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ARC furnished for a complete and honest review The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion is the standard fairy tale with a sensual flare A woman claiming to be a princess arrives at the kitchen door with her servant, soaked and in need of shelter The prince happens upon the encounter and demands his servant let her in She and her maiden are offered dry clothes and rooms for the night Once alone, the princess reveals she s on the run from her father s men because he has betrothed her to a wealthy, sixty year old sultan Destined to be one of many wives, bound in a loveless marriage with only occasional visits from her husband, the princess yearns to be with one man, one who s passion and love belongs only to her After a dinner filled with a constant barrage of questions from the queen implying she doubts her royal blood, the princess retired to her chamber only to be greeted with twenty mattresses stacked to the ceiling, and a twist of the lock The male servant explains it is to guard her virtue Once she settles in, the prince emerges, hidden in her room, and the mutual attraction builds between the two.The author presented full descriptions, concise enough to give a good visual, but not so long that I wanted to skip over the setting details Her characters were well developed and interesting The love story unfolded in a nice pace, and although I didn t quite buy that they were in love and not just lust, I enjoyed the witty repartee between the two.The dialogue was strong and smacked of the time period, with a few exceptions On occasion, the MC would speak as a contemporary Not many, but a scant few, and they popped me right out of the story Authors work hard to design their covers or pay a great deal of money to artists to design it with one intention to grab readers That s the first step, isn t it Well, that and the blurb With the two silhouettes devoid of faces with the hands on a shoulder, the cover didn t grab me and I think it does the author a disservice This is an erotica short story, so I expected the sex to be hot It boarded on the sensual rather than blistering Although I wouldn t deem it purple prose, I was disappointed that passion didn t leap from the page The acts and feelings were there, but they were glossed over with reactions of the princess which kept me as a reader at a distance.I applaud the author for crafting an erotic short story with vibrant characters, good pacing, tempered with a splash of humor which I thoroughly enjoyed I just wish the sex which is the crux of an erotic story had been engaging It didn t really scream erotica to me, but I did enjoy the writing Perhaps a change in genre would work The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion was a good romance, but erotica Not quite there for me. Amira Adara Tafweek, daughter of King Salim Tafweek and her maid, Nassi are seeking refuge from the storm when their carriage broke down Amira is trying to escape from betrothal set by her father to a man who has many other wives She wants than a loveless marriage Just one man, one love for her With pending capture, she throws her worries to the wind and spending a wonderful sexual night with Prince Richard It was a very enjoyable and steamy short story Glad for a lunch hour snack I received a complimentary copy from the Author for an honest review. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.So here it is I enjoyed reading this short story as it was a nice modern telling of the princess and the pea of the old world, I m not sure whether I would call this erotica or not though due to it actually not being solely based on the sex Don t get me wrong it did have a hot, steamy, lust filled scene between the two characters but the author didn t mainly focus on that for which I was quite grateful for, some erotica basis too much on the sex scenes to sell the story to the reader, in this story s case it wasn t so The story had a sex scene but the story around it would work just as well without the sex scene which makes me question the genre The characters are a great twist on the classic fairytale ones we are used to reading about, they are modern in their thinking with sex being liberal rather than using sex as a highest gem of society The characters aren t lost within the sex scene rather with their wit and emotions make it relate able and draw you in further to the fantasy of this scene The storyline of this book isn t solely awash with pure lust and erotica it s still quite evident and plays a role alongside the characters, lust, love, sex but it hasn t dominated the storyline and completely lost direction, I m grateful that the story hasn t been lost amongst the heat of this story All in all this was a good short relatively lust filled story, by what I can only assume was a well thought out and well researched author, it was well written too which makes a book all the enjoyable for me. The first sentence, Prince Richard was feeling randy, gives somewhat of a false impression of this book, and it is a book, with a start, middle and end rather than a piece of short erotica Erotica, and the author has categorised it as such, is a story wrapped around sex, without the sex, there would be no book This certainly isn t the case here, even if the book had fade to black sex scenes, it would still be an entertaining read It had humour, setting and multidimensional characters.Richard, despite his initial introduction as someone who thinks only with a certain appendage, is actually a decent chap, and the Princess has a good reason for letting him have his wicked way with her virginal self What lets this book down slightly, is that his wicked ways, really aren t that wicked, or as steamy as I d expected For setting and story, this is a five star, for explicit sexiness, three star. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ☣ The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion (Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #1) ♀ Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BQGYWZEIn This Grown Up Version Of The Famous Fairy Tale, Princess Adara Is Running From Her Old Life And A Forced Betrothal Adara Wants Love And Passion, But Knows She Can T Get Them Back Home When A Raging Storm Halts Her Escape, Adara Seeks Refuge In The First Dwelling She SeesPrince Richard Is Tired Of The Trite, Vain, Frigid Princesses His Mother Introduces Him To In Hopes He Ll Marry On This Stormy Night, He S In The Mood To Love A Woman, But He S All Alone Then, Adara Arrives On The Castle Doorstep, Saying She S A Princess In Need Of Help The Queen Is Doubtful And Decides To Lock Adara In A Room With A Pea To Determine If The Girl Is A Real Princess Richard Believes The Beautiful, Charming Stranger, But He Wants Her Locked In A Bedroom For Other ReasonsWhen Richard And Adara Hook Up, There S Than A Pea Sized Bit Of Passion Involved Hot A short but sexy story that will leave you hot A night of unbridled passion with a happy ending What s not to like Begins with one Prince Richard, whom I dislike intensely the royal who has no respect for women as he goes in search of an easy lay from the servant classes to satisfy his sex urges By the end we are led to believe the leopard changed his spots and has fallen for someone just met and seduced, one Amira Princess Adara Adara, who escaped from a closed life in an eastern harem to this fairy tale land, seeks refuge in the royal castle and falls into Richard s hands from his eavesdropping and straight into a sneaky scheming night that somehow professes to save her Along with this premise that varies from traditional fairytale story language, it then changes into contemporary US language, and so needs consistency, preferably in traditional fairytale language.The sex scene is one that teens and YA may find entertaining, but sorry, perhaps Rosetta could read erotica and develop her sex scenesas I ve never met an untouched virgin who lost her virginity in passion and ecstasy but no discomfort or pain when her hymen is dispatched with, and no concern for pregnancy either.It definitely needs editing punctuation, for example, has an over abundance of commas, but many sited incorrectly, also grammar and sentence structure needs improving, but it might have some potential with a good editor, preferably with fairytale experience.Sorry, but only 2 stars as stands. Free read for an honest review I reviewed as I read, so there will be spoilers and little comments here or there about certain scenes this kind of makes the review all over the place.Opening The first sentence did exactly what it was supposed to do It caught my attention and instantly got me interested in the MMC It already has all the spicy flavor of a great Erotica story Overall it s a strong opening with flowing sentences and a lack of awkwardness Off to a good startPlot I requested to read this book because the plot was intriguing Yes There is a plot gasps Wasn t let down either.Writing Smooth, flowing writing This is definitely one of the higher quality Erotica out there and not simply because the writing, but that s huge when it comes to this genre Characters and other random comments It starts with Richard being randy, but the reader soon finds out he s scandalous as hell too He even has a place in his castle where he peeks and listens in on women talking I m sure changing too He sneaks into Adara s guest bedroom to be her one and only man that wants her he says something along those lines too Like I said scandalous and charming As a prince should be The prince pulled away from her You re trembling Really Face smack moment Adara is a rebellious young woman that doesn t want to condemn herself to a loveless marriage with 60 year old sultan who already has five wives She s on the run And I really can t blame Richard s mother of being skeptical Adara does have something to hide and some people can latch onto that His mother misinterpreted it, but there was still something for the mother to worry about she just assumed wrong.The MFC has a head on her shoulders She s not some ditzy bimbo that gives in and thinks he ll love her forever She has the sense of mind to believe he gives her simple lies to have her be compliant Having her recognize that he could just be feeding her lines really added to her character She didn t care about the future, just wanted someone who at least had the sense to lie about how wonderful she was Adara even reprimands the prince for his quick judgments on people who may not necessarily know better than the educated Giving him a different perspective on the situation from a princess s point of view was good character development for both characters The sex scenes were vanilla than I usually like, but it still had that stomach clenching goodness towards the end It had the romance novel esque feel This isn t Erotica just to be Erotica not that there s anything wrong with those types of books it s just clear there s a point to it outside of the gratifying sex love story Did anyone else read this and find themselves wondering just how hands on that preparatory mistress got with brides to be The pillow talk afterwards added depth to Richard s character page 42 in the epub version , and confirmed my previous assumption of this being than just simply an Erotica book page 48 Blinks rapidly damn Shit just got real What a horrible situation for Adara to go through Overall Enjoyment Opinion While erotic, there was great character development and plot that remained true to the retelling from a different approach, of the well known fairy tale Commend the author for such great characterization It s hard to get readers to care about the main characters, but Bloom gets me to care about them and about the supporting cast like Nassi Adara s friend and even Richards mother towards the end There was enough description that I was able to even seriously dislike Lionel and hate Adara s father All of this, plus a love story with some erotic sex scenes in less than 100 pages That s some talent right thurr I really didn t expect the humor towards the end with the confrontation of Adara and Richard s mother either this is where I started liking Richard s mother It was very nicely done And even though they only knew each other for a short period, the instant romance deal was pretty believable He even wrote her a love letter in her language, giving her a way out of not only her old life, which she escaped, but also out of the marriage proposal he offered her in front of his mother He didn t want her to feel obligated He wanted her to know she had the freedom to choose Cute I m very pleased I read this I ll be looking forward to the next book in the series, Beauty and her Beastly Love, coming out in 2015 glances at calendar ooh Would you look at that It s 2015 Holds hand out to Rosetta Bloom cough it up I have to admit I was just after a little guilty pleasure when I finished my last book My brain needed a reset So I chose this little fairy tale I was absolutely delighted and impressed with the quality of this story I was just expecting a spicy little fairy tale without much substance That is not what I got.Amira Adara Tafweek, daughter of the amir of Bastalia and her servant, Nasiha, are on the run and seeking shelter from the freezing rain one night They are dressed as peasants when they knock on the castle kitchen door to ask for shelter from the night s elements The butler tries to turn them away, but when Prince Richard walks in and sees Adara he senses an opportunity for a little action He insists the butler ready guest rooms for the wayward travelers Here are the first two sentences of the story Prince Richard was feeling randy He was trapped in the castle tonight, as the weather outside had turned unexpectedly nasty This quote gives you the impression that the prince is just a playboy without any substance At dinner that evening with the King, Queen, and Prince Richard things went well as Adara lied about being on a diplomatic mission for her father when their carriage broke down After the carriage roof collapsed from the rain and ice they sought shelter The men had supposedly gone for assistance The Queen suspects that Adara is lying about being royalty and offers to send a messenger into town to let her delegation know that their Amira is safe and sound at the castle This is the last thing Adara wants while trying to escape her fate back home She and Nassi could both be put to death for embarrassing her father if they find her.The Queen is sly and has the butler lock Adara in her room that night Adara is sure her fate is sealed since there is no chance for escape now Of course Prince Richard knows all the secret passage ways and lets himself into her room They share a torrid night of passion that will curl your toes Here we start seeing glimpses of the true Richard He comes up with a plan to save Adara and Nassi that blew me away You are sure to enjoy this retelling of a classic fairy tale I look forward to reading Passion Filled Fairy Tales from Rosetta Bloom.FYI The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion is Book 1 of Passion Filled Fairy Tales Book 2 of Passion Filled Fairy Tales Beauty and Her Beastly Love, is published and waiting for you to purchase at.Sexual scenes that are graphic and may not be suitable for all readers Format Typo Issues No issues with formatting or proofing Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy April 2, 2015 I received this book free from the author in exchange for a honest review.I enjoyed this book It was short retelling of The Princess and the Pea Sometimes with short stories novellas the story can somewhat lacking I often find that the story would have been better if it was longer or a full length novel This was not the case for this story The story and characters were well developed I also find that sometimes short erotica stories are all sex, sex, and sex and no story Now sometimes I am in the mood for that kind of story, but it was really refreshing to have story The ending was quite funny when view spoiler the queen thought the princess was talking about the pea she placed under the mattress Even though the princess was talking about a certain part of the princes body hide spoiler