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Synopsis taken from Julie has had a crush in Dan ever since sopho year Now that Pam, Dan s old girlfriend, has moved away, Julie finally has him all to herself And he is worth the wait Dan is one of the most popular boys in school and he really cares for Julie But something is wrong Every time she sees Dan so much as talk to another girl, Julie becomes hopelessly jealous And even when Dan reassures her, it doesn t help Then Pam returns and Julie is convinced Dan is seeing her again Will Julie let her jealousy ruin the best relationship she s ever had Beyond goony One of the worst Sweet Dreams romances Not only does Julie herself , sabotage her romance but the author sabotages her own book with the creation of Julie She is an unredeemable heroine , who allows her paranoid jealousy to corrupt every relationship around her From her perjorative inner dialogue , to even the local hangout setting becoming zones to split the losers from the winners, this romance is an uneasy dud on all levels Despite the sunny Leave it to Beaver home life which becomes a rejected role model and a source of corn for Julie who sneers her father for calling cars wheels but chirps out hi , kids to her friends like Gidget , she is a self absorbed twit But things really go off the rails when she refuses to believe things are over between her golden boyfriend Dan , and his equally golden ex Pamela even when there is no evidence given to justify her suspicions The happy ending is rushed , and contrived Skip this and read Rand s far superior On her Own For full review check out It s weird rereading these books that I read when I was younger When I was 15 I could relate to the lack of self esteem, feelings of jealousy and silly games As I get older it s easy to roll my eyes at these things and think just get over it or stop playing the martyr and just talk to the guy but of course that s why these books were written Having books dealing with teenage angst and teenage issues makes it easily relatable for girls their age and helping them resolve their problems The same author wrote many of these books, some my favourites, but this was not one of them Luckily they only take a few hours to read. I remember loving this book as a preteen, but I don t know if I d like it as much now if I reread it. This book wasn t that bad, wasn t that great either Judging from it s size less than 200 pages , there wasn t a lot of room to work with plot and whatnot, so it was fairly well done.I didn t really like the main character, she was too unsure of her self and quite whiny, jealous and not very trusting of what people who cared a lot for her said I was kind of wondering how long Dan would put up with Julie actually.All in all, the ending was pretty good the way everything worked out well in the end. I liked this book, but it was not my absolute favorite It was alright though. Um, that wasinteresting Pathologically insecure Julie gets jealous whenever her boyfriend so much as breathes in the direction of another girl Inevitably, her crazy ass stalker behavior ends up driving Dan away And here is where we part ways with reality Julie mopes around for a few months, then comes to the realization that all the boys in her school think she s a slut As penance she ends up volunteering at a dance by herself ermmmokay And all of a sudden, Julie is CURED She isn t jealous any Dan comes back and totally forgives her All is well Except that was the stupidest ending ever Also, it s probably not good that I spent most of the book hoping stupid Julie would drown in the pool. ^READ EBOOK ✙ Green Eyes ✐ Julie Has Had A Crush In Dan Ever Since Sopho Year Now That Pam, Dan S Old Girlfriend, Has Moved Away, Julie Finally Has Him All To Herself And He Is Worth The Wait Dan Is One Of The Most Popular Boys In School And He Really Cares For JulieBut Something Is Wrong Every Time She Sees Dan So Much As Talk To Another Girl, Julie Becomes Hopelessly Jealous And Even When Dan Reassures Her, It Doesn T HelpThen Pam Returns And Julie Is Convinced Dan Is Seeing Her Again Will Julie Let Her Jealousy Ruin The Best Relationship She S Ever Had