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Enjoyable book Nice to see a strong female as the main character It also has a nice focus on family Really enjoyed reading this heart warming story to my 8 year old daughter Charlie, a ten year old girl is a wonderfully inspiring main character Add in some fart humour not that that s a big part of the book and it s a winner for me and my daughter Looking forward to the next book, Clare. Free Ebook ☪ The Racehorse Who Wouldnt Gallop ♿ A Heart Warming Story With A Great Girl Power Message Jacqueline WilsonCharlie Bass Is A Horse Mad Ten Year Old Who Dreams Of Owning Her Own Pony So When She Accidentally Manages To Buy A Racehorse, Charlie Is ThrilledThe Horse She Buys, Noble Warrior, Looks The Part Strong, Fit And Healthy There S Just One Problem He Won T Gallop In Fact, He Won T Even Leave His Stable Without His Best Friend, A Naughty Palomino Pony Called PercyCharlie Is Convinced That Noble Warrior Has What It Takes To Be A Champion But Can She Prove It Derby Day Is Fast Approaching And Only A Win Can Save The Family Farm From Being RepossessedThe Stakes Couldn T Be Higher For The Basses Can Charlie Turn Her Chaotic Family Into A Top Training Team Can Noble Warrior Overcome His Nerves Will Percy The Pony Ever Stop Farting Find Out In This Classic, Funny Animal Story, Perfect For Fans Of Dick King Smith And Gerald Durrell Clare Balding is one of my favourite television personalities I listened to the audio book of her book My Animals and Other Family in 2017, which was delightful, as is this, her first children s book Clare has a real knack for telling a story and telling it well I recognised quite a few elements from her own experiences growing up.This is the story of a 10 year old girl called Charlie Bass, who ends up buying a tricky racehorse, fully believing he will win the Derby at Epsom, the biggest race in the British racing calendar However, Noble Warrior, the racehorse, does not go anywhere without his pony buddy Percy Will she be able to make her dreams come true and save the family farm in the process I seem to remember from Clare s autobiography she mentioned one of the horses her father trained that would not go anywhere without another horse Was it Lochsong The characters in this book are wonderfully written, from Charlie to her brothers and her parents and Joe the jockey I loved how all the cows had celebrity names Jane Austen, Madonna, Princess Anne, Nancy Drew, Taylor Swift, etc.This book is perfect for any girl or boy that loves horses It is such a charming feel good story Had I been Charlie s age I would have absolutely adored it and I am sure my daughter will too in a few years time I also really enjoyed the illustrations by Tony Ross, which really add something.I will be reading the follow up The Racehorse Who Disappeared pretty soon I think. Clare Balding writes an amusing and informative novel about a girl who buys and trains a reluctant race horse who will only run when his pal, a rather fat pony is close by.The strong points are the wealth of information on owning and training a racehorse inserted into the story The downside is the story is rather predictable even for a middle grade novel and doesn t quite make enough of the crisis moments essential in a good story I am sure many young people will enjoy this book especially if they are horse lovers but even non horsey people will find it an entertaining read. Charlie Bass and her family don t have a lot of money A trip with her dad to go and just LOOK at horses being sold suddenly leads to Charlie having her own horse, Noble Warrior However, Noble Warrior comes with his friend Percy the pony and the racehorse doesn t do galloping Charlie decides that in order to save the family farm from being sold, Noble Warrior will need to win the Derby She decides that Noble Warrior will need to be trained and she will need everyone s help to do it.I really enjoyed this book, the writing flows well and the characters are very engaging particularly Charlie We get to see the hidden depths of Charlie s brothers as they help her, the generosity and friendship of the Williams family and see Joe overcome his sadness Other themes are touched on briefly female body image with the mention of powerful thighs and the use of female sporting role models, which could lead to greater awareness of female sports teams and players.I enjoyed it and would recommend for readers aged 8 A perfect warm and fuzzy book to chase away the January blues Charlie s determination and ambition shine through like a beacon to any girl who has ever doubted herself or been poked fun at for her thunder thighs A great mix of horse racing knowledge and enthusiasm mixed with an important message about never failing to dream What an endearing read Charlie Bass is a delight together with the rest of her family, and the names they have given the farm animals had me laughing out loud A great story which had me on the edge of my seat a few times Highly recommended A young lady who worries about the English family farm being taken by the bank, manages to acquire a Thoroughbred colt at auction cheap as he doesn t like to race and decides to train him up for racing Well, naturally she can t set her sights any lower than the top The costs escalate and the horse refuses to run anywhere without his best pal the elderly pony While horse lovers will have a good chuckle, the lesson can really be that the family has to pull together even the grumpy brother gets involved in researching how best to train a racehorse If they can just manage to succeed, the prize money will resolve their financial problems Friends are helpful than expected and the drama will hold you to the end This is an unbiased review. Funny, heart warming and feminist what a brilliant children s book Perfect for any child, regardless of gender, but I particularly recommend it for girls Charlie is a wonderful role model and animal lovers You don t have to be a child to read it, either Clare Balding is as hilarious as you would expect I particularly loved the cows named after celebrities and characters.Charlie Bass is a lovely, clever, resourceful character that never gives up and looks out for her family She never lets things get her down for too long The book is filled with technical horse knowledge, but it never becomes tiresome or feels like a how to guide There s a strong feminist theme running throughout I loved how thunder thighs were turned into powerful legs that propelled all sorts of women to success The book promotes healthy body image, healthy friendships, sticking up for others, and using your mind to problem solve There s also a clear and often repeated message of don t judge a book by it s cover for example, just because someone doesn t have a lot of money, it doesn t mean you re better than them Conversely, some of the wealthiest characters are the most charitable on several occasions The characters who did kind things were rewarded for them.Clare Balding is a master at ratcheting up the emotional stakes It s a quick read, with lovely illustrations by Tony Ross He gives the horses such character In this edition first edition 2016, published by Puffin , there is also a section at the back with extras author interview, pony care tips etc.You can t help but root for the Bass family I cried at the ending I can t remember the last book that made me do that Let s hope there s plenty Charlie Bass adventures to come.