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Once again Stone Barrington is deep into another adventure As always there s a woman and of course someone trying to kill him again This was another start to finish fun read You really should be reading the Stone Barrington series Not his bestjust didn t want to hear any about the Horizontal Bunny Hop @Epub Ü Dishonorable Intentions (Stone Barrington, #38) Û Stone Barrington Gains An Adversary That He Can T Seem To Shake In The Electrifying New Adventure From The New York Times Bestselling Author Stone Barrington S Latest Lady Friend Is Full Of Surprises, Both Good And Ill A Sensual Woman With Unexpected Desires, Stone Finds Her Revelations In The Boudoir Extremely Agreeable But On The Other Hand, She Also Has Some Unfinished Business With A Temperamental Man Who Believes Stone Is An Intolerable Obstacle In The Way Of His GoalsIn A Cat And Mouse Game That Trails From Sun Drenched Bel Air To A Peaceful European Estate And The Wild New Mexican Desert, Stone And His Friend Remain Just One Step Ahead Of Their Opponent But Their Pursuer Is Not A Man Who Can Stand To Be Thwarted, And Tensions Are Mounting And May Soon Reach The Boiling Point Could have done without 3 way sex affair. Entertaining and enjoyable as all Stone Barrington are. Overall, a disappointing and barely acceptable effort by Woods compared to some of his other works 4 of 10 stars Enough already with the Russian connection Now Stone has to have two women in bed Has Woods run out of viable plots To start with I was turned off by the books cover I detest snakes so I opted for an audio version so I didn t have to touch or see the cover When Ed Eagle is mentioned in the beginning, I said to myself this is going to be good I fell for that assumption hook, line and sinker How dumb was I Here we have Stone hopping from continent to continent, city to city trying to keep a woman safe from her ex A woman we all know Stone doesn t really care about on a serious level She s just another notch on his chick belt And how many connections can Stone have Woods has the man knowing everybody His story lines are becoming less and less viable The three way sex was totally unnecessary I long for the days when Stone and Dino would meet at Elaine s and Herbie Fisher was a pain in Stone s butt I guess I ll keep reading the books in the hope that that solid writing in the beginning of the series returns Woods does entertain but just not as good as he used to It s like he s fallen and he can t get up again I hope the paramedics come soon. Now Stone is drinking rye and having threesomes What is going on Might be time for Stuart Woods to find another plot besides the psychotic ex husband bent on wreaking havoc on his ex wife, who happens to be sleeping with Stone Barrington In this case, it is Sante Fe s screenwriter Gina Wilde, and Russian film producer, Boris Titov, who is buddies with the Russian president There are some interesting interactions with dangerous wildlife, and Stone bedding two women at once There is something different about 38 though view spoiler , Stone dumps the girlfriend, instead of being dumped hide spoiler Dishonorable Intentions is Stuart Wood s 38th Stone Barrington novel I have read them all and am a devoted fan I have one word for this latest offering in the series yawn Writing four novels a year in this series along with others outside the series is a monumental undertaking That s an excuse, but this book did not live up to the author s usual high quality writing Mr Woods uses a plot that he has worn out jealous ex husband of well to do divorcee harasses his ex and her new paramour, Stone The author had the opportunity to expand the plot by using his son, a successful movie maker and his friend, the new production head of a major studio but they added no real significance to the story Usually there are sub plots and intrigue This novel had none So, I give Mr Woods a pass on this one because of the countless other books that I have devoured with gusto I look forward to number 39 hoping he will return to his brilliant self.