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Wonderful immigrant story by a local Calgary author Many unexpected twists and turns A great read. I wanted to love this book, Albertan, pioneering immigrant experience, unfortunately the subject was the best part.The writing style was not descriptive or detail oriented enough for me Journeying across the Atlantic should be visceral, likewise the train ride across our huge country, the toil needed to turn that sod the first timeWhen she truly lost he was on page 65 when she said phone callsyes they indeed could have had a phone I checked 12 in 1888 so by the novels setting but highly unlikely and not mentioned so casually.The saving grace was the love and devotion shown in trying times. Loved this first novel If a book makes me want to explore further creates an emotional touch point Then I m a happy reader Clark stated in numerous interviews that this was a story inside her for many years It was enjoyable to finally see the story and her hard work coming out in print The story is detailed and complex at times but it also emotional and enlightening And yes, it is a story about settlers but it also a story about an injustice and how a group of hard working people endured that injustice at enormous cost at times A truly Canadian story and an honest one.http tinyurl.com z29xf8v The story of Katja and Wasyl, young Ukrainian immigrants who settle in Western Canada on the eve of WWI , brings to life little known aspects of Canadian history The story is tender, heartbreaking, and inspiring. Kalyna is a well told fictional account of first generation Ukrainian settlers in western Canada, revealing a little known chapter in Canadian history of the Ukrainian internment during WW1 We are drawn into the story through the romantic meeting of the beautiful, intelligent Katja and the humble, courageous Wasyl in Ukraine before they set forth on a journey of hardship and hope across the Atlantic Pam Clark masterfully recreates the pioneer experience on the prairies as Katja and Wasyl establish their home and family near Edna Star, Alberta When wartime approaches, Ukrainian Canadians become suspected enemies of the state as their previous homelands are under the control of Austria Hungary which is at war with Russia Russia is England s, and thus, Canada s ally They are forced to register and check in with authorities and required to carry identity papers, not unlike the Jews during the Holocaust Wasyl is detained by government authorities and without his papers on his person to prove he is a Canadian settler, immediately sent off to a work camp in Banff National Park, one of several such camps across the country The story is one of love, loyalty, loss, strength and ultimately redemption as the repercussions of this unjust imprisonment weaves it s way into the fabric of future generations As a fourth generation, almost 50 year old Ukrainian Canadian, I only recently learned that Ukrainian prisoners of war were largely responsible for building the structural bones of Banff, a place I ve loved my entire life having visited many times as a child born in Edmonton and growing up near Calgary, Alberta How could it be that I never knew this important part of Canadian history until now Moreover, the fact that Ukrainian Canadians were taken from their land and families to forced labor camps during WW1, much like the Japanese during WW2 Alongside this, why isn t there effort to educate about the Holodomor or Ukrainian genocide where up to 10 million Ukrainians perished under a Russian government induced famine These unanswered questions demand to be addressed in the Canadian primary and secondary school curriculum Clark creates awareness of a common Ukrainian Canadian cultural habit of not bringing up the past, perhaps out of fear such injustices will continue to tarnish our lives Yet, the injustice of living as though these events never happened or not knowing they occurred must be far greater Sadly, my ancestors, who like the Federchuk family in Kalyna settled outside of Edmonton and lived through this dark period of Canadian history, never told their stories Hence, my only way of getting a glimpse into what their lives must have been like is through this novel and actively researching other sources Thank you Pam Clark for writing this novel thereby making the stories you were told by your Baba available to current and future generations An untold history that demands telling again and again Well done. This is a hopeful, forgiving story of what sacrifices were forced on Ukrainian Canadians under Canada s nation building projects Well worth the read. Excellent {Free Pdf} Ø Kalyna ⚾ Swept Up In A Whirlwind Courtship, Katja And Wasyl Begin Life Anew In A Ukrainian Settlement Of Western Canada The Dusty Canadian Prairies Promise Hope And Independence, But When War Breaks Out Between The Old World And The New, Their Newfound Stability Is Shattered Rumours Of The Internment Of Ukrainian Canadians Haunt The New Settlers Would The Country They Love Betray Them Like This An Incident Throws The Couple And Their Young Children Into Turmoil, And Katja Faces The Prospect Of Enduring A Canadian Winter Without Wasyl By Her Side The Close Community Of Edna Star Bands Together During This Trying Time, But The Help Of The Suave Dr Smith Holds It S Own Danger Is The Family Strong Enough To Weather The Storm That They Are Up Against Riveting Canadian Ukrainian history of new immigrants to Kanada , filled with hope until Katja s young husband, Wasyl, is cast into a Canadian forced labor camp in 1917 Imprisoned, he emerges a leader among the other Ukrainian Canadians who, having escaped corruption in their birth country to homestead in their dream land, also find themselves forced to build roads in Banff, Alberta During her husband s absence, Katja, raped by her family doctor, nevertheless forges ahead as a dauntless leader as does her daughter Their leadership, despite trauma, resulted in huge contribution to Canada Incredibly moving, informative read Eleanor Cowan, A History of a Pedophile s Wife Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer