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A good ending to the Transperceneige saga and one that has some common ideas with the movie. The Snowpiercer series is worth our attention but I actually liked the movie the best The third volume is slow to get moving and once it picks up steam it is excellent My overall rating reflects 120 pages of slow boring introduction followed by 100 pages that are muchsatisfying.As if being at the end of the world isn t enough, the mice cover their radiation scars and the truth that paternalistic caretakers are attempting to rekindle the flame of humankind through bizarre experiments that just might lead to the destruction of what remains of their civilization. @DOWNLOAD ⚻ Snowpiercer, Vol. 3 õ The Third Volume Of The Graphic Novel Series That Inspired The Movie Snowpiercer, Starring Chris Evans Presented In English For The Very First Time On A Future, Frozen Earth, Humanity Has Been Packed Onto Self Sustaining Trains, Doomed To Circumnavigate The Globe Until The End Of The Interminable Ice Age Or Until The Engines Give OutWhen A Scrap Of Music Piques Their Interest, The Inhabitants Of The Icebreaker Take The Ultimate Risk And Cross The Frozen Ocean, A Vast Expanse With No Train Tracks And No Way To Return To Them Rochette s illustrations continue to provide a visual contiutity for this third volume of the Snowpiercer series, however this time he gradually adds color By starting with greys and gradually transitionig to sepia tones and then to touches of red and blue, the transistion from black gray of the previous books to color of this volume is subtle and works without being a distraction However, Bocquet s story is a curious continuation He lacks the originality and worldbuilding skills of Lob and Legrand, but nevertheless provides an interesting story and a satisfying conclusion. 4.5 Easily the best of the trilogy I love how it tied a lot of the loose ends including the film together The premise of this series really starts to bloom with this entry Originally, I was opposed to the upcoming tv series, but after now completing the graphic novel series I am kinda excited for it. L histoire est correct ,rien de super originale, dans la m me veine que la plupart des post apo.Les humains sont vraiment de la mersr quand ils sont en monde survie tous sauf les personnages que nous suivons Le plus dur pour moi tait le dessin , je n ai pas vraiment appr ci les personnages barbu dur diff rencier C est un style qu on aime on aime pas Mes attentes tait plus grandes.Je pr f re de lire du Bilal pour l art et les histoire qui au moins essaient d tre diff rent. Excellent third installment of the Snowpiercer series A dystopian vision of humanity and society after environmental change The graphic style is consist with the previous novels in both content and visuals. Wow Definitely is my favorite of all three of the Snowpiercer graphic novels Like the first one it feel like a lot of time was put into the creation of these ideas and storylines I really loved this one I started reading it and didn t want to stop. The best book in the Snowpiercer trilogy, in my opinion The pacing is just right, the story is interesting, the ending is satisfying, and the art is perfect for this type of story Not to mention we find out what happened to Yona and Tim at the end of the Snowpiercer movie If you like the first Snowpiercer book, push through the second one to get to this it picks up right where the second leaves off. This was actually really good The story was great, as well as the ending The incorporation of color in this novel really added to the story After reading the first novel which was just meh, it was alright , I wanted to continue on with the story I thought the two would be connected They weren t So, I read the second novel, and well it was bad There was a big overlaying story, and a couple subplots, and the whole thing was divided into two separate stories Anyways, it wasn t good and I didn t really want to continue onto the third novel However, since I impulsively bought all three at the same time, I had no choice This story was fantastic It connected to the first part of the second novel It connected all the dots and came to a full circle at the end.