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READ PDF ⚢ The Untold Story of Cleopatra Revealed ç The Romantic Story Of How Cleopatra And Her Lover Killed Themselves To Be Together In The Middle Of The Roman War Is Beloved By Many They Have Seen These Stories Retold In Countless Books And Plays But How Much Do You Know About Cleopatra Do You Know The Intrigue, The Power Struggle, And The Many Different Faces Of Cleopatra Throughout Her Short Life This Guidebook Is Going To Give You All The Information That You Need To Learn About How Great Of A Life Cleopatra Lived While Being The Last Queen Of Egypt In This Book, You Will Learn About All The Different Facets Of Cleopatra S Life Some Of The Things That You Will Learn Include How Cleopatra Spent Her Early Years And Where Her Name Came From The Race Debate Concerning Cleopatra How She Came To Power And Fought Off Those Around Her To Succeed Cleopatra As The Queen How She Made A Huge Difference In Egypt Cleopatra S Personal Relationships Including Those With Julius Caesar And Mark Antony The Four Children Of Cleopatra And The Impact That They Made In History Cleopatra S Impact On The Roman War The Theories Of How Cleopatra Died A Quick Timeline Of All The Events That Happened With Cleopatra S Short Life The Different Portrayals That You Can Find Concerning Cleopatra Including Paintings And Literature The Legacy That Cleopatra Left Behind What Happened To Egypt When Cleopatra Died There Is So Much That Happened In Just A Few Years For Cleopatra She Was A Strong Woman In A Man Ruled World Stage She Made A Huge Impact On The World And Was Able To Keep Egypt Free Like No Other Ruler Could OutlineNot a story not much of a history Brief outline of what history knows I much prefer historical fiction This tells very little about her. I have abandoned this book There are only so many times you can see thrown used for throne before your brain fries from doing the mental gymnastics that requires Add to that the fact that rein and reign seem to be used interchangeably Thank God rain didn t get thrown throne into the mix And then there were the sentence fragments, the awkward sentence structure and sentences like this one Cleopatra had several children, 2 of which were children,I promise That sentence was in there Books like this make me grateful to the Lord Above for Kindle Unlimited.I get the feeling that English is not Ms Jones first language I also get the feeling she dictated the book and ran it through software to put it in writing And I don t think she or anyone else did any proofreading I can t imagine a publishing house sending a book like this out the door, so that makes me wonder if it was self published.In short, don t waste your time with this book It isn t worth the frustration There are plenty of biographies of Cleopatra that have been proofread at the very least. Loved it to learn things about Cleopatra that I never known.