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I love reading historical Roman adventures and have several favourite authors However, I have never previously found an author writing about Vikings, who equally interest me The original film The Vikings 1958 was one of my favourites as a kid and The current TV series The Vikings is a must watch in our household so you can imagine I am very happy to have firstly found this series of books and most importantly, discovered they are well written and great fun This book could be placed in any time in history including the current time because it is not about mad Viking hoards raping and pillaging, it is about a mother and her children It is also about marriage, love, family and human nature It is emotional and the characters are wonderfully brought to life Once I started reading I couldn t put it down and can t wait to read the next in the series There really is something in this book for everyone. 4 and Stars Berserker s Domestic Violence Snuffs out LoveSet in Norway in 876 and 883, this is book 2 in the Sons of Odin series and continues the story of Selia and Alrik begun in Odin s Shadow Soon after the story begins, Alrik goes a Viking, leaving his pregnant wife, Selia, in Norway where his brother, Ulfrik still wants her for his own A thrall both brothers have had as their bed slave gives birth to a son that Alrick claims as his Once Selia has her own child, she then has two to raise There is no true hero in this story, only a violent, abusive man Alrik whose actions destroy his wife s love The heroine, from whose perspective the story is told, overcomes his abuse as best she can and, like any mother, tries to protect her children When the violence threatens one of them, she flees, heading back home to Ireland and to Ulfrik, who told her he would help her no matter the cost Since this trilogy is really one story told in three parts, I recommend reading them in order and in close proximity so as not to lose the story thread The story is well written with some good secondary characters The subject of domestic violence albeit in the Viking age is vividly portrayed Riley does an excellent job of weaving in the history to this story of violence drawing upon the berserker tradition The emotions are sometimes raw but very real An unusual Viking tale but a worthy one Odin s Shadow, A Flame Put Out and Oath Breaker You need to read to book 3 for the happy ending. This is a great sequel I ll be all over the third.I jumped on this sequel only a few days after finishing the first, so I m already biased I was ready to be entertained And I was not let down.The continuing crazy love dread bond of Alrik Selia is one that kept me turning pages fast enough to finish the book in a day, excited and fascinated by the brutality of Viking culture Like the first book, the lead characters have a developed depth, an unpredictable humanness, that kept me from even trying to predict the story They re all so far from perfect that I admire Ms Riley s daring Not too many authors are willing to write such tempestuous unpredictable characters Not too many authors can pull it off.This is a great sequel I ll be all over the third I recommend it to fans of romance and or historical fiction. Selia has made her choice, to defend her love for Alrik She never forgets Ireland, but it s time to stand up and be the Hersir s wife No matter the consequences.So A Flame Put Out follows straight on from Odin s Shadow, which I read and reviewed back in May click here for the review And I will just say that this series is definitely keeping it s place in my Top Ten indie reads After discovering her mother and Ulfrik were both hiding things from her and manipulating her, she has run back to Alrik They salvage their relationship, and Selia has to put all her energy into dragging Alrik out of his dark mood, as well as focusing on the well being of their child.Together they have to prove that Alrik is still Hersir, still worthy of every man s loyalty and allegiance.Everything that I loved about the first book has continued here.The Viking background that Riley gives you is woven subtly, giving the story an authentic feel, without ever trying to overwhelm you with facts, or give you a history lesson.There is also a feeling of reality over every character No one is perfect, no one is romanticised Love is the reason they keep working at their tumultuous relationships, but it does not magically fix things, or create a happy ever after.I love Riley s writing style it pulls you smoothly along, and you dare to hope for certain characters but it can suddenly pull you in a direction that you wouldn t have guessed I enjoyed every minute of it.We get to see Selia grow into a lovely, confident young woman, who becomes the only person that can cut off her husband s rages It is interesting to see her develop as a mother, trying to compromise between Alrik s brutal upbringing, and Niall s gentler approach.Alrik is a big child himself, jealous of any time his wife spends with others, including their sons And as he grows older, his beserker nature threatens everything, as he stands on the brink of the same madness that destroyed his father.Ingrid she is definitely my favourite character She is strong, and confident, and can hold her own against any man She has no intention of being a damsel in distress, and has her father s arrogance and courage.Ok, so when s Oathbreaker coming out QUALITY OF THIS SEQUEL HAS NOT DEMINISHED When I read the first book of the SON OF ODIN trilogy, I stated in the review it was one of the best novels I have ever read Upon starting a read of A FLAME PUT OUT, I was curious to discover could the second book in the series be a good as the first, ODIN S SHADOW I must report it is.Erin Riley has the ability to write in a fashion that captivates a reader and makes the reader feel the passion, tribulations and joy of characters as they are immersed in plots and conditions keeping the reader crying for I definitely recommend this read it is a continuation of one of the best novels I have ever read I look forward to reading the third novel of this trilogy. Erin Riley is high on my list of Best authors discovered in 2015.Highly recommend for historical fiction fans but also has great universal appeal After reading Odin s Shadow, the first book in the series, I had high hopes for the second instalment of this series, A Flame Put Out and I wasn t disappointed The troubled relationship between Selia and Alrik continues to set off sparks and their decisions remain the driving force of the story To say any may ruin the story for others The story moves on at a cracking pace with never a dull moment and the central characters are fully developed as they face new challenges Riley has brilliant readability and the story flows smoothly, giving great insights into both the enduring nature of human behaviour and life with a Viking warrior My only niggle is I now have to wait for the third book to be released.A must read series. Having read the first book in this series, I was excited to continue the journey with Selia and her loved ones, to watch her grow further from a girl dependent on Alrik s version of twisted love, to a woman who, when faced with the most horrible of odds, has to make a choice that will completely and utterly upend her world.As with Odin s Flame, the first in the series, the writing is fantastic The historical research is very well done and thorough, and the characters are great They make you love them, hate them, become so frustrated you want to throw things, and ultimately, to cheer for them as well I highly recommend it. *EPUB ✘ A Flame Put Out (Sons of Odin #2) ⇸ Selia S Saga Continues In Book Two Of The SONS OF ODIN Series As Selia Struggles With The Harsh Reality Of Existence As The Wife Of A Viking Berserker, A Devastating Loss Pulls Alrik Deeper Into Madness, While A Secret Selia Desperately Wants To Keep Hidden Comes To Light, Threatening Everything She Holds Dear Is Selia S Love For Alrik Enough To Keep Her In Norway Or Will The Protection Offered By Alrik S Brother Ulfrik Sway Her To Leave The first book in this series totally reeled me in, and I m happy to say this was just as well written and interesting I won t spoil anything, but just like with the first book I tore through this in a few days and cannot wait to see how everything turns out in the last book This is a riveting and exciting series, and I totally recommend checking it out This is one of the best historical romance series I have read this year Well worth reading