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They meet in the middle of a bank robbery where Everly Danu is being held hostage by one of the robbers Landry Cooper is trying to figure out how to save her without letting the world know that he is a werewolf In fact, all of the members of the Dallas PD SWAT team are werewolves Landry worked disarming explosives in the army until a bomb exploding too near to him caused him to be medically discharged Now he s with SWAT Everly is an artist who is self employed She is the youngest child of her family and she has four older and very over protective brothers and a father who is still treating her like she s five The two hit it off immediately Landry is wondering if she is The One that all werewolves dream about the one who is the other half of their soul All Everly knows is that she has never met a man that she liked and felt connected to The two are busy building their relationship all the while there are a series of bombs being set around Dallas bombs made of missing military plastic explosives And things don t go at all well when Everly introduces Landry to her family They hate him and forbid her to have anything to do with him In fact, her brothers attack him.This was an exciting romance with just enough spiciness The mystery offers lots of chances for both Landry and Everyly to be heroes I also liked catching up with favorite characters from earlier books in this series. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup.Cooooooooooper Wolftastic Tyler rocks the shifter world with her team of sexy alpha werewolves To Love a Wolf will get your pulse pounding for all kinds of delicious reasons Action packed and sexy as all get out The quick of it is that Cooper Well he doesn t do anything the normal way Including meeting The One Yep He meets his future lady lovein the middle of a bank robbery lol And their whirl wind romance only gets and exciting from there Bombings, protective siblings and scorch the sheets chemistryyeah, things are getting interesting I loved these two I ve been smitten with Cooper from the very start Charming, sexy and just lust able The man has moves inside and outside of the bedroom and holy heck is he intense Loved it And Everly was just lovely She s artistic, kind, and goes after what she wants They were SO fun together Things move crazy fast but it somehow suited them From the very start their relationship was justintense The attraction, the chemistry, the bond that formed between them Some silly and some very serious moments really made these two and their connection feel honest and real Now the heat Yeah, these two do not lack in that department They re electric and once they finally do hit the sheets you better hold on because they don t hold back and it s spectacular There was a bit of suspense and action in regards to Cooper s job and trying to track down a bomber and that kept things moving along too All in all Another superb romance from Tyler Soul satisfying romance and curl your toes sexyTo Love A Wolf is a must read romance. Please see reviews for books one two in the SWAT series as that s basically how I felt about book four Which is an extra disappointment after how much I enjoyed book three I d thought we d turned a page here, Tyler, what the hell.Great hero Mostly interesting background thrilling plot Decent ish heroine This time it was her backstory that added to the werewolf folklore new info even if she didn t know it at the time But it was mostly the same ol cheese as before and I mean that literally Sometimes I see almost the same passages or exchanges, almost word for word, despite the change up in couples How do you spell formula B O R I N G.I have one of these to get through before I ll be taking a bit of a break from the series. You wouldn t believe my excitement when I learned that TO LOVE A WOLF was going to be Cooper s book He made such a lasting impression in the last book that I was thrilled to know that he was going to be getting his own happily ever after.Now I ve always been a fan of Paige Tyler s writing style The camaraderie between the characters paired with the fast paced action and suspense makes for a very easy read I can sit down and easily devour a book in a couple of hours and that was certainly the case with this book TO LOVE A WOLF definitely starts off with a bang I just love being in Cooper s head He s sweet and charming but also wildly protective too.But when he is caught in the middle of a bank robbery, his aggressiveness gets the best of him He effectively shuts down the bank robbers but his expert precision and strength is caught on camera, making officials wonder how a man is able to throw someone that far What they don t know is that Cooper is one of many werewolves that make up the SWAT team.It s at this bank robbery that he also meets Everly, an unsuspecting woman who becomes enthralled by Cooper s charm and good looks Right before the shots are fired, she manages to get his number But she ll never know what their first date will be like unless she can find a way to survive.I liked Everly but I didn t completely fall in love with her And to be honest, I m not sure why She s a sweet girl but something about her didn t come across as genuine I felt like the way that she and Cooper bantered with one another was a little forced, maybe a little rehearsed It didn t have that usual easiness that often translate to genuine chemistry.Also, I wasn t a fan of how Cooper s therapist was portrayed As someone who studied Psychology, I often feel like authors never truly get it right This just wasn t my favorite part of the book.So all in all, this book turned out to be a little different than I expected, but I do think Paige Tyler is still an excellent writer If you re a fan of wolves, hot romance and thrilling suspense, you re guaranteed to love SWAT. OH HELL YES I love Paige Tyler s SWAT series especially those delicious men werewolves and I think every book has been awarded 5 stars from yours truly If this one could be awarded , I d dam well give them Cooper is amazing and Everly suits him down to the ground The couple are possibly my favourite of them all now This book was straight off into the story line, no hanging around, no creeping up to that falling for the onebusiness, it was an immediate go from the very beginning and I loved it Another great book and one that has left me, as usual, wanting Roll on the next release Thanks to NetGalley, Paige Tyler and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This story starts out with a bang, literally I loved the prologue which showed Cooper in the Army where he was almost killed by a bomb The bomb trauma turned him into a werewolf This scene pulls you into Cooper s life and has you immediately vested in him Then you re immediately pulled into another high drama situation where he meets the one.The plot of the books was really good as Cooper is helping the FBI find a bomber who has had access to military grade C 4 I also really liked the cause of the separation between Cooper and Everly The monster a really bad guy in Everly s family was a werewolf and therefore their entire family is against them This makes the hurdle for Every and Cooper to cross seem real and not contrived and I thought it was a really good twist in the book.I have been looking forward to Cooper s story and I really liked the start of this book and I liked both the bomb plot and the romance plot, howeverI know howevers are never good I m going against the rave reviews as this story didn t work for me I wanted it to, but there were so many little things chapter after chapter that didn t work that it offset all the positives This is where personal likes and dislikes really can impact a reader These pet peeves may not be yours and if they are not, you will probably like the story than I did.My issues The story hits the rinse and repeat stage There s a little too much he s so hot and she s so hot in the first 1 3 of the book Some people really like the mental stage of oohing and aahing, but I m not a fan I like just enough to get why they think this way but not so many times that it feels repetitious There was a particular line in the book that just really got under my skin When Everly is debating her feelings about Cooper she has the following thought She couldn t be in love She and Landry haven t even slept together yet I know this is an insta lust love book, but I really don t believe that love is dependent on sex To me this sounded slutty A guy has to perform in bed before you can be in love The reverse that you don t have sex until you are in love, I can respect I can only hope this line got pulled in final productionWhen Cooper goes to meet Everly s family for the first time he s inundated with a large group including extended family of cousins But if Everly s family moved to Texas from France after her mother s death, I was amazed that there were so many cousins living in Texas It was like the entire extended family uprooted and moved Seemed odd or maybe I missed something.I m not cool when authors attempt to make the MC look smart by making the other guy look stupid At 45%, Cooper is jumping in because the FBI guys were too stupid to think bad guy bombers explosive dudes might leave a bomb for cops This didn t work for me because it felt contrived by breaking and removing FBI protocol and inserting stupidity And then only the SWAT team can come up with thoughts and the FBI just nods stupidly Why can t there be shared ideas which is realistic Or if SWAT Cooper has the edge, then base it on their enhanced werewolf senses, not on making the other party look stupid In fact the SWAT team one upping the FBI seemed to be a consistent theme throughout this book.At this point I ve hit multiple frustration points and I ve been totally pulled me out of the story So I preceded to pin some jewelry to my Pinterest boards to get over my frustration Yeah Pinterest and I m back to reading However, I still kept hitting frustration points A running mini van for a get away was just too convenient, eye rolling and contrived.Cooper referred to Everly s brothers as the brothers stupid which downplayed the roll they were playing to protect Everly from what they viewed as monsters and turned them into a Keystone Cops farce By downplaying their position it als0 downplayed the separation between Cooper and Everly.Even in the paranormal world of werewolves, there has to be some level of reality Surviving a 10 story fall from a building I just couldn t suspend disbelief.I loved Cooper in the previous books in this series and was so disappointed that in his own story Cooper withheld info from the investigation and therefore puts other people s lives at risk He s not seeming very honorable now Ouch The end seemed rush with almost all the issues brushed under the table I think Ms Tyler hits the right note for some readers of werewolf romance, I unfortunately needed something between a great start and a what felt like a rushed finish I will continue reading her work as some of her other books have been good reads for me and I like her writing style just this one was a disappointment 2.5 Stars rounded up. For complete review check out my blog at This series is on fire Each new entry is highly anticipated and does not disappoint With this go around we get the story of SWAT team member, Landry Cooper, and a new face on the scene, artistic Everly Danu Things start off with a bang and end in an adrenaline rush to satisfy any book lover of paranormal romantic suspense.This is book four in the SWAT series and I suppose it can be read standalone or out of order if you don t mind some series mini spoilers , but my suggestion is get this gang of Alpha Wolves and their romances in order.Cooper just wants to get his check cashed and head out on his merry way and wouldn t you know it, everyone and their cousin is doing their banking business at the same time But hello, things are looking up when he starts chatting up the pretty woman in front of him He no sooner gets to the dinner date invitation and all hell breaks loose The bank is being robbed.Everly can t believe her good luck to encounter the cute, hot police guy and he wants to take her to dinner Then she is thanking her lucky stars because he s the whole reason she is alive and unharmed when an armed robber grabs her as a hostage Landry s a hero and she is excited to know that he might be interested in something than a dinner date Finally, the perfect guy that she can take home to her overprotective dad and brothers, right Cooper isn t sure if Everly is The One, but he sure wants to find out He enjoys time with Everly even as he works with the FBI to locate a bombmaker and stop him before he detonates another one At some point, he will have to figure out how to share with her his furry secret and hope she can accept all of him.Alright, so Landry Cooper has been a strong and fun secondary character through the whole series He s helped the other couples find The One and he s actually open to the idea for himself even if he won t let his hopes get up I found Landry a refreshing breath of fresh air since the MO of so many action Alpha heroes is to have commitment issues and denial in their thinking Not this guy He s friendly, open, and willing to take a chance on love No brooding tendencies and he s open for communication okay maybe not with the observant shrink he is forced to see after the robbery Now he does have to work in how to share he s a werewolf, but even then, it s a timing thing.Everly is also a light and easy heroine She s had a sad event in her past and she has some overprotective relations, but she s sensible and passionate Perfect for Landry Loved the slow burn relationship building between this pair and the fun they have together.Now does this mean its a boring story because there is little internal angsty conflict in the romance Not hardly There is plenty of external and even a different type of internal conflict to keep the reader captivated There is the investigation into the bombing that Landry is part of and the situation with Everly s brothers, but Landry is facing the disillusionment that comes when a respected colleague might not be the person he thought.The inclusion of the series cast of characters with updates on the previous couples and a resolution for a side couple was an extra slice of lovely.All in all, another addictive addition to the series and a new favorite couple for me I can t recommend this series enough for those who enjoy the blend of romantic suspense and paranormal romance.My thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. This is one novel that will leave you all hot and bothered Tyler cranks up the chemistry throughout as her larger than life characters battle life and death situations amidst the wonders of falling in love The plot was intricately crafted and the wonders of the werewolf world really shone I love how Tyler explains the inexplicable in ways that allow you to picture it happening right next door to you As exciting and fast paced as this novel is, Tyler also definitely had me in tears than once Emotions are ramped up as characters battle coming to grips with their new realities As exciting as the plot of this novel was, the characters were even better Landry s alpha personality drew me in from the first moment that I met him He is not the type of character that you can ignore Everly s heart and her definite stance, knowing her own mind, was fantastic Everly s family was definitely an unexpected twist in this cast Their prejudices and overbearing natures were the exact opposite to the SWAT team s personalities yet at the same time, their caring and love for family can t be mistaken This was a fantastic addition to Tyler s SWAT series that is a must read for anyone who enjoys high energy suspense and some drool worthy shifters Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. `READ EBOOK ⇲ To Love a Wolf (SWAT #4) ☝ HE S FOUND THE ONESWAT Officer Landry Cooper Is Certain Everly Danu Is The One The Problem Is, She Has No Idea What Cooper Really Is And As Much As He Wants To Trust Her, He S Not Sure He Can Share His Deepest Secret When Everly S Family Discovers Cooper S A Werewolf, Her Brothers Will Do Anything To Keep Them Apart They Ll Kill Him If They Have To Everly Is Falling Hard For The Ridiculously Handsome SWAT Officer, And She S Not About To Let Her Brothers Tell Her Who She Can Love Until Cooper S Secret Is Exposed And She Discovers The Man She Thought She Knew Is A Monster In Disguise BUT CAN HE KEEP HER