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What an absolutely beautiful and enthralling retelling that takes you through Thomas s dark, hurting, playboy life, to a man who feels, cares, and loves like no man ever has You can read this book by itself without reading The Sound of Salvation, but I highly, highly recommend reading both They re so different despite being about the same thing It is quite extraordinary I deeply enjoyed Nadia s point of view in The Sound of Salvation, but nothing compares to reading Thomas s point of view I said before that I need Thomas like I need air to breathe and this book solidified the fact that he is the perfect book boyfriend.I.A Dice did it again She created this beautiful story that was much intense and obsessively sweet Thomas is a character that you will enjoy being in his head, seeing things from his point of view He isn t perfect, but boy does he try.I seldom come across a book that will leave me one hundred percent sated, but this book was everything a romance should be Each of I.A Dice s novels are complete masterpieces at taking you on a beautiful journey If you re looking for a new book to read then grab this book, you won t be disappointed. @EBOOK ó The Taste of Redemption ó Best E Book, The Taste Of Redemption By I.A Dice This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Taste Of Redemption , Essay By I.A Dice Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You ARC provided by Author for an honest review The Taste of RedemptionWhen I got a Goodreads mail inviting me to read this, I immediately said YES for 3 major reasons 1 ARC Who doesn t want to read in advice I m so grateful with this opportunity 2 MALE POV As mentioned by the author,the first novel, The Sound of Salvation was written in Female POV and this novel,The Taste of Redemption is the MALE POV counterpart I love reading MALE POV novels because it gives me an idea on how males think, for me it s quite intriguing.3 PLAYBOY WHO MET HIS MATCH It s always nice to see men mature when they want to get the girl that they pin for A playboy who eventually change his womanizing ways and did everything just to get the heroine It s always nice to see them fumble a bit, as they say Karma s a b tch Over all I enjoyed reading this and my only comment is that I hope the author was able to give a deeper connection between the couple Initially, the hero was just attracted to the heroine and even if she s not her type, he can t take her off his mind From the start, it was just something physical I wish the author established a deeper friendship between them But over all I LIKED IT If you re looking for something light to read not too much drama and action read this, you ll find yourself smiling and swooning while reading The Taste of Redemption.Here s my fave line from the novel She wanted a decent guy I wasn t one, but I wanted to be the one for her I d do anything to be with her I d move heaven and earth to make her happy For the first time in my life I wanted it all, the good the bad times, love and laughter, arguments and fights Was that not enough to at least get once chance at happiness See who wouldn t want a guy like that Need I say I will be 100% honest.LOVED this book I am not one who usually likes the re telling of a story from another POV However, once you get past the initials scenes you don t even notice Both of the characters have their problems and yet they come and are stronger together You see what it takes for him to get past all his previous mistakes.I would recommend this book I received this book for an honest review And trust me, if I hated it I wouldn t haven t even finished But instead I kept trying to turn the digital page I was given this book in return for an honest review.From the first page I was drawn in by Thomas character I wanted to know about his playboy ways and who would become his undoing or if there even was someone Emotions rock this book Thomas hasn t had it easy and when I read he was ex army I wanted to know him even His story is a complex but beautiful one and I loved it from beginning to end What made this story complete was when Nadia stormed in and threw everything you thought you would read about a million times amazing Life isn t always an easy wham bam thank you mam, and Thomas proves this, his love for life and Maya shine from page one but can he overcome his past to move on to his future can Nadia If you enjoy the emotionally journey finding love you must read this book Story lines that rock your world and play with your true emotions, characters that even when you think you know them you really don t are in the forefront of this book Absolutely gripping and fantastic in all senses of the word. 4.5 stars I got this book for a honest review, so here it is The Sound of Salvation made on me a very positive impression about what you could read in review, and since I found out that the whole book of Thomas s POV will be released, I couldn t wait And when the author herself turned to me and asked if I d like to read it, I couldn t refuse.In The Taste of Redemption we know mostly the same story that we knew in previous book But the point of view changes from Nadia to Thomas So we not only know their fate from his perspective, but also the author presents us unknown scenes In order to properly and fully understand the sequence of the events, you need to know both side of the coin.Thomas, Thomas, Thomas I haven t really changed my mind about him, but I was able to understand his motives and behavior They re deeper reasons that aren t given to us to meet in Sound of Salvation And though Thomas has his flaws as excessive possessivness and aggression, he was a positive character A little less ideal than Gavin from Collide, but his tranformation from playboy into a man who doesn t deny himself a happiness is the most worthy of attention.It s the other side of story, so there re also new characters Thread of Claudia and Maya undoubtedly sometimes turned our attention from what was happening in the love life of Thomas The author was always getting in good time and it s such a plus Well, of course it was impossible to not fall in love with charming Mata Nick s character unfortunately still not appealed to me Although he was a good brother, his behavior in relation to Nadia, the disintegration of her relationship and sometimes even Thomas, a little annoyed me.I.A Dice once again shows us what is worth fighting for in life and that maybe some things happened to us for a reason The writing style is very vivid, you can feel as if we where there with the characters, and at the same time simple, so reading in English for those intermediate shouldn t be a problem.I obviously liked The Taste of Redemtion From time to time I like to read books from the male point of view, and this didn t disappoint me A mixture of humor, sadness, uncertainty, or feelings, which usually most influence on me I can honest recommend it to you and I m glad that I could read it, for which I thank the author. 4.5 Stars OMG I think I liked Thomas and Nadia s story the second time around I met Thomas and Nadia in book 1, The Sound of Salvation I LOVED Thomas POV His inner dialogue was so funny Hearing some of the things that guys say or talk about really had me laughing I loved the night of the bachelor party I cracked up when Nick told Scorpio to not stress about the size of a penis after going into a sex shop Scorpio looked rather disgusted after the tour Tell me I didn t just see all that Make me forget, Thomas Get me some strippers he dramatized, hanging himself on my shoulder I need to see boobs It was your idea to go inside in the first place How was I supposed to know we d have to walk through two fucking floors filled with giant penises Nick caught up with us laughing at Scorpio s pained expression So you re jealous of their size Don t worry, mate He patted his shoulder The size doesn t matter as long as you know how to use itLol I think it s funny that guys actually believe that Haha Just kidding I also loved the way Thomas described Nadia to his momCare to tell me about the girl who got my son so disturbed She s like a quickly progressing cancer, mum She s invading my whole worldTruthfully, I didn t fall in love with Thomas because of his relationship with Nadia Believe me, that was a big part of it, but the real reason was because of his relationship with Maya He loved her so much I don t know what it is about guys and kids, but they just get me every time To say I enjoyed this story is an understatement The Taste of Redemption is so much than your average love story I am really happy that I was asked to review an ARC of this book because otherwise, I may have missed out on such an awesome story Juls