KINDLE ♹ Blossom Comes Home ♩

See my reviews at We love this entire series of picture books written by James Herriott and illustrated by Ruth Brown In this one Farmer Dakin reluctantly has to sell off his old cow Blossom He can t afford to keep her But Blossom escapes and makes her way back to the farm, much to Dakin s delight As in Bonny s Big Day, the farmer feels that Blossom has earned her retirement He figures out a way to make things work and doesn t sell her after all This one takes place in April and makes a sweet spring read. KINDLE ⚐ Blossom Comes Home ☩ I M Right Sorry To See Her Go, Said Farmed Dakin To James Herriot, His Vet She S Stood In That Stall For Twelve Years And Given Me Thousands Of Gallons Of Milk But Blossom The Cow Was Too Old Now For Milking, And The Farmer Needed To Make Room For A Younger Animal So, Sadly, He Was Sending Blossom To Market At Least, That S What He And The Vet Thought But As James Herriot Continued On His Rounds To Mrs Pickering And Her Basset Hounds, He Was About To Find That Blossom Has A Surprise In Store This book has the warmest of colorful and realistic illustrations that enhance Herriot s beautiful story of Blossom the cow that manages to stay in her home quite unexpectedly Like all Herriot s sweet stories, this one too has the enticement of wanting to know what happens Blossom the cow has given her owner good milk for years, but she is aging, and isn t earning her keep Her farmer owner decides to send her to market, but an unlikely scenario happens at the end Don t want to give it away, but it is a fun surprise I loved all the books by James Herriot and have recommended them often to my middle school students, who loved them also I didn t know until recently that some of the stories have been made into picture books This is a good story to read for the plot and will bring up conversation about life s decisions, the reasons, the results, and the impact on all concerned. Shannon 11 7 90 DEAR JAMES HERRIOT, WHY ARE YOU SO SAD ALWAYS All of James Herriot s stories are heart touching and REAL He was a real live vet and tells his stories from farms and his own experiences In this one Blossom is an old cow that the farmer was going to turn to market but Blossom has other ideas when the guy takes her to town Again another heart touching story of the love between man and animal. This was part of a collection of James Herriot animal stories on audiobook Lovely scottish burr Best as audiobook. Notes Herriot books for kids are always a favoriterather long, best for age 5 beautiful illustrations I love James Herriot s stories Reading this book makes me want to read his series again beginning with All Creatures Great and Small. This was a really fun story to read, about a farmer who tries to do the practical thing with an elderly cow who has her own ideas about where she belongs.