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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♾ As I See India ♥ KIRKUS REVIEW S Seven Year Stint In India As Staff Correspondent For The New York Times Was Partly An Endurance Record Temperatures In Delhi Drop At Night To Degrees Trumbull, However, Was Not Tied To The Capital He Made A Grand Tour Of The Princely States, Hobnobbed With Maharajahs Who Could Pave Broadway From Times Square To Columbus Circle With Gems He Was In The Thick Of Hindu Moslem Rioting, And The Conflict In Kashmir He Was Unimpressed With Communist Advances At The Polls And Writes Deprecatingly Of Their Blimpers And Bunglings But Gandhi, Nehru And Bhave Obviously Affected Him Profoundly In A Random Fashion, He Also Writes About Birth Control, As It Has Been Introduced Under American Auspices About Caste Problems And Child Marriage About Socialist Measures Adopted By The Congress In Short About A Miscellany Of Items And Incidents Which Escaped His Regular Columns An Interesting Book, And A Good, Fully Readable Report On Contemporary Life In India