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@E-pub Ü DM Hauptfriedhof é Lovers Of Imaginative Verse And Prose, Epicureans Of The Magical, The Ethereal, The Supernatural, The Dark, The Absurd, And The Unknown Enter L Ossuaire Ancien Du Danse Macabre A Nonpareil Literary Buffet OfDishes From Around The World And Beyond The Grave, Drawn From Departed Issues Of Danse Macabre An Online Literary Magazine Originally Edited Published By Adam Henry Carri Re Featuring Works By Gale Acuff, Karima Alavi, Eric Basso, Mark Baumgartner, Susan Botich, Murray Brozinsky, Jason Castro, Adam Henry Carri Re, Ed Coonce, Tasha Cotter, Geoffrey Detrani, Mary Dixon, Kane X Faucher, Kristin Fouquet, Katerina Fretwell, Suzanne Grazyna, John Grey, Tom Gribble, Joan Harvey, Danny Herman, Janie Hoffman, David Hughes, Jessica Hughes, Rose Hunter, Ani Kachbalian, William Keener, Penn Kemp, James Kendley, Barbara Kussow, Jeffrey Littleton, Kim McCullough, Orlaith O Sullivan, Bob Priest, Farida Samerkhanova, Michelle Reale, Paul Rogov, Kayley Thomas, Karolina Waclawiak, Levi Wagenmaker, Jeffrey M Wallmann, Mercedes Webb Pullman, And Frederick Zydek The FIRST Anthology From DM Publications Lazarus Media LLC Is A Lurid Delight For Fans Of The Fantastic, Betwixt Light And Darkness