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!Free Kindle ♠ Lucifer Rising ☪ Lucifer Rising Is A Novel About Love And FearIt Is The Story Of Fallen DEA Angel Jude Lucien And The Miami Herald Reporter Determined To Unearth Jude S Secrets When An Apparently Happenstance Meeting Introduces Jude To Reporter Liz Gardener, The Dark Ex Agent Is Both Intrigued And Aroused By The Young Woman A Sniper Shot Intended For Jude Strikes Liz, And The Two Women Are Thrown Together In A Race To Discover Who Is Intent On Killing Her As Their Lives Become And Intertwined, Jude Finds Herself Unexpectedly Falling For The Reporter, And Liz Discovers That The Agent Turned Drug Dealer Is Both And Less Than She SeemsIn Eloquent Language, Author Sharon Bowers Paints A Dazzling Portrait Of A Woman Driven To The Darkest Extremes Of The Human Condition And The Journey She Makes To Cross To The Other Side This book is intense and extremely interesting, with lots of twists and turns I have so many favorite moments I couldn t begin to name them all, though I especially loved the bet Jude made to win the bike, and the moment when Jude catches Liz on her computer.I learned about this story once when I was exploring Uber Xena Gabrielle fic, and that s still how I picture these characters looking even now The article I read was Xena Gabrielle in Your First Period Psychology Class Trends in Uber Fan Fiction which is at One of my favorite quotesThe Night Crawl Elizabeth echoed, sipping her own gin and tonic somewhatsedately.Jude nodded Betty always said that it was the thing that makes you sweat when it isn t hot It makes your dogs twitchy and your girlfriends mean, and it sends you out into the night looking for something you don t have She would say that it s what sends nice girls like you to places like this So Elizabeth asked with a small smile You think I m suffering from the Night Crawl Glittering sapphires arrogantly roamed Elizabeth s svelte form onceOh yeah, Jude drawled.Another favorite quote I told Nickie I wanted the Triumph Told him I d work nights, weekends, whatever, but I wanted that bike He just laughed at me and told me pretty girls like me didn t need things like that between their legs Ooh bet that pissed you off That s putting it mildly So I suggested a small wager to determine what ended up between my legs the bike or his cock DNF 20%Tried but didn t quite like the narration might pick it up from time to time to just see how it goes bc the story itself is promisingjustaghtoo fanfic y narration kills the mood. If you have known someone for a few weeks and you have hit them in the face strangled them, you are not in love with them. One the best books of Xenaverse, and this is the reason because all this authors came to the editorials Yep, this is the first uber to call attention All need read this.Jude Lucien is a drug lord, a very complicated character, sexy, lethal, rich, intelligent You choice she is like a angel or a devil Liz isn t a typical silly blonde, is a curious woman obsessed with Jude, enough to be at risk to knowabout the woman with that mesmerizing look.It s perfect AND really original. I really enjoyed this book The romance part of it was handled well, in my opinion It wasn t right away but didn t take forever to get there It wasn t rushed but wasn t sluggish either, The drama crime was constant and throughout the book you re getting Jude s back story which helps you figure things out yourself too but still leaves you in shock on what was going on All around the book was great Recommended for sure.P.S If you re a fan Ali Vali s work, the Cain Casey Series, you ll enjoy this I found a couple of similarities between. Would ve given it 5 stars if the author had been a little nicer to Colombia and its people Other than that, I absolutely loved it It s a good thing I read it on a weekend because I couldn t put it down Definitely recommend it Give me one good reason why I don t kill you right now NeedFreshUnderwear This is one of those books that will keep you up all night waiting to see what happens on each and every page A great mystery as you learn and become absorbed with the main characters and a love story to boot Captivating read to the very end Rogue, police and mafia chase all entagled with love and a reporter.I felt it was a tad long but perhaps that was because I had to resume reading a number of times due to other distractions All the same an enjoyable read Thriller, mystery, romance Great vocabulary Seemed a bit fractured at times A bit to much sex, perhaps A good read.