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~Read ♦ Kingsteel (The Dragonkin Trilogy, #3) ☪ Rowen Locke Has Won The Battle But From The Shadows Comes An Ancient Enemy Rowen Is Now Mired In A War Bigger And Terrible Than Anything He Could Have ImaginedThe World S Only Hope Lies In Knightswrath, Whose Hard Won Powers He Has Only Begun To Understand, Let Alone Control Calling Upon Unlikely New Allies, Rowen Must Raise An Army To Defeat The Vengeful Dragonkin the ending was such a disappointment seems to be that the author just for tired of the story or he got himself into a corner and he didn t even try to figure out how to come out of it in this entire book the bad guy gets and powerful, all kinds of bad things happen to the good guys than in the last 20 pages all of a sudden without any explanation you get from damn, how are the good guy going to win this one to 3 months later the main character has an army behind him where before everybody pretty much didn t want anything to do with him and now they cornered the bad guy and they are going to kill him.pleeease. Kingsteele by Michael Meyer Hofer Rowen Locke has won the battle But from the shadows comes an ancient enemy a calculating and merciless foe who has been waiting centuries for the chance to strike Despite all he has already suffered and sacrificed, Rowen finds himself mired in a war bigger and terrible than anything he could have imagined.The world s only hope lies in Knightswrath, whose hard won powers he has only begun to understand, let alone control Calling upon unlikely new allies, Rowen must raise an army to defeat the vengeful Dragonkin before everything he loves becomes a smoldering ruin.Good read with good characters Thought this was never going to end 4 Netgalley and red adept publishing llc. My thanks to Michael Mayerhofer who was gracious enough to give me an e copy of his book for review I ve been busy doing so many things these days that I scarcely have reading time I finally made out time to finish this book which I did in just two sittings The last book in the Trilogy delivered on its promise of intrigue and action packed thrill While I wasn t surprised as to how it all ended, I still must commend the author on his writing suspense filled and the extraordinary magic system A great story. I received the The Dragonkin Trilogy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, therefore, I m going to start my review a bit different than usual The reason for this change in the way I m reviewing is because Goodreads counts trilogies, series, and anthologies as one book, and I m greedy so I broke this one down to get credit for all three books, though I ll be reviewing the entire trilogy.Kingsteel by Michael Meyerhofer is the last book in the Dragonkin Trilogy Rowen has won the battle, but has he won the war There is a new threat out there that Rowen must contend with.Follow the link below to see my full review of The Dragonkin Trilogy This review is for the Audiobook version.Story 5 5 StarsPerformance 4 5 StarsOverall 5 5 StarsKingsteel takes all of the events from the first two books and wraps everything up nice and neat, giving a satisfying conclusion to this epic fantasy trilogy I ve enjoyed this epic fantasy trilogy than most due to the originality of everything The author created a unique story, environment, races, and magic system, but what I enjoyed most was the unique and diverse cast of characters, who I ve grown attached to throughout the trilogy The characters act in realistic and believable ways, and even the antagonists are easy to get attached to The only problem I had with this novel is that the narrator would pause in the middle of a sentence and that would break my sense of immersion I didn t notice it in the first two novels, and thankfully, I didn t notice it throughout the whole novel, just in a few specific parts Overall, the narrator did a good job giving unique and distinct voices to all the different characters and varying his volume based on what was happening in the book This book and the trilogy as a whole are definite worth a listen This audiobook was provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review. A Great End to the Trilogy This book is the conclusion to The Dragonkin Trilogy The story line had a difficult battle and a new enemy and further character development.There was suspense, action, a swinging sword, and compelling teamwork I don t want to give too much away in this book either, but I will say it was a Satisfying Great End to the Trilogy.Craig Beck did well with the narration.Note This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review. This is a great series Lots of war, blood and guts But also, good characters and lots of surprises I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, magic, and non human folks Smile. Rowen Locke may have won his last battle, but he still has a long way to go With an ancient enemy, who has waited for thousands of years, coming out of the shadows at last, Rowen may have on his table than he can handle Even though he wields the Kingswrath now, he is yet to unlock all its secrets Will Rowen be able to fulfill his destiny or will he perish in the process The adventure continues for Rowen and his friends as they struggle and fight to do the right thing Once again, they are facing a threat that is too big for them to handle on their own As their plans are foiled at every turn, they turn towards an unlikely source for an alliance The plot had been well laid out in the first two books and yet there were a few surprises in store.Read the full review on Bookish Indulgences with b00k r3vi3ws Kingsteel is the conclusion to Michael Meyerhofer s The Dragonkin Trilogy I was hopeful going into it, but a little leery because I ve been disappointed in the past with trilogies.Well, that is NOT the case with Kingsteel.The world Meyerhofer created is vast and filled with many different compelling characters and creatures Meyerhofer gives each of them their due, showing their strengths and weaknesses as they battle to rid the world of the Dragonkin They run into some of the worst people and at times seem as though they may not make it and not all of them do.What was important was that it wasn t just Rowen Locke who could save the world though he s made to think he has to lead them Yet, it s teamwork and trust from an unlikely group of friends that winds up prevailing in the end.Kingsteel offers a satisfying conclusion to this story, but hopefully not the ending to this great world Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy.