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Not one of this authors best I much preferred A Winters Tale or Wedding Tears. Loved this one So entertaining I laughed out loud at the correspondence in this novel and was amused so much, it is a lovely book but to me it needed depth But I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to have a laugh and it is very well written I really enjoyed this, but heartily disliked the way it ends It s very amusing though. I d give 2.5 stars really It s OK to read and there are amusing bits with the very naive and ironic mentions.I thought it was a little pedantic at times I m an author and I m so clever.I liked it enough to finish it but rushed through at times, just wanting to put it down.Pleasant but that s about it. I thought that this story was reasonably entertaining The correspondence between Tina and would be authors was amusing but seemed disconnected from the plot trajectory.It is an amusing and uncomplicated read with an interesting commentary on publishing about which I know nothing and so have no idea of how much is exaggeration It does not inspire me to read any of this author s work. I love all of Ms Ashley s books except this one ironic, since the protagonist is a writer, and so am I But I found the protagonist a little too unlikable to love the book All her others are first rate, however, so if you found this one disappointing, I recommend you try one of the others NO NO NO definately one I should have missed {Kindle} Õ Happy Endings á From A Well Loved Author Tina Devino Is A Moderately Successful Author, Who Aspires To Bestsellerdom As Do Her Clients, Because Tina Is Also A Literary Consultant, Who Uses Her Own Experience To Advise Other Would Be Authors But Tinas Own Life Leaves A Lot To Be Desired Her Lover Is Drifting Away, And Her Position On The Salubrious Fiction List Is Threatened By Glamorous Writers Can Tina Achieve The Fame, Fortune And Happy Ending To Which She Aspires Didn t really like it, I hate it when books are written in the first person, I like a story not someone telling it Just my opinion but at least I managed it to the end.