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Very interesting and disturbing if true. Very interesting spin on major historical events I wish it hadfacts included and less supposition.It also was extremely biased and I think that detracts from the arguments being presented, especially when the author resorts to inflammatory language. A Must Read I chose a rating of 5 Stars because after 17 years of researchng the NWO I found someone who can put it all together, and with little, sometimes not so little, unknown facts This is my seventh book by King that I ve read, and I look forward with great anticipation to his next There s not much in the way of documentation, which bothers some as mere speculation that s understandable However, when a person has connected the dots long enough, what he says merits scholarship. Skims the surface on multiple events and figures throughout the Rothschild era beginning 1763 A great starting off point, and or refresher for those on the path to awakening.A lot of the topics, broken up into short, easy to read parts lead me to want to find books on the subjects, events or historical figures to learn . I would not argue with the supposition that things are NOT what they seem, especially in terms of financial markets but the book does loose it s way on many levels climate change is a hoax etc King is spot on about the power and bias of the press BUT to suggest Stalin was a puppet of the NWO is sheer nonsense while reading this intriguing book, it expanded my horizon of the true meaning behind and power of money changers These money changers, formally known as the international bankers are spread out among the worlds most financially influenced countries these countries include Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain, and now the United states The sole purpose behind these money changers establishment, is to control the worlds distribution of money as said in proverbs, the borrower is enslaved to the loaner Through history, examples of money hoarding by the rich in order to deprive the poor of everything they own This cruel tactic can be first seen with the goldsmiths loaning out muchthan they actually posses, also known as Fractional Banking in today society Nowadays, we are blindsided by the media, which ownership belonging to the money changing family called the Rockefeller and Rothschild, who wouldn t allow this secret to come about This book has made me question where my money actually came from and if i actually posses what ive assumed is none I recommend this book because education is key to ending this horrible nightmare. Conspiracy historic timeline for the 6th grader written with an obvous agenda First off, while the historical events listed are correct minus the hundreds of typos , the author s conclusions can be wildly constructed on shaky ground A poor presentation of a interesting subject that deserves aunbiased writer. Quite interesting, a lot covered which is mostly true Author almost and possibly did invalidate the entire book with religious zealously by presuming atheism which we know to be true was a bad thing being pushed onto us. Truly Eye Opening If you are interested in another view of the last several hundred years of world history I highly recommend this exciting historical account Most of the content that will shock you as it directly contradicts that which you have been taught and read in the mainstream media Although the book can be seen as an outlier and filled with conspiracy theories I found the content to be uncomfortably accurate. ^FREE PDF ↾ Planet Rothschild (Volume 1) (Volume 1): The Forbidden History of the New World Order (1763-1939) ☙ VOLUMEOf PAGESIMAGESFrom The Days Of The American Revolution, To The Jacobin French Revolution, To The Coalition Wars Against Napoleon, To Andrew Jackson S War On The Central Bank, To Karl Marx S War On Sanity, To The US Civil War, To The Reds Shocking Wave Of Th Century Assassinations, To The Conspiratorial Founding Of The Federal Reserve, To The Horrific First World War To Enslave Germany, To The Rothschild Communist Subversion Of Russia S Czar, To The Horrible World War Against Hitler And Japan, To The Cold War, To The JFK Assassination, To The Women S Movement To The Global Warming Hoax, To The Fall Of Communism , To The Attacks The War On Terror , And Finally, To The Looming Confrontation With Russia And China The Common Thread Of The New World Order Crime Gang Links All Of These Events Together At The Heart Of This Self Perpetuating Network Sits The Legendary House Of Rothschild The True Owners Of Planet Rothschild Though An Alliance With Other Billionaire Families, Universities, Corporations, Think Tanks And Media Moguls Worldwide The Cabal Has, ForYears, Manipulated World Events And Political Players Like So Many Pawns On A Global Chessboard Now, You Can Earn Your Phd In NWO Studies By Reading The Epic Two Volume Timeline Thriller PLANET ROTHSCHILD It Is A Unique Blurb By Blurb Chronological And Photographical Review That Will Enrich Your Depth Of Historical Knowledge Like No Other Work Of Its Kind Absolutely Mind Bending Research I Was Hooked Immediately I Had Studied The NWO For Years But Had No Idea Of So Many Of The Critical Events Revealed In PLANET ROTHSCHILD Carl Norris, Davenport, Iowa