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I thought that this book was interesting When Marley found the letter and opened it it was life changing for her She was very close with her Uncle Jack and when she got the letter from him saying that he was her father Marley found her self lost Not knowing who she can trust or who to talk to Her uncle jack was excited but kinda scared to take care of a child. Even though some of the stories will hurt my hear and sometimes make me afraid of losingof what I have I want her to know that it s been a fine life, for a girl like me, in Heaven Heaven is a chapter book intended for students in grades three through 6 I gave Heaven four stars because of its brutally honest and eye opening story line of finding out that one s parents aren t really one s parents after all Family and life, love and trust can turn upside down in one instant Angela Johnson s book is both sad and empowering It can really connect to students who are searching for their identities, amongst those who are their family by blood and who are their family by bond Set in the serene, yet kooky town of Heaven, Ohio, this text allows the reader to see deep into the heart of one teenage girl The reader may even see themselves in the main character of Marley, as she could be your best friend, one who babysits, eats ice cream, stares up at the stars, and goes to the beach Readers will be truly enthralled as the story unfolds This text challenges and makes the reader think of the true definitions of love and family Its commonplace setting and characters, with its heart wrenching problems and situations, lets the reader see themselves in it True to life, true to a teenager It s a metaphor for finding yourself and your identity amongst simplicity and then chaos, a text that any human can truly connect to. @READ BOOK Þ Heaven ⚢ Marley Has Lived In Heaven Since She Was Two Years Old, When Her Mother Found A Postcard Postmarked HEAVEN, OH On A Park Bench And Decided That Was Where She Wanted To Raise Her Family And For Twelve Years, Marley S Hometown Has Lived Up To Its Name She Lives In A House By The River, Has Loving Parents, A Funny Younger Brother, Good Friends, And Receives Frequent Letters From Her Mysterious Uncle Jack Then One Day A Letter Arrives Form Alabama, And Marley S Life Is Turned Upside Down Marley Doesn T Even Know Who She Is Any But Where Can She Go For Answers, When She S Been Deceived By The Very People She Should Be Able To Trust The Most Great book we read it in class I loved it Marley is a fourteen year old girl who lives with her parents and older brother in Heaven, Ohio, a small town where everyone gets along and there isn t any crime She hangs out with a former beauty queen who turned self abusive because of the pressure, and a dreadlocked single dad from New York She babysits his daughter, Feather, and learns about life from him and her friend Shoogy, the former beauty queen Marley finds out that she s adopted, and her world turns upside down This book talks a lot about what makes a family as Marley tries to figure out who her family really is I loved learning along with Marley and Johnson is wonderful at drawing the reader in to Marley s struggle. Marley is 14 and has a wonderful life in Heaven Heaven, Ohio that is she is quite alive She loves her Momma and Pops and even her little brother Butchy Marley exchanges letters with her Uncle Jack frequently while wiring him money through the local Washington Mutual Even though she writes him so much she has never seen him except for when she was really little One day, as a result of churches being burned to the ground, Marley learns the truth about everyone her Uncle Jack, Momma, Pops, and the truth she never knew about herself.This was a well written story that tells about a young girl discovering what it is that really matters and the people that make up a family I really liked how everything was handled and presented in this novel Marley was confused but she learned a lot about trusting people and not letting one instant change your view of them for ever I got a little bit confused when the truth came out almost like I had missed something and who they were talking about, but I pretty quickly figured it out. Heaven Heaven, Book 1 I Picked Up This Book BecausePicked up from the library for a Black History Month Readathon The CharactersMarleyMoms, Pops, Butchy, Uncle Jack The StoryI didn t understand what was going on in this book, so much so that I skipped from page 86 to the last chapter in the book It s full of I guess poetic prose but to me it s full of half thoughts and half stories I prefer my writingstraight forward From what I gather, Marly is a young lady living in the town of Heaven Through a happenstance she finds out her world isn t really what she thought it was view spoiler Her moms and pops are actually her aunt and uncle Her biological mother is dead and her father is a beloved uncle who has traveled the country in response to his grief hide spoiler This is one of the books that are required reading for my Literature and Materials for Young Adults course, as part of my MLIS program at the University of Maryland I had a very difficult time getting into this book I started and restarted it several times It s a short book with small pages and I should ve been able to knock it out in a couple of hours or less But instead it took me weeks, and I often lost track of the thread and needed to reread to remember what was going on.Once I finally got to the dramatic part of the story, I was able to finish the book very quickly Still, I felt that much of the drama was a bit melodramatic But what do I know Overall, I would probably recommend this book for children in middle grades Young adults might like the story, but the reading level and relative naivet of Marley might put them a bit off The book either delves into or at least references somewhat serious topics, such as cutting, depression, PTSD, and or adoption They may be a bit mature for younger children, but I am confident that most middle school students would be able to understand the complex emotions surrounding these issues. Heaven By Angela JohnsonReport by Gracie S.Q1 4Overall main character MarleySupporting characters Uncle Jack, Momma, Poppa, and ButchyButchy Main Characters younger brother, Protagonist MarleyAntagonist Uncle jackSetting Heaven, OHPlot Marley the main character in the book Heaven has always had an easy life you could say She has a securing, nice lovable family in Heaven, OH, where she lived with momma, Pops and her brother Butchy Marley has an uncle Jack who she receives and writes letters back to all the time Marley had always been writing letters and receiving letters from Uncle Jack, but one day a letter came, a letter unlike any others The letter turned her smile upside down and her life in a completely new direction The letter from uncle jack said that he was her real father, her mother had died in a car crash, and the people that are so called Momma and Pops aren t really her real parents I know I wouldn t be happy if someone else told I that they have been hiding it from me all along that my uncle is my ACTUAL dad So either was she, Marley had a hard time wrapping her mind around all the lies, and the life she was meant to live She doesnt know where she belongs in the world after a life changing event like that But after all those lies should she even believe that After knowing a summary what happened in the start of the book don t you want to know the rest of the book of how she deals with an extremely dramatic life changing event Tensions will grow, in times like this who will she turn to, the person that sent her off to like with her aunt at a very young age having no remembrance of her parents and the life she was suppose to live or the person the lied to her for quite some time and tricked her into believing they were her biological parents Obviously no boom just stops there, will she live in Heaven or will she go with her dad, I know but I m not a spoiler, so I guess you will just have to read to find out Star Rating out of Conclusion Like I said I would rate this book high, five out of five stars I really enjoyed the book Heaven because it s easy to feel bad for the main character Marley, because of the life changing event You know how hard it would be on you to be told that your perfect like wasn t so perfect at all That the people you called family, the people that you called mommy and daddy were just a lie to make you feel like every thing was ok This is why I find it easy to feel bad for her and connect with the story, not just that because I know someone who was told that they were adopted at a late age and how it was hard on them I would recommend it to just about anyone that is old enough to read a chapter book I think that there is a good chance they would find it relatable too I think over all this was definitely a good choice my favorite thing about this book is how the author builds the suspense. Snapshot What complex characters Reading ABOUT this book, I thought it would be a little too YA cheesy, but it isn t in the slightest The simple plot girl finds out that she was adopted by her aunt and uncle at a young age, feels that everything she has known has been turned upside down, and gets mad is madeinteresting by the fact that the man she has known has her uncle forever is an perpetually travelling Vietnam vet who has been writing her letters for that same forever It is also rich because of her friendships with a rebellious girl from a conformist perfect family and a young single dad whose daughter she babysits Race is treated with the gentlest of hands, with references to skin color and the burning of a southern black church fundamental but always in the background of the story of the girl and her quest to understand why her parents biological and adoptive did what they did in the way they did Hook So many of us who are not adopted have at one time or another wondered whether we could really be the biological children of our parents In this book, Marley faces that reality and begins to explore what it means to be Marley.Challenges I think the book might feel a bit young for many high school students Student s in mind Well, at least one student, Nelly, said she had loved it I think it would be great for 9th or 10th grade girls that I teach, including ELLs at the intermediate or transitioning level.Conference notes I would ask questions attempting to draw out inferences about race and about the meanings of family and friendship What makes a mother or father What does it mean to be a daughter Is it important that Marley discovers the story of her parents in the way that she does after a letter from the church that held her birth records, which was burned in a racial incident What about the fact that her uncle father is a vet Level Middle school and early high school The language is relatively straightforward, and the vocabulary not difficult Although the themes and characters have depth, it is possible to read without delving into all of these.