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excellent wish it was available in digital format I first read the 2 stories in Dangerous Visions then found the paperback It was disjointed, uniquely different, and written like someone was talking to you And somewhere I still have it I consider it one of the best collections I ever read. This is a gem of a work by a little known, underappreciated science fiction writer and poet who wrote with an attention to language rare in the genre I read the thing on the recommendation of my roommate decades ago, but the mere thought of it brings the cadences back to mind with clarity and force This might be a book, one of the only books, to bring pimply geek sf fans to poetry.Ostensibly, there s nothing lyrical about the interlocked cyborg stories constituting this collection The themes are overwhelmingly masculine superheroics, pride, war and clever deception Yet, painfully obvious just under the surface, the real character of these singing man machines is that of fear, anxiety and self delusion It is as if the classic heros of 1950s science fiction had their garages and workshops transformed into command centers, their homes into walled compounds in a Hobbesian orgy of paranoia and aggression.Maybe this book affected me so much because my family lived in lily white suburbia, just one step from a gated community, when I was in high school We were demographically out of place in Park Ridge, Socialists masked as Democrats amoung Republicans atheists among fundamentalists The Moderans reminded me of our neighbors, the male householders, their Ids writ large, armed and ard.Maybe this book affected me so much because I myself was infected by the surrounding inimical environment and its values. #FREE PDF õ Moderan í Come To ModeranModeran Is One Of The Most Startingly Original, Provocative Fascinating Future Worlds In All Of Science FictionIn Moderan, Men Are Made Mostly Of Metal They Retain Strips Of Flesh To Contain Their Humanity They Live In Strongholds They Prowl The War Rooms Of Their Strongholds And Plan WarsQuite A World, Moderan Come Visit The War Is About To BeginContents IntroductionPart I The Beginnings Thinking Back Our God Is A Helpful GodNo Cracks Or Saggings The Butterflies Were Eagle Big That Day New Kings Are Not For Laughing One Time, A Red Carpet Battle Won Head Thumping The Troops New Metal Mistress Time And So White Witch Valley The Bird Man Of Moderan Bubble Dome Homes One False Step Survival Packages New Metal Of Hammers Men The Stronghold , Or Thereabouts Penance Day In Moderan Strange Shape In The Stronghold Getting Regular The Walking, Talking I Don T Care ManPart II Everyday Life In Moderan To Face Eternity In The Innermost Room Of Authority The Problem Playmate A Husband S Share A Complete Father Was She HorridA Glance At The Past Educational It Was Black Cat Weather Sometimes I Get So Happy Remembering A Little Girl S Xmas In Moderan The Flesh Man From Far WidePart III Intimations Of The End The One From Camelot Moderan Reunion The Warning Has Anyone Seen This HorsemanInterruption In Carnage The Miracle Of The Flowers Incident In Moderan The Final Decision Will Hung Waiting How They Took Care Of Soul In A Last Day For A Non Beginning How It Ended Possibly the most imaginative fiction I ve ever read Humanity survives ecological disaster by covering the world in plastic and converting themselves to cyborgs, maintaining the tiniest possible scraps of flesh in order to remain human Bunch firmly establishes his own insane world of cybernetic stronghold masters and fills it with astute observations on human nature The flowing poetic prose is a challenge at first it s a code that you have to crack but the effort pays off Should be regarded as a classic. Certain of these stories strange, lyrical, violent are among my very favorites The least of them are hardly there at all. From the late 1950 s through the early 1970 s David R Bunch s Moderan stories appeared sporadically, mostly in AMAZING and FANTASTIC magazines, before being collected in this nice little volume More stories appeared for years afterwards, but unfortunately an updated or comprehensive edition never was published Bunch was known as an excellent poet, and his careful choice of words create poignant scenes and situations It s not a fast or easy read, but is an enriching and satisfying example of the early new wave sf movement. Hay cosas que no son nada populares, pero tienen su peque o grupo de admiradores que las adoran hasta l mites insospechados G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Un miembro del pueblo del Sue o de la Tierra de la Esencia encuentra unas grabaciones procedentes del pasado, relatos de cuando el mundo se llamaba Moderan y estaba poblado por seres mec nicos, en parte metal y en parte carne excepto unos pocos habitantes, de carne y hueso, que viv an en Rumboviejo Esta es la transcripci n de algunos de esos relatos Quiere saber m s del libro, sin spoilers Visite Cons obscure the writing, not just the physical book, which is hard to find , static, occasionally too allegorically neat Pros prose is its own breed, at first childish and near gibberish and then, you slowly realize, near masterful No one, NO ONE, writes like this mufucka Vision unrelenting and gonzo awesome and simultaneously hilarious and chilling and moving Best stories chapters in here some of the best fiction I ve ever read Must dig up from this guy, he s almost disappeared. At first, I thought this was just overblown, campy sf writing Now I think it s incredible.The stories are often like dystopian poetry pieces or meditations, set in a world where everything has been destroyed by nuclear holocaust and the survivors have become immortal endlessly warring bro robots.There s a tremendous sense of humor to this terribly bleak book, and even in the worst things it portrays and lampoons, it made me laugh while still really getting at something important each time I don t read short stories very well, so I read this book much slower than I would have otherwise I m glad I did, because I kept hearing Moderan in dialogue with the world around me I heard echoes of it in conversations and the news, in the way people framed their ambitions and their pursuits, and in how people treat each other.Moderan has a singular style with a lot of CAPS for EMPHASIS that somehow never gets old I have no idea how Bunch pulled that off The little tales aren t always perfect, but they are usually a mix of horrific, illuminating, thoughtful and entertaining The recurring language is incredible and just right for the stories in here flesh strips The rhythm of the sentences is wonderful Each short chapter is like a little parable about something I might take for granted There s a lot of perspective I ll be thinking through and with Moderan for a long time, I think. David R Bunch was behind the densest, most poetic science fiction that s ever been written, and probably the darkest and bitterest too If you re interested in fringe writers who demonstrate paths that the mainstream never encountered, Bunch is yours to lose There s nothing like his work in literature anywhere Moderan is a loosely braided novel in stories about people who have cut off their flesh to add electronics, paved the entire earth in gray plastic and reduced their culture to a drive for endless war Obsessively concerned with the cultural fallout of human machine interfaces, it s plausibly the first work of cyberpunk some of the included stories predate Neuromancer by than twenty years In hindsight, the work here is stranger and startling than anything that the cyberpunk subgenre created as a coherent movement.Bunch s greatest stylistic innovation came from integrating formal poetic techniques into straight up prose His mad sentences hinge on daring internal rhymes and clauses that repeat like fractals At their best, these stories don t feel at all like stories They feel like an evil child genius is shrieking at the inside of your head.In a broad sense, Moderan comes from a place of devoted lyricism, but we expect poetic lyricism to exalt and cherish the world Bunch hated the modern world too completely to even suggest alternatives Instead, the book deploys its lyrical techniques to dramatize human arrogance, materialism and the uncritical worship of progress It stands in mocking opposition to the Golden Age of Science fiction, the visions of rocketships and endless growth Bunch rips mercilessly into his own literary tradition like Flann O Brian, denounces his culture like Thomas Bernhard and challenges the universe s structural unfairness like Thomas Ligotti Whether or not it ll ever come up in university coursepacks, Moderan is a crucial work of nihilist literature.Today these stories still feel vibrant and avant garde They re unanimously dense and tricky reads, and Bunch s single minded disgust for technological culture is enough to raise blisters on anyone still capable of guilt But he didn t write this book for people to enjoy He had this very un American, very un science fiction idea that stories could fix things.