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This book is soooo funny I plan on using it will my older, jaded school aged children This book might just be cool enough for them. This book is simply hilarious fun rhymes that have read me aloud all over them The fact that it is a true story makes it even funnier @Download Book õ Fartiste â Across The World There Are Many An Artiste But None So Outrageous As Joe, The Fartiste The Fartiste Doesn T Sing, He Doesn T Dance, And He Doesn T Act But That Doesn T Stop Him From Taking The Stage At Paris S Famed Moulin Rouge, Where He Performs His Much Loved Act For Celebrities And Royalty With The Funniest Talent Of All Joe Is The Man Who Has Perfected The Art Of The Fart Kathleen Krull And Paul Brewer Bring New Wind To Their Mostly True Story About The Man Who Made His Pants Dance, Which Is Perfectly Matched With Boris Kulikov S Explosive Art A mostly true story tracing the incredibly true story of Joseph Pujols, baker and fartiste, about his incredible talent and career eventually took the stage at Le Moulin Rouge.This book would bring the house down at an elementary school age story hour, or with boys of any age I shudder to think of the repercussions, but at least they re reading, right This was a funny book and interestingly enough based on somewhat of a true story What can you say about this topic It is amazing that a person actually earned money by this method in reality.And, my young grandsons enjoyed this book immensely. Found this book while shelving and thought, What in the world So, of course I had to take it home to read for myself It is about a French baker, Joe Pujol sounds an awful lot like poo hole to me , who learned how to control his intestinal muscles and found an unusual knack to, um, create music The funniest thing about this book It s a TRUE story This man took his fartistry to the stage at THE Moulin Rouge in the 1850s and performed for sold out crowds, including royalty I am now considering reading this aloud to some of my older students who balk at story time I m covering biographies this week, and this might be a perfect way to get my biographies circulated a little. Krull, Kathleen and Paul Brewer Fartiste An Explosively funny, mostly true story, illustrated by Boris Kulikov Simon and Schuster, 2008 PICTURE BOOK In turn of the century France, a gentleman arrives in Paris with a highly unusual talent He gained instant fame and was highly successful This tongue in cheek book with its terribly amusing illustrations looks at a real man with an unorthodox talent If your library has Everyone Poops or the Gas We Pass, you can certainly carry this one EL ADVISABLE Cindy, Library Teacher.http kissthebook.blogspot.com 2008 At long last he used a skill no one had In public, on stage, he farted Egad Fashioning music out of the air,Blasting out tunes from his one derriere.One day a baker with butter and yeast,And the next voila he was JOE, the Fartiste This is the story of Joseph Pujol, born in Marseille, France in 1857 When he was eight years old, he discovered that he could control the muscles of his intestines With practice, he could take air into his sphincter and release it in all manner of sounds At first, this just provided amusement to himself and his friends and family especially his children but with a growing family and his meager baker s salary, Pujol decided to take his toot tastic artistry to a new level and went to the Moulin Rouge, in Paris, to perform Soon, word of his fabulous abilities spread and even King Leopold II of Belgium made a point of seeing a performance American Inventor Thomas Edison even filmed a few seconds of the show for the 1900 Paris Exhibition I really wished I could have seen Le Petomane, translated to Fartomaniac or Fartiste , perform after I read this book I m sure it would have been such a riot and I m not sure anyone has come along since with this rare talent The story is amusing and engaging in itself told in pleasant rhyme and with engaging illustrations, at once showing historic detail while also being funny, but the fact that it is true and that Krull so skillfully wove in other historic persons such as Sarah Bernhardt into the story and provided such an informative Author s Note bumps this up to five stars for me After reading the abysmal Walter the Farting Dog I wished that there was a better fart book out there and Fartiste delivers D I can truthfully say that I have never seen people laugh, cry, shout and scream as they did when this little man with his deadpan face pretended to be unaware of his incongruities eyewitness at a Moulin Rouge performace of Le Petomane in 1895. Just about the time I was starting to think This is such an absurd concept This would never happen I remembered that it was based on a true story For this story is about a man who has an uncanny ability to control his toots And, frankly, why not capitalize on this talent I definitely feel this book is of a classy gassy book Instead of inserting the fart word anywhere and everywhere just because, the selection of flatulent words were specifically chosen and with a delightful literary array.The illustrations were quite fitting and aided in the telling of the tale And what really bumped this book up, in my opinion, was the fact that it was also a rhyming book And, for the most part, about 90% of the time, the rhymes flowed and clipped along without me stumbling over them something few rhyming books actually do.All in all, it was loads of fun for any age.