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These books are easy to read with kids and offer SKILLS to practice Used by my kids therapist excellent This book was fantastic, helping our autistic son to get into a proper sleep schedule We have previously used various different sensory aids and techniques to no avail Following this book had both of my children sleeping through the night, all night Other parents of autistic children can understand just how life changing this book was to us [Download Epub] ☥ What to Do When You Dread Your Bed: A KidÆs Guide to Overcoming Problems With Sleep (What to Do Guides for Kids) ♜ As Seen On The Today Show IParenting Media Award Winner Mom S Choice AwardGold Recipient For Self Improvement AgesYoung Voices Award, Children S Interactive Silver Wouldn T It Be Great If You Could Climb Into Bed, Snuggle Under Your Covers, And Fall Asleep Without Any Fuss Or Fear Without Listening For Noises Or Thinking About Bad Guys Without An Extra Drink, Or An Extra Hug, Or An Extra Trip To The BathroomBedtime Is Tough For Many Kids If You Re A Kid Who Dreads Your Bed, And You Re Convinced That Nothing Short Of Magic Will Make Nighttime Easier, This Book Is For You What To Do When You Dread Your Bed Guides Children And Their Parents Through The Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Used To Treat Problems With Sleep Fears, Busy Brains, Restless Bodies, And Overdependence On Parents Are All Tackled As Children Gain The Skills They Need For Peaceful Nights This Interactive Self Help Book Is The Complete Resource For Educating, Motivating, And Empowering Children To Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep Like Magic This Book Is Part Of The Magination Press What To Do Guides For Kids R Series And Includes An Introduction To Parents And Caregivers What To Guides For Kids R Are Interactive Self Help Books Designed To Guide Year Olds And Their Parents Through The Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Most Often Used In The Treatment Of Various Psychological Concerns Engaging, Encouraging, And Easy To Follow, These Books Educate, Motivate, And Empower Children To Work Towards Change Evan LOVED this book, so I did as well He had brought up the issue not wanting tone scared at night so he was very receptive We laugh and get so silly reading it, the scariness goes away Since I really liked What to Do When You Worry Too Much, I m now reading the rest of the series As a perpetually sleep deprived adult, I hoped I might find some good stuff in this book It seems like children s books are my best self help tool right now While you could say this book is all common sense advice, it s laid out in a very clear way that encourages kids and parents to work together to solve a child s sleep problems While a lot of the sleep problems don t apply to my adult life, I plan to follow the book s instructions for creating a bedtime routine The step by step description of a good bedtime routine is really helpful for people like me who feel stuck in a bad routine. I was able to adapt a lot of this for my 3 year old. While the tips and tricks in the books may be helpful, it s nothing that isn t really common knowledge at least for myself The way it was presented wasn t anyhelpful to me than having the knowledge myself Granted, my child is younger than the ages this book is geared towards, we had started off using all these bedtime routines prior to get refusal to go to sleep or sleep in her own bed anyway. Excellent and easy read to kids Not only for kids with fears, but for kids with busy minds and fidgety bodies at night Has kid friendly wording and tips for relaxing Older kids will understand everything, but I can definitely use parts for the 3 6 range. This is an engaging workbook at least for some, including my youngest son that teaches lots of cognitive behavioral skills to help kids who have bedtime fears The overarching theme is magic tricks, although the book does specify that the skills being learned are skills and not magic after all Most chapters start with a real magic trick to learn that relates to the topic of the chapter Written for approximately ages 6 11, I found it worked pretty well for our 5 year old I would not recommend it for anyone younger than five just because the skills and some of the concepts are beyond the capacity of preschoolers or younger The magic tricks were pretty difficult for our 5 year old, but he probably could have mastered most of them withpractice They are not an essential part of the book Many parents who reviewed this book onsaid they had their children skip them Speaking of which, not all of these skills will work equally for every person Some may need to be skipped while others are emphasized Our son was not advanced enough in terms of how fearful he was to work on some of the skills before we had finished the book And another seemingly silly tactic worked really well drawing a remote control on paper with a few basic buttons on it to change the channel on his brain TV, stop worry thoughts, and pause with relaxation breaths that was laminated and kept in his hand when it was time to try to go to sleep.I am so grateful to Dawn Huebner for creating this fun workbook that helped my son take back a little bit of control over his thoughts Even though we didn t use everything as written, it started us down the right path and kept my son interested and excited For that, I give it five stars I would just add a minor caveat that my older son who is workbook phobic doesn t seem to get value out of these workbooks by Huebner Looking at a book full of pages to do and read just makes him extra worried But for our younger son who wants to make sense of things while creating, drawing, and going through a routine, this was gold. This book was helpful in finding ways to help Grady get to sleep at night We read it together and practiced together It s great because it not only addresses fears, but also quieting the mind and restless bodies Definitely recommend.