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The Bridal Pact was a 2.5 star book for me.I was first introduced to the series and this author through the Alien anthology The short story even though was a m nage I skipped most of those pages got me interested in the couple I hoped for a better storyline than the m nage.It was a typical Mars needs women story that didn t surprise me even a bit The heroine Poppy was the average Jane girl next door without much natural beauty but some spunk who gets a hunk of an alien That seems to be the norm chubby woman gets the hubby, skinny woman is the bad character Stereotype much Her attitude and expressions made me consider her a little immature But hey she was liked by all the Warriors eye roll again The alien, Wheaton didn t impress me A warrior who didn t show his worth There was not much to endear him to me No redeeming qualities except in bed He jumped way to fast to sample another woman on the basis that he could be wrong about the first one Logical, not so much when love is full of illogical actions Cue my eyes rolling because that was a weak plot.The other woman made no sense Her attitude and presence just created an artificial problem and her jump in another s warrior s arms was as sudden as her appearance The bad guy was predictable and didn t add enough action or angst That was all created by the women and their lack of thought process They were asked to sign the papers to cancel their marriages and they complied Even worse, most of them took some pills without questioning and lost their babies Stupid much That action added to an already weak plot because a sane mother never takes pills that could harm her baby if she doesn t know their usefulness.So, in the end one of Poppy s potential matched saved her and the day The same suitor who will become her sister s matched husband Huh When genetics are involved in the romance if it s not well written becomes somethings else In this case this genetic match didn t work for me because the characters became stupid and guided by what, if not feelings Still unsure.Considering that this is the first book of the author I give her points for her imagination I wish the delivery was better.I am not sure how and if I can recommend the book because there was nothing outstanding coming through It was an ok read Both characters didn t have enough qualities to be memorable or be compared with better one on the market. This did not go over well in the beginning Poppy seemed too much the self pitying type for someone who loves herself And Wheaton I don t even know where to go from here.It did kinda get better later on or maybe I just got used to the flow of things and if I m being completely honest, it was probably the latter cause thinking back I don t know why how it got better.But it was okay enough to pass the time.I really liked Behyr I mean I m totally interested though I have no form of investment in Hannah whatsoever.Have to say, the side characters definitely kept the book going. I really enjoyed this book and I devour many, many Mars Needs Women books This one was Kindle Unlimited for me but no longer is As someone who reads a lot and needs less expensive books or free ones, I don t think I would pay the 7.55 price that is currently showing The second book which I am interested in reading is currently 6.15 and for me, it s just not worth it for only 280 pages I wish I could afford it but it is what it is Maybe I ll be able to catch it on sale or something Anyhow, back to the review Quick Rundown Chick who lives a super normal boring life kind of like me,lol finds an opportunity stemming out of a fanciful but possible situation waking up one day to find the skies filled with alien ships and no knowledge if our planet is about to be overrun or just destroyed Very realistic human responses occur, the president I imagined Obama lets us know what the score is These aliens need chicks and will trade medical and tech advances for tradeas well as a substantial dollar amount to sign up for the mate matching program for possible brides Despite having a very close relationship to her sister and her only relative, Chick takes a chance hoping for a situation that will bring her some meaning and happiness and if not, well then, at least a huge handful of cash Ah, but of course, things aren t always that simple and are awarded with a nice scifi romance mini adventure.Characterization This was very well done for the most part I really enjoyed the realness of the Chick in this book For me, she came off as everywoman She was a bit quirky, realistic and someone I would be friends with I didn t find her particularly hilarious but then I m not prone to LOL ing when reading The Dude was okay for me But I didn t find him terribly endearing bc of all the time spent away from the Chick, some of which he could have avoided if he had a backbone The secondary characters were all very well done and again, I d love to read the sister s story but the price is too high for my poor ass The Big Bad was completely predictable but I don t think the author really even tried to keep it from us.Plot This is nothing terribly new in the genre but I did find the progression of the alien s arrival to their request for brides a new take And the consequences was very interesting in itself The Big Bad was all pretty predictable but I still enjoyed that conflict Overall I did enjoy this book but like I have already said several times, there are similar and equally well done books with the same theme that were cost effective. Can we talk about how absolutely amazing this book is I love the idea of aliens to the rescue and all Earth has to do is give up a couple thousand women heheJust playing, but a bridal pact is a great plot device The only downside to this book is I wish it were longer I cannot wait for in this series I cannot wait for Pixie s story and a revisit to Hannah, Poppy and Val s stories I love the idea of different warrior classes, but they re all warriors.Amazing book, hilarious female characters, steamy love scenes, action packed, tension up the wazoo, slimy villain I loved every piece of this book. ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ♷ Bridal Pact (Warriors of Phaeton #1) ☹ Poppy Is Bored To Tears With Her Dead End Job And Dull Life, So When A Species Of Alien Warlords Arrives On Earth, Seeking Women To Help Repopulate Their Race, Why Wouldn T She Sign Up She Doesn T Care Who She S Matched With Until She Meets Him Sexy, Long Haired And Leather Pants Wearing WheatonDiplomat Wheaton Expected A Cultured Earthling To Help In His Mission, Not Some Crazy Haired Woman Named After A Flower And Whose Speech Baffles His Translator Pardon My French Knock It Off But Wheaton Is Soon Smitten And Eager To Turn Poppy S Good Morning Kisses Into An All Day Affair Doing The Nasty Bring It On But Poppy Must Do Battle With The Slimy Councilor Demascus, And An Extremist Group Opposed To The Pact And That S Before A Glitch In The Bridal Pact Program Makes All Existing Matches Invalid, And Glossy Hannah, The Perfect Politician S Wife, Arrives On Board Her Match WheatonReader Advisory This Story Has Graphic Sexual Language And Scenes No Closed Bedroom Doors Or Other Rooms Here An Adult Science Fiction Romance From Ellora S Cave 3.5This book read a little different from other similar books in the genre It was pretty slow at the beginning but I enjoyed the build up and going through the exerience of First Contact with Poppy, most of these books skip right over that part. This is pretty typical Mars Needs Women fare I enjoyed it for what it was plot holes and all. Entertaining Book but Cursing Was Seriously OverdoneThis easily could have been a four or five star book I felt like giving it zero or one star, except that the writing mechanics were good The problem was that there was so much cursing that it became tired very quickly.I am not a prude I have been known to use four letter words, including the dreaded by some people F bomb I have friends and family who swear, I read books with swearing, and I normally I don t get upset when I hear or read swearing However, I have never, in my entire long reading experience, seen so much cursing in one book Page, after page, after page, ad infinitum I swear pun intended that if just three quarters of the cursing had been removed, the book would have been a novella I liked the plot and world building The villain was suitably obnoxious, creepy and villainous The hero and his friends were engaging characters Secondary female characters were also engaging The heroine and her sister were actually nice, once one washed their mouths out with soap Oh, wait, no one did that I was so disappointed that the excessive swearing ruined this otherwise delightful story for me Maybe it s an age thing because I m a senior citizen Maybe a younger reading audience actually likes the cussing, or at least isn t bothered by it The book has sex scenes, which should be no surprise to aficionados of this genre I mention that, because for some weird reason, the clean romance brigade often seems to gravitate towards this genre and then gets upset when the books aren t clean reads I don t know if the author reads her reviews, but if she does, I hope she doesn t mind that I have a suggestion By all means, leave in some swearing, including the F bomb, but cut back on the amount Doing so should still keep your younger readers happy, while expanding your audience to include old dinosaurs like me Bottom line, I recommend this book to those who can get past the quantity of swearing. DNFStarted out strong but quickly degenerated into nothing but porn with a sprinkling of plot Lost me when Poppy heard Wheaton talking about her and making it clear he didn t want her She shrugs and goes on with the marriage Dumb twit Then they talk about sex and it goes on and on For the first Leora Gonzales book I ve read I FREAKING LOVED IT Back to serious mode I sincerely had a great ride with this one Same good, entertaining, smooth feelings I experiment, or as close as to when I read a Laurann Dohner book In my opinion at least That interesting taste Sexiness fused with humor and world building Really good stuff Mars needs women Scifi Erotic romance Series with definite potentiolPoppy is bored and kind of depressed with her life She has a lovely sister, a job, a comfy home and a routine, but it just isn t enough So when aliens arrive her world changes Spiked by curiousity and determination, she decides that she needs to take a new route Aliens came in peace and need to females, so she signs up for an adventure and high hopes for happinessAmazing heroine POV Truly loved the way she chained me to her experiences and made me want to discover what would happen Good personality and background Though simple in many points, she s so reachable and open that you can t help being entertained and falling for Poppy.I was swoon by her relationship with her sister It was interesting, funny and endearing Very well done, because it made me care for them I was truly compelled by their love to each other and the way they relate Their dialogues, were an ingredient that played a big role in the presentation and build up of the characters Some authors forget how important dialogues are, how they convey the characters personalities, but also the world they live in Rich world building The alien world build up was strong The society, their ranks and social traits, alluring Along with the social structure and the alien elitism The impact and change caused by the alien s arrival on earth, was very vivid The human reaction, even if it was in just a portion of the globe, was detailed and comical The politics, news and occurences, making the story believable and relatable Adored secondary characters They all have a story to be told, a role and there involvement with the hero and heroin matters It made the story tons of fun The plot pulled through and I was definitely hooked till the end Romance ingredientsHum Sexual tension And sex etc, etc, etc 8 10 points Some of the action scenes lacked a little tension and the sense of danger The hero was the only one who felt like a one dimensional character Stiff kind of off Sexy and with valid insecurities, but still off The author s style was easy going, logical and truly fun to read Loved how she describes events and transmits the character s feelings In a way that intrigue me and spike my interest.Thoughts Will read a sequel I hoped Poppy s sister gets her own book And really hope previous view spoiler Abductions get cleared up, or talked about hide spoiler