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Believe it or not, this girl was terribly afraid of dogs for most of my life now that I can t imagine my life without a canine by my side, I ve always thought it would be a great topic for a children s book Not feeling comfortable or safe around even the nicest of dogs was something I felt really insecure about but this sweet little story makes it normal and okay to feel nervous, and might show other dog fearing kids that you can be brave and dogs can be kind. This is a sweet picture book about a little girl overcoming her fear of dogs or at least of one particular dog The illustrations do a great job of getting across Hannah s body language, as well as Sugar s, and the dog s body language is realistic and not anthropomorphized too much My toddler readily empathized with the situation and enjoyed the simple story.Notes on representation Crowd scenes show a mix of white people and people of color Hannah herself is white. Hannah once afraid of dogs learns to overcome her fear. What a lovely picture book Hannah learns to face her fears in order to help an animal in need This is a sweet, gentle read that has appeal for the animal lover in us all. Pretty simple, but could be good for children scared of dogs. Hannah and Sugar is such a sweet book to read I read it to my two smaller boys ages 2 and 4 They loved the story This is a good way to show preschoolers and school aged kids how to overcome their fear of dogs The illustrations are beautiful, and it is incredibly subtle in the way it teaches about being brave when you re afraid Awesome work Kate Berube Un album tout en douceur So sweet I loved that Hannah conquers her fears on her own and that her Papa never pushes her The illustrations are adorable. Every day when Hannah gets home from school, her Papa is waiting for her at the bus stop And every day Mrs P is waiting for Violet P., together with the P family dog, Sugar Hannah, who is terrified of Sugar, always declines to touch the dog, although all of her schoolmates enjoy petting her But when Sugar goes missing one day, and Hannah considers what it would feel like to be lost and alone, her sympathy is aroused When Hannah finds Sugar in the bushes outside her home, will she conquer her fear and make a new friend A debut picture book from Portland based author artist Kate Berube, Hannah and Sugar is a sweet little tale of a girl who overcomes her fear through her compassion for another It gently demonstrates that, as is so often the case, we help ourselves when we help others The artwork, done in ink, flashe paint and acrylic paint, is somewhat cartoon like, but manages to capture the emotional pitch of each scene Recommended to anyone looking for picture books about children overcoming feelings of fear, particularly of dogs. `Download Book ⇬ Hannah and Sugar ⇻ Every Day After School, Hannah S School Bus Is Greeted By Her Classmate S Dog, Sugar All Of The Other Kids Love Sugar, But Hannah Just Can T Conquer Her Fear Of Dogs Then, One Day, Sugar Goes Missing, So Hannah Joins The Search With Her Classmates Will Hannah Find A Way To Be Brave, And Make A New Friend In The Process