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an allegory the story was ok, but the images are stunning the style was very different than the cover suggests, but gorgeous. Missing the first issue made the second a littleconfusing What didn t help was the somewhat poor illustrations If you re going to use animals to tell your story, then draw them with some form of facial features that can allow the reader to detect emotions Drawing them accurately is useless when it s a fiction graphic novel Colours tended to blend and it was hard to tell certain fish from others Maybe the story is better as a full piece and it would flow better. Love this better than the first one And I was moved I still think the way the strips are illustrated are kind of messy though, the orientation of the drawing is somehow different from each other so sometimes it s hard to tell who is talking and where are they facing etc otherwise, all good. This was a good heroes journey story so far If you want to read a story about someones journey to being a hero than read this book.I read this book via NetGalley I thank them for this book. Issue number two did not disappoint Love the art in this series Now I m wondering how is the little fish going to help his people The Little Red Fish just gets better along the way I really love the allegory of the fish society and how it so reflects our societies It s scary how accurate the comic can be The whole thing with the birds making deals with the fish, who are ready to betray their own for protection, is just so interesting It all centers around the orb that s the key to the fish transforming into birds No one knows where this orb has come from and the birds are obsessed to have it and at the same time most of the fish don t even know it exists This brings us to the problem that is the betrayal of the fish, since the fish don t know what they are about to lose and at the same time they are eager to find a culprit or at least find a scapegoat to things they cannot handle The comic is so insightful and scary at the same time It resonates to everything around us.The art looks quite nice and artistic, the best part being the colors that are dark and deep The line work is thin and smudgy, but it works well and the art overall has evolved already since the first part The panels a better constructed and the story flow isharmonic now I m eager to know what happens and at least now this surely seems like a comic everyone should read I hope Moffitt and Khodabandeh keep up the good work `Read ⇪ The Little Red Fish (#2) ⇭ This Is An Absolutely Fabulously Illustrated Book There Aren T That Many Like It It S A Great Tale For Older Children And Adults Alike For Children, It S A Gripping Adventure For Adults, It S A Moving Allegory About A Period Of History Most Of Them Haven T Given Any Thought, The Iranian Revolution