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That was just beautiful The way that the story flowed from character to character, told from multiple pov s, it drew me right in to each person s experience Perfect.Byron was one of those hate to love characters my favorite kind I really enjoyed how his character is revealed through his victims stories and Lucifer reading them like a novel, that s just great The jumping timeline is perfect here, really well done.Oh Saeed, that one broke my heart a little And his relationship with Michael was so sweet view spoiler I realize killing someone with his own lacrosse trophy is far from sweet, but he had a good reason Things might have gone differently if those gay bashers had left them alone hide spoiler Not for the faint of heart I freaking loved it Not sure what that says about me, mind Group review soon at bmbr This books was dark and twisted and seriously fucked up Like seriously.And I loved every single word.To be fair, if you make it past the first chapter, then you re probably going to make it through the whole story At least, that was how it was for me Those first pages whoa It was like walking across burning coals, only to find out they weren t glowing a little, but actually flaming still I read the labels, I knew it was not for the faint of heartWhat disturbed me than Bey s execution of words though, was the fact that, however fucked this was, however uncomfortable I felt, there was a part of me that was turned on just a bit That is the best bit about fiction the fact that it s fictitious Knowing it s not real apparently oils the moral compass a little.A wonderful piece of writing from a master of words Dark, twisted, fucked up and oh so bloody clever. @Pdf ⚜ Better the Devil You Know ⛎ Novel Words Genre S Horror, Torture, Paranormal, Serial Killer This Is Not A Romance Tags Graphic Torture, Murder, Paranormal, Forced Incest, Rape Byron Is Tall, Handsome, Well Spoken, Wealthy, And Has Outstanding Taste In Wine And Food You Ll Be Impressed By His Impeccable Attire And Eloquence In Conversation, Ranging From Baroque Art To The Newest Advances In Pharmacology With His Charming Smile And Elegant Manners, Byron Truly Is The Perfect Date And Who Doesn T Love A Man Who Appreciates Opera What S The Catch, You Ask Just This If Byron Finds You Suitable, He Will Subject You To Utterly Depraved Forms Of Torture No, I M Not Talking About SM Byron Will Mutilate, Rape, And Then Kill You Don T Think That You Will Survive The Encounter, Because You Won T He Has A Perfect Record Intrigued Would You Like Me To Arrange A Rendezvous It Has To Be In The Next Few Days Because He S Leaving On A Trip South To Much Warmer Climes, And His Calendar Will Be Completely Full Yes Very Good I Will Make A Reservation For Two Under The Name Of Smith Who Am I I M Gloria, His Personal Assistant I was really curious about this book although I knew it isn t romance which is my favourite genre lately But I used to love horror, so the book was familiar territory for me.The book was intense, gory, bloody, weird, disturbing with unexpected bits It was fascinating at times Other times not so interesting But it is short, so it didn t really matter a few pages that they were a bit repetitive.Three are the mysteries of the book 1.Who is Byron2.Who is Michael 3.Who is GloriaThe book is paranormal Nothing is what is seems The job description of the three main characters is not really clear until the last few pages And then there will be a kind of happy ending.I read a few reviews that were saying that if you manage to get through the first chapter, you will be fine with the rest of the book I completely disagree I found some of the scenes later on particularly disturbing And there are triggers there for me that I would definitely avoid in the books that I read But we are talking about the devil here, so I suppose anything can be included. Tags graphic torture, forced incest, rapeFirst let me say that this book is not for everyone It s dark and twisted and completely depraved I loved it The book starts off with a horrifyingly gruesome scene where we meet serial killer Byron Danielson enjoying two of his victims It only gets worse better after that as we experience Byron s killings in disturbingly graphic and gory detail.As interesting and deranged as Byron was it was the other guy, Michael, who really grabbed me His character was fascinating and he s who I wanted of I d say this is just as much his story as it is Byron s.I want to say but I can t really tell you what this book is about because it s the twists and turns the story takes that made this so great Every time I thought I knew where it was going, the plot took a completely different direction It made for a clever and thrilling read.I love gore and horror and those are what first caught my attention but it was the excellent writing that kept me captivated This is my first book by Deckard but it definitely won t be my last I m off to devour his backlistARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review You re the sick piece of shitHeh, Maybe But I own it Before I get into the review of this book, let me tell you a bit about myself I like dark books I like things that make you kinda sick to your stomach when you read them The darker, shocking, WTAF is going on and why do I like it and the extreme nausea inducing the better Now, I can t watch the same subject matter, but I can read the things someone would watch and be okay with it But my adoration for the dark and twisted books, the scary books started many years ago with a collection of short stories by Stephen King titled, Skeleton Crew You see, I read Skeleton Crew in the sixth grade, shockingly the library allowed one of their young repeat customers to check it out, and I did a book report on it The report focused on my favorite short story, which remains my favorite to this day, Survivor Type The story is told in diary form of one Richard Pine, a surgeon and heroin addict on a deserted island slowly going out of his mind Richard is hungry and well, there is no food but he does have Four gallons of water, a sewing kit and a first aid kit Why is that important to the review of this book Because at the age of eleven, I was hooked on a story about a surgeon who decides to slowly amputate parts of his body as sustenance You can imagine the call home from my teacher to my parents about my book report and how inappropriate it was of me to read such a graphic and gruesome story grins See, the darkness started early with this ginger and even today, hearing Lady Fingers mentioned, makes me think fondly of Richard But my love of that story and honestly of Stephen King was not just due to the darkness but the fantastic words that told the story Anything dark or tough to read, has to be written well or it s just for shock value and that does nothing but leave me cold Well written stories, no matter the content, are just that Well written and well written stories that take you to another place you d never imagine going before So on to this book, when I saw SheRead s review and she mentioned it was for lovers of the dark and twisted, my senses tingled When I read the sample, I was stunned and yet completely intrigued by Byron and then the twist happened Holymotherfuckingshitballs, was that ever a brilliant twist and I knew right then, I had to run and buy the book WowDoesn t this feel sort of like a horror movie Totally, but so well written do I need to start counting how many times I have said that that it could only be in book form This author, killed me with his words I have been flayed and drained and every bit of it was worth it It was exquisite torture And that title I love a good title when it really fits the story and yeah, um hang on You start a conversation you can t even finish it.You re talkin a lot, but you re not sayin anything.When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.Say something once, why say it again Psycho Killer,Qu est ce que c est Talking Heads Where was I again Oh yeah Reviewing this book Anyway, the world building is amazing and this is coming from a lazy reader who balks at world building due to the amount of work it takes but this, was easy to fall into and become one with the darkness It was seductive and yeah, really good Now, I refuse to spoil this book I will say as SheRead s did, read the sample and if you can handle it, move on because it s so freaking fracking worth it.This was like a Danse Macabre version of The Twilight Zone which is one of my favorite all time shows Each episode was rich with dark irony that left this viewer breathless with its beauty and this, believe it or not, does the same And that end Holymotherfuckingshitballs, it was excellent I will leave you with this Mind the tags, mind the disclaimer because all of that is in this story All of it is there, and I ll admit to some of it, being well titillatingOh, nothing like that, mon cher monster But then again, maybe it is smirks Last note because I have to include it and yes, only look if you read the book because it could be a spoiler this song was on constant repeat in my head view spoiler and what better version that the one that ended in such fucked up ness with the Hell s Angels as security Sympathy for the Devil hide spoiler I absolutely adore Bey s work, but I m going to skip this one because of the dark nature I hope those who like the dark and dirty enjoy it I m sure it will be a great success. After reading the sample I cannot run far enough or fast enough away from this.Thanks for the nightmares, Bey Deckard Top marks on that view spoiler Cutting a hole into someone s chest and fucking up into it so you can touch your cockhead to his tachycardiac heart seems ridiculous and excessive But then so was cutting off his penis and raping his son with it hide spoiler Write something dark, they said So I did Please read the excerpt hereMay 20th, 2017 update Better the Devil You Know is back in Kindle Unlimited Feb 14th, 2017 update Better the Devil You Know is now available at for Kindle.http geni.us DevilKindleDec 30th, 2016 update With ARe closing, I had to figure out a new place other than Payhip to put Better the Devil You Know though Payhip is the best for me, it s not the best for everyone It s banned forever on Smashwords so I decided to try going through D2D and putting it under Horror and only Horror Let s see how that pans out.Where to buy BR with Baby Lolley Both of whom did a much better job of reviewing this than I.My mom loves movies She goes all the time and gets amped up around award season over which movies she s already seen and which ones need to be seen Plans are made Distances are sometimes travelled She drags dad along because she s a giver like me He s a good sport about it and always has kind words, though I suspect he d much rather see movies wherein shit gets blown up rather than arty indie flicks but whatevs It s their thing and it s cute as hell But you know how those award movies can be, right Critics LOVE them Audiences not so much But back to mi madre She does this thing when I ask her how such and such movie read intense was She usually makes what I ve termed The Big Eyes with the associated double eyebrow raise and says, it was good, so and so was phenomenal, but I ll never need to see it again and that, my friends, sums up how I feel about this book.BeyBey can write This is not news Objectively speaking, the storyline is on point How everything comes together was perfectly executed The secondary characters made the experience worthwhile The characterization of Byron is brilliant in its monstrosity he has no redeeming qualities He s the sort of character that inspires and stars in my nightmares because he s a real, everyday monster I had one niggle with regard to the psychosis mentioned, but that s an occupational hazard and I m not going to split hairs over it.The story is gripping and if you re a horror fan, you re going to be drunk with happiness like a cat in a pile of catnip But I am a squishy cupcake and a lover not a fighter I unabashedly prefer sex to violence, so this was a struggle for me If you re going to put rape and torture in my books then I need redemption or retribution in the end Neither occurred here My reactions were visceral and a couple times I thought I was going to have to abandon ship which is a testament to the power of the writing and how talented BeyBey is, that I pushed myself to finish because I wanted to know.Will I read it again Fuck no I deleted it from my kindle already Am I sorry I read it No It was an experience An experience akin to the madre s most recent experience with Black Mass Once was plenty.