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4ish stars More than a week later and I m still trying to figure what exactly I read here Here s what I know 1 It was pretty funny Laugh out loud in a couple spots and I m not a laugh out louder laugher out loud 2 It was pretty weird Talking crabs and sexy giantesses are among the best supporting characters and I still don t know why they had to be crabs and giantesses Kind of felt like Magary was just making up weird, random stuff as he was going along Hmm let s throw in a talking crab cuz why not Now that I think about it, those are the only two things I really know Maybe there s a meaning to everything in it and there s a deep allegorical message Definitely some people have found one I can kind of understand where they re coming from, that everyone goes through their own personal hike that represents the trials and joys of life and accepting and understanding them all And there is that ending But at the same time it felt pretty random to me And a deep allegorical message doesn t seem consistent with the tone of the book as a whole I kind of prefer thinking there was never actually any point or message intended and we can all just take from it what we want to Wouldn t that be hilarious (((EBOOK))) ⇞ The Hike ↡ From The Author Of The Postmortal, A Fantasy Saga Unlike Any You Ve Read Before, Weaving Elements Of Folk Tale And Video Game Into A Riveting, Unforgettable Adventure Of What A Man Will Endure To Return To His Family When Ben, A Suburban Family Man, Takes A Business Trip To Rural Pennsylvania, He Decides To Spend The Afternoon Before His Dinner Meeting On A Short Hike Once He Sets Out Into The Woods Behind His Hotel, He Quickly Comes To Realize That The Path He Has Chosen Cannot Be Given Up Easily With No Choice But To Move Forward, Ben Finds Himself Falling Deeper And Deeper Into A World Of Man Eating Giants, Bizarre Demons, And Colossal Insects On A Quest Of Epic, Life Or Death Proportions, Ben Finds Help Comes In Some Of The Most Unexpected Forms, Including A Profane Crustacean And A Variety Of Magical Objects, Tools, And Potions Desperate To Return To His Family, Ben Is Determined To Track Down The Producer, The Creator Of The World In Which He Is Being Held Hostage And The Only One Who Can Free Him From The Path At Once Bitingly Funny And Emotionally Absorbing, Magary S Novel Is A Remarkably Unique Addition To The Contemporary Fantasy Genre, One That Draws As Easily From The World Of Classic Folk Tales As It Does From Video Games In The Hike, Magary Takes Readers On A Daring Odyssey Away From Our Day To Day Grind And Transports Them Into An Enthralling World Propelled By Heart, Imagination, And Survival Drew Magary s The Hike was sometimes interesting and quirky, often in the beginning a bit nightmarish That said, nothing really felt connected to me Clearly, The Hike is meant to be episodic, a protagonist struggling against the strange circumstances he s been tossed into in his attempt to find his way back home I guess, though, I couldn t find myself rooting for him With that gone, everything until the very end seemed random. This was quite possibly the weirdest shit I ve ever read. Amazing If any of you are looking for a pure adventure of unrivaled creativity and depth transformed from utter normality to strangeness and then topped off with a great ethical and moral conclusion topped off at the end, delivered with a really strong emotional punch to the gut, then look no further.The hike feels, at first, like a silly and sometimes rather funny adventure, starting off with a hike during a business trip But then it soon becomes a fantasy land and terror strewn nightmare and then we re treated to a wonderful reversal filled surprise after surprise.What this isn t, even though it s written light and fast and funny, is a strictly light and fast and funny adventure It s dark and it s soulful and it not only touches upon the idea of what Home is, but it also explores Determinism and its converse, transforming a crazy hike into a nearly spiritual exploration of The Path, whatever the path is Our personal journey Perhaps Journey Regardless, it s so much and it s a true delight to have read this.I honestly didn t expect it to turn out this good or this deep Bravo My faith in humanity is restored My faith that wildly imaginative literature continues to be written, and written fearlessly, and all the while a great Tale is told as well.Go Ben Anyone want crabcakes I totally recommend this for EVERYONE It s just that good The man who sailed around his soulFrom East to West, from pole to poleWith ego as his drunken captainGreed, the mutineer, had trapped all reason in the holdThe man who walked across his heartWho took no compass, guide or chartTo rope and tar his blood congealedWhen he found his self revealed ugly and cold Andy Partridge, XTC, The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul What on earth did I just read This book was awesome in it s sheer weirdness Highly recommended for getting someone out of a book rut or if you re up for something a little different A mind altering bildungsroman for adults And you really can t go wrong with a foul mouthed crab as a side kick At first I was like But the end was like 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum best description I can come up with for my mind bending experience I had with this book can be summed up in the words of Jerry Garcia What a long, strange trip it s been I had initially agreed to review The Hike with no small amount of trepidation, fearing that it might be too weird for my tastes Can you blame me, though I don t even how I ll do my usual novel summary for this review, because pretty sure anything I say will sound like the mad ramblings of someone on a bad acid trip, but here goes nothing Ben is a suburban middle aged family man who takes a business trip up to rural Pennsylvania and books himself into his hotel Before heading out to his dinner meeting though, he decides to explore around the area with a short hike He sets off into the nearby woods, following a path he has chosen Before long, he is beset upon by hulking man wearing the skinned off face of a dog as a mask Then there are of them after him Or something Ben ends up running away, stumbling upon a campsite among the trees, and suddenly he is in his twenties again, staring into the face of his old college girlfriend They sleep together and Ben wakes up He s back to his normal thirty eight year old self again, with all his correct memories But he s still in the woods, and the girl is gone All that s left is a note at the empty camp which reads Stay on the path, or you will die Ben stays on the path, all right The book goes on for a bit longer in this vein Along the way, he meets a talking crab, who lends him help Then he s kidnapped by a man eating giantess named Fermona, who forces him to fight Rottweiler men and dwarves in her gladiatorial arena Up to this point, all Ben wants is to find his way back home to his wife and kids But soon, he is given a mission to find someone known as The Producer, supposedly the creator of this crazy world he s found himself in The story , as it is, keeps going on like this, as Ben spirals deeper into despair, wondering if he ll ever see his family again.I don t usually go for books like this, so in case you re wondering why I decided to give The Hike a try despite the publisher description clearly indicating that this will be a totally insane and off the wall experience, it was because of two words that jumped out at me video games Try as I might, I can never resist any novel with a video gaming, and I was also really curious to see how Drew Magary would weave together elements from video game and folk tale as the blurb suggests Indeed, what we have here is completely unprecedented Admittedly, the story does play out in a style somewhat reminiscent of those classic text based adventure computer games, but I have to say unless you re going into this using Catherine as a baseline for trippiness, this one is going to be WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD.Typically, I prefer my stories to have a semblance of structure, as opposed to, say, just a random string of events thrown together which was initially how this book came across But just as I was starting to really regret my choice, Crab happened Yes, Crab To explain would be to give up spoilers, so all I ll say is that my time with Crab changed everything By the end of Part I of The Hike I wanted to cry The revelation revealed there made me understand something about this book, like maybe there s actually some rhythm to this madness, or maybe the madness is just the point.At this point in my review, I actually had several paragraphs planned After some consideration, I nixed them It was going to boil down to commentary on why The Hike was so weird and wonderful, and why despite its kookiness I still enjoyed it a lot I realized given the circumstances of this book, that s all immaterial It ll either work or it won t, and I don t want to run the risk of potentially predisposing would be readers if I make further attempts to describe its themes or to compare the story to something else, because any would be revealing and that would remove a lot of the magic.So throw everything you think you know about this book out the window Even though it incorporates a number of elements from spec fic genres, at the end of the day it doesn t matter it s going to do its own thing I don t think it s a coincidence that the moment I let go of my preconceptions was also when I started really enjoying myself There is truly no guessing where things will go, and once you relinquish the reins and simply let this baby take you where it will, The Hike will delight you and enchant you and move you I m really glad I took a chance on this special gem. 1.5 stars since I did read the whole thing, instead of abandoning it, which I strongly considered several times That was a long under 300 pages story I was bored by page 60 or so, but kept reading, hoping I d be entertained Nope The best paragraph in the book is on the last page, which reminds the reader of something Teresa said to Ben a while before the whole path nonsense. Imagine asking a three year old to tell you a story The beginning makes since when the kid starts with Once upon a time and the ending is logically tied to the beginning, They lived happily ever after , but everything in between in nonsense and has no rhyme or reason That s what reading The Hike by Drew Magary is like It starts with Ben taking a hike in the woods behind his hotel while away on a business trip Then all kinds of weird things begin happening to him with scenes transitioning from one to the next with no reason behind them One minute, he is in the woods Suddenly, he falls in a hole and lands on the beach Finally when the end finally comes, we get a little treatand I mean little.that ties it to the beginning This could have been a 75 100 page book and everyone could have gotten the whole premise, but it feels like the author and or publisher wanted to push it to close to 300 for no good reason other than to sell a book Just fill the middle with weird crap It doesn t matter what it is or if it makes sense Ok I can do that I say avoid the book and find something else.