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!Read E-pub ⚫ Decisively Engaged (Warp Marine Corps, #1) ⚡ WARNING Contains Violence, Strong Language And Adult Content They Picked A Fight With The Wrong Species A NATION AT WAR The United Stars Of America Born In The Conflagration Of Unprovoked Alien Attack, The Newest Entrant To Galactic Politics Took The Few Crumbs Of Hypertech Gifted To It And Ran With Them, Soon Expanding Over Dozens Of Star Systems And Establishing A Wide Trade Network, Protected By Its Powerful Navy And The Dreaded Warp Marines A FIGHT TO THE DEATH A Single Marine Platoon, Tasked With Protecting An Embassy On A Hostile Alien Planet An Embassy And The Human Enclave Around It That Soon Finds Itself Surrounded By Armed Mobs Can The Marines And A Ragtag Band Of Civilian And Navy Personnel Survive Long Enough To Be Rescued If you are American, and love military sci fi, this is your book nay Series Everyone else, once you can choke down the central premise that the American s are the dominant faction after the cleansing of Earth not unbelievable, just difficult as the jingoism is extreme here it s a cracking piece of writing, great characters, concepts and writing are on show here Given the garish art on the cover I nearly skipped it, and I m glad I didn t I ve already bought the next three books in the series. Warp Marines Up An excellent beginning to what I hope will be a long series Set in a universe in which most interstellar species are of the genocide first, ask questions never persuasion, newly promoted US Warp Marine Captain Fromm arrives to take his new command, a weapons platoon on detached duty to protect the humans in the alien Enclave of the xenophobic nation of Kirosha The Kiroshans dislike of outsiders soon turns hostile, and the Enclave is placed under siege.The battle scenes are extremely well done, and the background is fascinating I look forward to reading a lot stories set in this universe. I bought it because it was on sale the reviews looked decent if not many so far solid writing with clear historic precedent in the Boxer Rebellion always a pleasure when an author picks an unusual setting.Also the author throws in a number of famous quotes which can be interesting to look for. j ai mis 3 toiles parce que j ai lu jusqu au bout et que je suis bon lecteur quand il s agit d exploits militaires alors que d autres trouveront ce genre ennuyeux et sans int r t r server donc aux amateurs de combats dans le style America vs the universe et son lot de soldats pr ts tout Chaque page est un massacre sans beaucoup de r pit m me si la politique et la situation de l Homme dans l univers des aliens est vaguement voqu e Cela rappelle tout de m me fortement la colonisation le primitif d fendant sa terre contre l envahisseur plus duqu quip serait plus juste on sait alors comment cela finira m me si l auteur sacrifie certains personnages plut t attachants C est plaisant lire y compris les descriptions techniques de l arsenal militaire m me si on grince parfois des dents tant les traits sont forc s Reste que l essentiel des batailles se d roule au sol Je m attendais des batailles spatiales Ce sera peut tre pour le prochain opus