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READ PDF ⚟ Sasha & Andriena #1 (Lovers & Sinners #1) Ë Sasha Has Long Lost His Will To Love, His Slavery Turning Him Into A Vicious Killer Who Would Sooner Shoot Himself Than Kiss A Woman But After He Is Pitted Against The Daughter Of A Sicilian Don In A Russian Roulette Game, He Forms A Connection With Her That Only Death Can BreakAndriena Doesn T Have To Think Twice When She S Told To Kiss A Stunning Blond Man Or Place A Gun To Her Head And Pull The Trigger However, She Quickly Learns That Getting Close To Sasha Isn T Meant To Save Her Life But To Destroy Her Soul A Dark Romance And A Psycho Sexual Thriller This is my first book by this author and I have to say, I found myself immersed very quickly into her writing This is a very dark erotic romance with an almost psycho sexual in tone I will say I think I was missing something at times, this still rocked the Russian Baddie all the way You meet Andriena and before this Russian Mafia war went down, she was the pampered princess She was taken everywhere, waited on and nothing bad happened to her Then this war happens and she is double crossed by a trusted person who sold her She ends up beaten, sold to the Black Russians, naked in a cell, afraid for her life wondering why her oh they drugged her and when she woke up, there was a terribly beaten yet still beautiful golden haired man is shoved into the cell with her She is told to nurse him back to health That is how we meet Sasha , the golden hair man He doesn t take to kindly to Andriena and when he gets to become aware of himself and his surroundings, oh does he kick up a fuss especially when Sasha knows what woman he is locked in with Those Black Russians torture for the heck of it and they love to twist the knife so to speak, punishing Sasha for his lashing out for being locked up, for who he is locked up with Neither Andriena nor Sasha have a choice yet they try to make the best of it The emotions coming off them are heartbreaking They are in a life or death situation , they have been betrayed and they are trying to cope And they find they are attracted to each other how bizzare But it works, the author portrays this in such a way that you get each MC POV and it is awesome I cannot wait for Book 2 to see how the MC end up Sasha is definitely an alpha male and I LOVED that about him Andriena is coming into her own and after all she has been through, she is bound to be somewhat out there in her emotions I enjoyed the fact when she let loose in a certain scene LOLOL I was in tears, laughing out loud The author has got to write scenes like this for book 2 My rating 4.6 stars A gifted copy was provided by the STARANGELS for my honest review SASHA ANDRIENA IS LIVE ON US Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Marita A Hansen in exchange for an honest review..Thank you TITLE Sasha AndrienaSERIES Lovers Sinners 1 AUTHOR Marita A Hansen GENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE November 24th, 2015MY RATING 4 STARS I haven t read anything by this author for a while but what I have read in the past I have LOVED so I m keen to start this to see where she will take me on this journey In true Marita fashion you are thrust straight into the gritty cell that is holding Adriena captive against her willHer uncle had sold her to a powerful mobster called the Black Russian after she d stabbed his twin It s very easy to get lost within the pages as soon as you pick it up your heart starts pounding and you devour the pages trying to see what she has install for these two characters Sasha Andriena Sasha Andriena Starts off with Andriena waking up in a cell, no clothing, and barely enough food and liquid to keep her alive, her uncle sold her to a powerful mafia mobster known as the Black Russian the day she was thrown into the cell she was treated no better than an animalPrior to the mafia war, she d been waited upon by servants and driven around by a chauffeur Then she s drugged, she wakes up to a blond man getting shoved into her cell with her, wearing only briefs, a blood stained shirt and a severly bruised faceNurse this traitor back to health Even though this is an enjoyable read I think you really need to read the series before this, you do get the gist of the storyline but it does feel like your missing the background connection with the charactersYour eyes are so bright I can almost see your soul shining behind them That s why the color diminishes when someone dies Their soul leaves their body Maybe that s also why my eyes are so gray They lack color because I lack a soulSasha I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Sensual, provocative, and thrilling Once I started this, I could not stop Very interesting the twists author Marita A Hansen spins on love and living in sin Definitely, can t wait for the next installment