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This was a very awesome little guide and a super quick read I m adding it to my wish list because I think this is exactly the kind of thing I need to reread when I m having a particularly rough day. I love the author s illustrations and enjoyed the text overall There were a few misses for me, but overall I found the book thought inspiring for any stage of meditative practition. @Ebook õ There Is No Right Way to Meditate à Take A Moment And Breathe In There Is No Right Way To Meditate, Award Winning Artist Yumi Sakugawa Helps You Tap Into Your Inner Self And Finally Find The Peace That You Ve Been Seeking Each Page Offers A Unique Perspective On How To Lead A Mindful Life, With Captivating Ink Illustrations And Encouraging Words Like, It S Okay If The Only Thing You Did Today Was Breathe From Simple Ways To Get Rid Of A Bad Mood To Instructions For Making Your Intentions Come True, Her Lessons Will Inspire You To Become Aware Of The Present Moment And Find Stillness No Matter Where You GoWith Yumi S Uplifting Guidance, You Will Dig Deeper Into Your Soul To Discover The Tranquility Already Surrounding You Just read this lovely little book over my lunch break This would make a great gift for someone looking to become mindful or at peace with the world So, I think I ll buy it for myself I can t get enough of the lessons and illustrations in this book There s no doubt in my mind I will copy and enlarge at least one page to hang somewhere in my office This book clicked with me on multiple levels Many of Sakugawa s lessons breathed fresh air into stale and wordy concepts with simple language and clever, poignant illustrations For example, breathe out your bad mood and watch it disappear into the sky And thanks to her fitting portrayal of negativity through the use of dark and chaotic illustrations I can visualize the grievances I breathe out Other lessons gave me words and pictures for unnamed meditation already happening in my life For example, when I read about taking a walk in the woods so my bad mood doesn t find me, I thought, Yes That s exactly what I ve been doing for years without realizing it Sakugawa s depiction of Eckhart Tolle s pain body concept is eerily similar to how I ve always pictured it, and it definitely makes me want to kick its butt even harder which actually translates to ignoring it harder after seeing it come to life in her powerful interpretation of it Thanks to Sakugawa I am eager but in a centered, quiet way to continue my meditation journey. The drawings and the words are cute and simple yet so deep and meaningful I am absolutely in love with every page of that heartwarming little book. My thought monster is pretty intense today so I wasn t as open to a lot of the advice given in this However I think on a day where I can fully breath and accept things I would like to try some of the techniques I know all of them won t work for me for sure, but that s why there are so many different ways to Meditate. I really enjoyed flipping through this short, beautiful book that gave me so much inspiration in so few words While I haven t read anything else by Sakugawa, nor do I intend to, this book was very cute and I enjoyed flipping through The words are well placed and powerful, and the drawings are humble but very interesting and unique.I would recommend this to anyone looking for positivity and encouragement to lead a mentally and emotionally balanced life. This is such a charming, sweet, calming book The perfect bedside reading for nights when you re feeling anxious and need to laugh or relax I love it. This is a necessary book.