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~Read Kindle ♶ Eun Na and the Phantom ♷ Eun Na Is Working Hard To Help Her Father Pay Off A Debt To A Merciless Lord When She Meets Two Very Different Men One Is A Well Meaning Noble Who Doesn T Believe In Magic The Other A Mysterious Stranger Who Is Forced To Take The Ethereal Form Of A Ghost Each NightAs They Interact, Their Fates Intertwine In This Romantic Tale About A Girl And The Phantom Who Loves HerInspired By A Folktale, This Magical Story Is Set In A Fictional World Based On Historic Korea This story is a little gem It kinda reads like a picture book with deliberate pacing and uncomplicated dialogue I liked it Different than I normally read, but enjoyable and thought provoking A blend of the fantastical with simple farm life and a love story in its truest form. This book took me by surprise in a lot of ways First of all, I don t watch Korean dramas or know much about them, but the author did a fantastic job of introducing me to a whole new world I enjoyed how the Korean language and some of the culture ie clothing, food were included in this story The characters were well developed, and I felt for them as they struggled through their challenges There was a little of everything suspense, fantasy and romance but most of all, a sense of hope throughout the book.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a wonderfully written story after the fashion of a Korean Folk tale Eun Na is a virtuous young woman who supports her aging parents When the Landlord squeezes the family for the rent of their cottage and parcel of land, Eun Na is forced to take on extra labor in the forest and finally in the Landlord s kitchen to try and save her parents Along the way she meets the landlord s son and also another handsome and rich young man who rescues them from a hunter s trap The young man is human by day but a phantom by night due to a curse by his evil father The story moves along The curse is finally lifted The greedy landlord expires due to his desire for wealth and power A local female shaman helps to remove the curse and ends up marrying the landlord s son Eun Na marries the phantom and they not fair to tell the ending This was a refreshing read, with lots of excitement and adventure I hope we will see from this writer I received an electronic copy in return for an honest review. loved it I could not put it down and when i was forced to I kept thinking what was going to happen next. Awesome story and the dragon Mao is adorable. This was a cute story One I d put off reading for a long time because of how young the girl on the cover looked But it was worth reading.It s a sweet Korean middle grade tale with some likable and not so likable characters.This book is written in much the same way verbal stories are told I enjoyed the story but would have liked to see show and less tell.I really enjoyed the mythology in this story. This read so weird It was told almost as if it was a fairy tale, with a Once upon a time, there was a in the kingdom of But then they added lots of descriptive words that sounded like it was a modern story And when they introduced all of the characters at once, it was very overwhelming Not to mention the switches from perspectives done so often Overall, it had a good plot, but a poor execution. This wonderfully sweet story, based on Korean folk tales, follows Eun Na s struggles as she attempts to thwart a greedy landlord bent on evicting Eun Na and her family Her kindness and loving nature attracts the landlord s son, the local mudang and her little dragon, as well as a phantom with a dark curse Together, they show what the power of love can accomplish.The romance is appropriate for younger readers and Erica Laurie has created a great clean read which is hard to put down Without a doubt, Mao is now officially my favorite little red dragon. I love fairy tales and legends and love stories so I really enjoyed this story What dimmed my enjoyment was the poor proofreading Kindle edition Generally I would put a book down part way through because of so many mistakes It is a credit to this story and author that I persisted She deserved better.