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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♂ Under Ground ☤ A Page Turning Locked Room Mystery From The Combined Talents Of Sarah Lotz And Louis Greenberg, Writing As S L Grey It Is Perfect For Fans Of Under The Dome By Stephen King And Films Such As The Hole And The Descent With A Pinch Of And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie L g re et divertissante cette lecture ne peut cependant m riter mieux que trois toiles Quelques longueurs, des tonnes de clich s, des personnages qui prennent d cisions stupides apr s d cisions stupides et une fin tir e par les cheveux Le concept, sans tre tr s original, tait int ressant et la premi re moiti se passe assez bien, mais dans la deuxi me les failles s largissent On dirait un que les auteurs n avaient pas vraiment de plan et inventait le tout mesure que l criture avan ait, certains disent le faire et semblent le faire merveille, mais ici a sent l improvisation par moment Comme un film de s rie B, divertissant, mais on passe vite autre chose J ai h sit entre 3 5 et 2,5 5, j y vais avec trois, mais la limite. This novel sees a group of characters fleeing across America, when a pandemic hits the country While most are panicking, the apocalypse has proved these people right they are prepared having purchased apartments in a luxurious survival condominium, where they can sit out the disaster in air conditioned comfort complete with pool, plenty of supplies and great medical facilities Well, almost For almost as soon as the new residents move in, it is clear that organiser Greg Fuller has been cutting corners The lift is not working, there is no doctor and the d cor has been done on the cheap The inhabitants of The Sanctum are a wide ranging group and include gun crazed survivalist Cam Guthrie, with his racist, vicious bully of a son, a wife suffering from some kind of religious mania and daughter Gina, Jae Lin Park and his parents, Tyson Gill, his young daughter, Sarita, and his South African au Pair, the rich and bossy Vicki Maddox and husband James, elderly couple the Dannhauser s and their daughter Trudi and Will Boucher, who has arrived to help Greg From the start, this ill assorted group with their secrets and personal issues are not destined to get along However, when one of them is found dead, murder is suspected, and fear stalks those underground For, although looking for safety, the group find themselves in adangerous situation than they could have imagined.I have mixed feelings about this book Although the general premise is an interesting one, most of the characters just seem so stereotypical that it is hard to warm to them and, also, much of the dialogue is stilted and unrealistic I enjoyed the first half of the novelthan the end, which seemed rushed and confused, with too many possibilities and suspects However, certainly the storyline showed some promise and I would try another book by this author, despite the weaknesses. S.L Grey is a pseudonym used by Sarah Lotz who I ve read and Louis Greenberg who I haven t They ve previously collaborated on the Downside horror trilogy Under Ground, however, is a standalone novel.The premise of Under Ground is very similar to that of Day Four, a novel by Lotz published earlier this year Day Four follows a large, diverse cast of characters stuck aboard a marooned cruise ship, inducing a sense of claustrophobia and uncertainty the characters are stalked by an unseen horror and lose contact with the outside world, which may or may not be in a near apocalyptic state Under Ground is much the same, except it s set in a luxury survival condominium , The Sanctum A virus is spreading, flights are being grounded, so the wealthy clients who ve bought into The Sanctum s condos all make their way there A bunch of spoilt, mostly pretty unpleasant people being cooped up together in an underground bunker which is rather less fancy and spacious than they were promised goes about as well as you d expect, and gets even worse when someone turns up dead and the residents discover they may not be able to leave or even call for help Under Ground starts off so fast moving and absorbing, it practically reads itself Like Day Four, it gives a lot of different characters alternating chapters, keeping the pace speedy and creating lots of cliffhangers It s set in Maine not that it really matters the bunker could be anywhere , but has an international flavour, with the cast including Americans, Brits, South Africans and characters with German, Korean, South American and Indian heritage Unfortunately, Under Ground rather runs out of steam the longer the group are trapped, er, underground And it really doesn t help if you ve also read Day Four, as so many of the details are similar, including the descent into squalor as things start breaking down and supplies becomescarce what is it with these stories and stuff about toilets not flushing The authors attempts to make Gina likeable fall totally flat and her romance with Jae feels unnaturally shoehorned in I m not sure what I thought of the ending, either, though I liked the journal format.This book has a good premise, but it kind of slows down and peters out about halfway through, and never regains the exciting momentum it has at the beginning It s a fun, easy, quick read compelling, but lacking any true omg moments view spoiler It s a spoiler to say it, so I can t really warn anyone off unless they happen to have taken the risk of clicking on this spoiler tag, of course , but it isn t actually horror, either It s a straight up murder mystery thriller I suppose there s no claim that it is horror, but given the authors background and how others have shelved it on Goodreads, that was my expectation If I d known otherwise, I d have been a lot less keen to read it hide spoiler First of all a warning Under Ground induces claustrophobia Unless you have chocolate Chocolate helps.The Sanctum is an underground bunker system meant to be utilised if the world faces an apocalypse and let s face it, nothing so great in a book as a good apocalypse, apart from perhaps a story about people trapped underground DURING a possible apocalypse so you have no actual clue what is going on above at all This novel explores themes of survival and personality within the context of a gorgeously tighty knitted locked room mystery.An eclectic cast of characters arrive at The Sanctum, desperate to be safe from a creeping virus that is seemingly about to wipe out humanity But things are not as expected, nothing works as it should and rather than living in the lap of luxury whilst all those left behind die horribly, the group find themselves facing hurdle after hurdle When it becomes clear that they are quite literally locked in, things go downhill fast especially as there seems to be one amongst them who likes to killTalk about Karma Money can t buy everything you know.Under Ground reminded me a bit of those old school horror movies various characters creeping around in the dark, stalked by a killer, playing the blame game pick your survivor, choose your bad guy, hope to God the REALLY ANNOYING character dies early and basically just have a rip roaring reading time.In this case collaborating authors Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg have turned all that on it s head and managed to write a truly disturbing character drama that shows the darker side of humanity where at some point it always is every man for himself The intricacies of the relationships between our protagonists is beautifully drawn as loyalties ebb and flow, it is immensely entertaining, deeply fascinating as a snapshot of human existence and always always spot on the money when it comes to knocking the reader of their game When you think you know everything you find you know nothing As they all descend into their own version of madness it is absolutely gripping, you d really love to look away but you just can t completely engrossing, I was riveted Andthan a little freaked out.There is a throwback feel to this a Dorothy Sayers and Charlotte Armstrong type vibe when it comes to the mystery element but brought bang up to date with added blood and guts One of those novels you would LOVE to see translated into film, I m fairly sure this will haunt my dreams for a while.Highly Recommended.Happy Reading Folks This is a book I was sent for free from the publisher but this does not affect my opinions So I actually didn t request this book, it just turned up one day at my house and I thought it looked interesting, but maybe not like my cup of tea Once I read the accompanying information sheet and found out that this is a duo of writers, Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg, I wasinterested as I had heard good things about Sarah, but I still didn t know if it would be my thing.I m happy to say that although I had my quibbles with this book I read it right through in one sitting which is something I ve not been able to do for quite a while and, I think becuase it s a thriller, it really gripped me and made me want to find out what would happen next.In this book we re following a world where a big virus has broken out and the world seems destined for disaster People are dying in various parts of the world and when the virus is close to hitting America, a couple of families from all over are prepared These families have invested a lot of money into a project called The Sanctum, a luxurious, self sustaining survival condominium situated underground When each of these very different families arrive at the Sanctum they are there in the hopes of it being a safe place for them to hide away from the Virus, but of course, things go wrongWhat I did like about this book is that we play a lot with stereotypes here The families all have different ethnic origins and different views on how to behave within the confined space I liked the mystery element too, as the book went on I found myselfpulled in by the story and wanting to know who was behind some of the grisly goings on When thinking about what I didn t like about the book it s mostly the racism and the ending I guess the author s wanted to include some very different characters and put them all together in a place trapped away from the outside world and see how they would react, but there is a lot of racism rampant in the book and this is never really solved view spoiler unless you count by killing off the racist character which I personally felt was a bit of a cop out hide spoiler Met In de val heb je een ontzettend spannend en origineel post apocalyptisch verhaal in handen Zeven families vinden onderdak in een ondergronds appartementencomplex en lijken gered, maar niets is minder waar Wanneer er een persoon onder verdachte omstandigheden overlijdt beseffen de inwoners van het Sanctum dat de echte bedreiging van binnenuit komt Een verhaal waar je claustrofobisch van wordt, dat keer op keer een nieuwe en engere wending neemt en dat alsnog ontzettend onverwacht eindigt In de val is een heerlijk boek om bij te gruwelen Zweethandjes gegarandeerd Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst. Naja Es gibt sicher schlechtere, aber eben auch weitaus bessere Thriller, als diesen hier Daf r, dass sich die Handlung am Anfang sooo extrem gezogen hat, kann ich einfach nicht mehr als drei Sterne geben Im Gro en und Ganzen hat das Ende das Buch noch mal ein wenig gerettet Die Aufl sung hat mich berrascht und hab ich so auch nicht kommen sehen Von daher ein mittel guter Thriller, den man lesen kann, aber nicht gelesen haben muss. Actual Rating 3.5What happens when a racist, sexist, gun obsessed family It s the Chinks fault, Brett says They re getting what they deserve Yeah But you see how fast the virus is spreading into the US It s a malicious threat, militarized It s going to hit, and it s going to hit us big Worse than there It was aimed at us But how come their own people are dying, Daddy I venture, as politely as possible so that he knows I m not debating.Daddy shrugs Some foul up They dropped a vial or something I bet they experiment on their own, Brett says Chinks d do shit like that, Dad Like he s an expert on the world situation.Are locked in with a little girl, her distant father, and their pretty nanny from Johannesburg His tone is placatory, but I m not going to be disarmed Any further than I am already, standing in front of him, barefooted, dripping wet in shorts and a T shirt But at the same time, I do want to avoid a confrontation Yeah, hi Not taking my eyes off him, I step backwards, over the towel, lift it up and drape it over my shoulders and around me like a cape Like it makes me a fucking superhero.A rich couple with their fluffy little dog Keep your voice down You re upsetting Claudette Bullshit The dog s tongue is lolling out of its mouth, its vacant button eyes barely visible through its fringe of coiffed hair James is certain there s a no pets clause in The Sanctum s manifesto Oh well, if they re stuck in the Sanctum longer than they expect, they can always eat the goddamned thing s food it s expensive enough , or worst case scenario the dog itself How do you like your shih tzu, babe Braised or lightly grilled He snorts.A man who wasn t meant to be there, and would much rather be at home with his dying wife Whenever he closes his eyes, he sees Lana lying helpless and alone on the cot he set up for her in the parlour after she came home from the hospice, the tubes connecting her to life tangled around her limbs The image is clear, sharp, so detailed that he can almost hear the suck and hiss of the oxygen tank, smell the medicinal tang that permeates the room.A German family, whose patriarch has a mysterious past I am not speaking of what is in here We must check the machine room for damage The accent that Leo usually hides so carefully leaks into his voice Ve hav vays of making you talk James burps a giggle, hides it with a cough.And the family whose patriarch was born in Korea Brett snorts Where you from, Jae Jae Vancouver But we moved to Boston last year Brett begins bouncing the basketball No, I mean where are you from originally Jae can t tell if this guy is just yanking his chain or is genuinely ignorant Like I said Canada You Chinese Are locked up in a half finished bunker, developed by an ex marine Now listen up I m gonna tell you the combination, Will, just in case things go bad and I need you to back me up Hope it won t come to that Doubt it will, but think it s for the best Trusting you to keep it to yourself Sure Okay, so it s easy One, nine, eight, four Nineteen eighty four Yup Like the book Huh Oh, I gotcha But no It was the year I joined the Marines Well Nothing good, that s for sure I heard a monster knocking on our door I put the cotton ball down and turn to her Just a bad dream No She said they re coming for us Her eyes widen and her mouth starts to fold down Who Who said that The big monster She didn t have a face It was half made of blood She s trying not to cry but her chin is twisting a fat drop of water runs down her cheek.The rest of this review can be found HERE Also erwartet hatte ich ehrlich gesagt ein bisschen was anderes und ich musste mich erstmal mit dem Stil und der Umsetzung arrangieren Aber insgesamt war es dann doch eine gute Unterhaltung.Der Prolog hatte mich etwas irritiert, da ich mit der Momentaufnahme der Situation nicht viel anfangen konnte das kl rt sich dann aber sp ter auf Der Einstieg war dann recht flott, denn die Autoren halten sich nicht mit viel Erkl rungen ber den Virus auf, der sich scheinbar recht schnell auf der Welt ausbreitet Im Fokus stehen hier ganz klar die Charaktere, die sich auf engstem Raum zusammenraufen m ssen.Und die Figuren sind hier wirklich ein ganz spezielles Sammelsurium an Psychopathen Da wurde an keiner Problematik gespart, ob es um religi se Fanatiker geht, um rassistische Waffennarren, reiche verw hnte Oberschicht, Computernerds, paranoide Weltsichten, Alkoholprobleme oder Fremdg nger.Die Kapitel werden abwechselnd aus verschiedenen Sichtweisen geschrieben und Perspektiven geschrieben Der Schreibstil passt sich dabei immer ganz gut an die jeweilige Person an, wirkte auf mich aber meist recht locker Das war auch f r mich der Grund, warum ich das ganze nicht so recht ernst nehmen konnte und diese Grundspannung vermisst hab, die mich in so einer Situation packen sollte Einen richtigen Thrill hab ich beim Lesen nicht empfunden, aber es war trotzdem mitrei end, denn es passiert einfach auf allen Ebenen sehr viel Leider nur sehr oberfl chlich und kurz, was zwar das Tempo vorantreibt, mich aber eben nicht so richtig in das Szenario eintauchen lie Dazu kommt die etwas kantige Schreibweise, also kurz angebunden und fast schon wie ein berblick ber das Geschehen, ohne sich einf hlen zu k nnen.Trotzdem waren die Charaktere ziemlich klar umrissen und folgten alle einem typischen Schema Ich war eigentlich durchgehend einfach abgelenkt durch die vielen Sachen, die passiert sind, aber so richtig warm geworden bin ich mit niemandem, der in dem Bunker festsitzt.Selbst die Aufkl rung am Ende ist relativ emotionslos und obwohl es eine gro e berraschung gab, hat der Wow Effekt einfach gefehlt.Fazit 3.5 SterneDas Buch ist sehr schwierig zu beurteilen einerseits hat es ein gutes Tempo und einen soliden Plot, aber andererseits war zu viel reingepackt, ohne richtige Emotionen zu wecken Trotzdem hat es mir insgesamt beim Lesen wenn man das ganze nicht so ernst nimmt Spa gemacht AleshaneeWeltenwanderer