a character, a contemporary one, that you can most likely imagine their feelings on a particular subject But to take an actual historical character and try to get into their minds and tell their thoughts and give them life is quite another Heather Gilbert has done an absolutely remarkable job with this Freydis s tale is told in first person present tense and it works wonderfully I was in complete awe through the entire book If you like history, or just like to read, read this book It can be read as a stand alone, but it s richer if you read God s Daughter first Amazing, the both of them I was given a preview copy of this book in exchange for my honest review All opinions are completely my own. Forest Child is one of the bravest works of fiction I ve ever read Brimming with tension, yet laced with tenderness, this powerful saga is sure to keep you turning the pages far into the night An ingenious blend of Viking history and timeless issues of the heart still relevant today. Top notch Viking fiction Filled with adventure, romance, redemption along with some violence But it s about Vikings so it s expected This is a book I recommend to everyone ages 15. This story is filled with the same struggles mankind has faced throughout the ages Freydis, the daughter of Eirik the Red, has struggled her whole life to feel accepted and loved This search has driven her to be strong and fearless, one who has the strength to lead but needs to learn to trust and be trusted by others Forest Child is a violent story, filled with vengeance But it is also a beautiful story of the struggle for acceptance, love and forgiveness Although I was at times repelled by Freydis, I was also drawn to her Heather Gilbert has once again delivered a story that is filled with historical detail that takes her reader back to the Vikings as they explore the New World She tells of the struggle between those that followed the ancient pagan gods and those who were starting to follow the Christian faith It is every bit as good if not better than the first book in the series, God s Daughter. Some are born to love, and some to fight How can I succeed at both Freydis Eiriksgottir has always considered herself a forest child , an unknown mother and the daughter of a ferocious father, she has been driven to fight through out her young life for self preservation, for recognition, for self worth, striving to be the warrior that her Viking father trained her up to be guarding her heart with an iron shield What I did cannot be forgiven any that it could be avoided When the lives of those she loves are placed in jeopardy, Freydis determinedly oversteps traditional s to commit a nearly unspeakable act of vigilante justice Misunderstood and infinitely proud, Freydis chooses isolation instead of explanation, widening family rifts and jeopardizing her entire future Fortunately, the still, small voice of the one true God is the same yesterday, today and forever, assuring us that Freydis remains an everlasting tribute to the gift of second chances Intoxicating barely begins to define this lovely story, the author s careful research bringing this magnanimous historical figure back to life, and it s a masterpiece I received a copy of this book from the publisher The opinions expressed above are entirely my own. |Free ♷ Forest Child (Vikings of the New World Saga, #2) ☬ Recipient Of A STARRED REVIEW From Publisher S Weekly Viking Warrior Dauntless Leader Protective MotherDetermined To Rise Above Her Rank As The Illegitimate Forest Child Of Eirik The Red, Freydis Launches A Second Voyage To Vinland To Solidify Her Power And To Demand The Respect She Deserves She Will Return Home With Enough Plunder To Force Her Brother, Leif, To Sell Her The Family Farm In GreenlandBut Nothing Can Prepare Her For The Horrors She Must Confront In Vinlandand Nothing Can Stand In Her Way When Her Family Is ThreatenedIn Her Race To Outrun The Truths That Might Destroy Her, Freydis Ultimately Collides With The Only Enemy She Cannot Silence Her Own Heart Historically Based On The Icelandic Sagas, Forest Child Brings The Memorable, Conflicted Persona Of Freydis Eiriksdottir To Life This Immersive Tale Is Book Two In The Bestselling Vikings Of The New World Saga I ve been waiting TWO YEARS for this book and was not disappointed If you can believe it, Forest Child was every bit as good as God s Daughter and maybe even a little bit better Can t wait for you all to get to read it in November I devoured this book Wow How does one put coherent words together after reading a Heather Day Gilbert book I m blown away each time Ever since reading God s Daughter book one in this series , a year or two ago, I was hooked and anticipating a sequel And it s finally here Forest Child was amazing And raw Anda little shocking, yes, disturbing, maybe.but still amazing Mrs Gilbert captures the Viking life style in such a real way It is so beautiful I love her books so much It was so great getting to really know Freydis through this book, and reading through her point of view She could be frustrating she didn t always listen to my advice but I loved her What a strong character The lessons she learned too were so good When I read both God s Daughter and Forest Child , it is very much like watching a person s life unfold before you It s so very real, and you re swept away in it Each character is so well constructed, it isn t any trouble imagining them as the real life characters they are.Now, this book is not for the faint of heart No, it was rather gruesome to be honest There were several parts that were hard to read But also key to the story So yes, they were on the gruesome side, but it gave understanding to the reader It helped shape and mold the story They re Vikings, after all And vikings weren t all cushy, always nice people Mrs Gilbert shows their strengths and weaknesses very well.I loved it though Absolutely Reading it felt so good, and I can t wait to read it again Describing The Sagas best would be by saying they are real and raw And so well written.So yes, in conclusion, this book met my expectations so very much so I would highly recommend it be read by a mature audience, probably no younger than 18 or so, because of the unfavourable events shown in this book.However, those of you who love a good Viking historical series with real depth, these books are for you Thank you SO much to Heather Day Gilbert for providing a copy of this book Reading and reviewing it has been my pleasure. Forest Child tells the story of Freydis, Eirik the Red s daughter, and her struggle to survive in both the Old World and New World But that one sentence summation doesn t do the book justice This is a stunning historical novel, rich in obviously well researched detail without swimming in it with fully developed characters and a riveting plot line drawn from The Sagas of Icelanders.Freydis is fierce and angry, loving yet deeply lonely She is also courageous and honest, and it is those latter two traits that lead to what was for me the heart of the story her slow, dangerous, and painful journey toward Christianity.The violence in the book it is, after all, a tale of largely pagan Vikings is suggested than actual, and what violence is depicted is true to history and essential to the story.As Gilbert showed in God s Daughter, the first book in her Vikings of the New World Saga series, she has a talent for bringing distant events and historical characters to life Forest Child is quite possibly even better than God s Daughter a brilliant feat.