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I m generally not the biggest fan of short stories I find themshort This anthology jumps from slayer to slayer, and moves through two centuries Some of the stories are brilliant, some are OK While it was nice to meet other slayers, none of these stories significantly increased my understanding of the slayers, or the watchers It was entertaining, but a bit shallow. Buffy is one of my favorite TV shows from the 90 s I still remember watching the premiere and thinking wow this is SO much better than the movie One year, I was given this short story collection as a gift and I couldn t put it down I enjoyed reading the stories of Slayers that came before Buffy It starts back in the days of ancient Greece and goes all the way until the 1950 s Here are some of my personal favorites The White Doe This tale follows the life of a slayer named White Doe who ends up being raised by a local tribe of Indians after her own family and fellow colonists are killed by vampires The tale is actually based on the real disappearance of the Roanoke Colony in the 1500 s Silent Screams This story follows a slayer in the 1920 s who finds way than she bargained for when she goes to witness a movie being filmed Unholy Madness I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this story set during the days of Marie Antoinette Marie Christine is a Slayer who spends her time serving the aristocrats and not caring what happens to the common folk She is pretty unlikable but she does manage to do something pretty cool at one point Even if it does ultimately end up being stupid Other stories deal with Elizabeth Bathory and racism in the south during the 50 s as well as small town life in the 19th century Overall, it s a good read that I think respects the canon of the Buffy world I m sure any fan would enjoy this collection. [E-pub] ♽ Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1 ☣ Into Every Generation, A Slayer Is Born One Girl In All The World, To Find The Vampires Where They Gather, And To Stop The Spread Of Their Evil And The Swell Of Their Numbers In Our Time, That Girl Is Buffy Summers But Buffy Is Merely One Slayer In An Eternal Continuum Of Warriors For The Powers That Be We Ve Known Of Others The Primal Slayer, Who Stalked The Earth And The Forces Of Darkness In Fierce SolitudeNikki, The Funky Hipster Whose Demise At Spike S Hands Lent An Urban Edge To His Wardrobe And A Bigger Bounce To His Swagger Slayers By Nature Have A Limited Life Expectancy For Each One Who Falls, Another Rises To Take Her Place Tales Of The Slayer, Vol , Chronicles Slayers Past Who Have Influenced And Are Influenced By The Traditions And Mythologies Of Yore From Ancient Greece, To Aristocratic Slayers Holding Court In Revolution Era France, To The Legend Of The Bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory, To S Munich, Each Girl Has A Personal History, A Shared Moral Code, And A Commitment To Conquer Evil, Regardless Of The Cost I like this short story history of each slayer before buffy s time most of them irritates me and ended badly rip.Altho I only watched an episode mayhaps I ll revisit this show soon. I thought that this may be cheesy but I must say that I couldn t put down the book As a die hard Buffy fan, this book was nothing about Buffy but about what it was to be a Slayer and human The stories were exciting I can t wait to read volumes 2 4. I m trying to find something in common with how each girl died and what I ve come up with is that they are all very impulsive and belive they are invincible Most of them rush off to fight without any help But I guess thats part of being a slayer They fight alone and they die alonechokengtitiktitikchokengs Die Blutgrafin very disturbing and Mornglom Dreaming liked her relationship with watcher and she faced the most interesting demon were the best stories But I have to also give a shout out to Silent Screams which had a great narrator Best Quotes Everyone, the slayer thought ruefully, holds fast to the belief that the bad things within the world would always happen to someone else When we were alone like that she often called me by my first name When I had objected mildly, she had told me that we had a partnership and she had learned from her fathers business that partners were equals Only some partners were equal than others, judging from the amount of risk each took on a venture We both new who the equal partner was between us A Watcher may train the Slayer, but a Watcher will never be a Slayer. Doranna Durgin s story was the stand out Finally made it through this bad boy This is the first full collection of short stories I ve read, and I think that was why it took me so long to get through it Most books make you attached to the story and characters, and that s what keeps you turning the pages But with short stories, not only do you not get as attached to any particular characters, but you also start fresh with new characters every 40 pages or so I d say the collection was pretty good The concept is wickedly cool, and completely sustainable, as there have been Slayers since the beginning of time Each story is set in an important period of history, like the French Revolution, or Hitler s Germany, and vampires are inserted into the events Awesome idea However, the writing was kind of hit and miss Some of the stories were quite well written, but some were just pretty boring and amateurish None of them terribly gripping At the same time, props to some of those authors for tackling tough subjects.Overall, it took me a long time to finish, and I m glad to be moving onto the next book As a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I have always been fascinated by the aspect of untold stories of past slayers In fact, the concept of multiple authors lending their voices to the history of the Chosen One was what made me so intrigued by Tales of the Slayer when I first learned of it s existence The book contains short stories from seven different historic periods including Roanoke, women who are absolute badasses part of what I loved so much from the show , and vampires being staked to dust So of course, the moment the book was in my possession I started reading it Although I enjoyed each story overall, I found some characters difficult to relate to One example is Marie Christine Du Lac, a slayer and main character from Unholy Madness by Nancy Holder Du Lac grew up in the home of Marie Antoinette, a servant to those who deem themselves important than the peasants Despite this, she is treated to a much desirable life Marie Christine often came off as rude or hateful, especially in regards to the lower class In one instance, she even says that the children of the lower classes appear to be barely human To be honest, I didn t even like her watcher which is what the person who prepares the Slayer for her battle against demonic forces is called Edmund was just as rude and hateful as his ward Not that every character needs to be likable for a story to be interesting, but it certainly makes it hard to empathize as you follow along Of the seven stories, my two favourites were Mornglom Dreaming by Doranna Durgin and And White Splits the Night by Yvonne Navarro In Mornglom Dreaming, we are introduced to a Kentuckian named Mollie Prater who knows absolutely nothing of vampires, let alone demons and slayers However, just days before her wedding in 1886, Mollie begins to feel different faster, and stronger This change coincides with reports of a beast that has been attacking the people who share the hollow Mollie resides in On the day of her wedding, the demon and her watcher reveal themselves Despite saving all but one person from death, both her and her future husband s families no longer recognize her as the person they once knew At this point, Mollie realizes her life will never be the same Everything I ever wanted Everything I planned for My life It s all changed It won t never be the same In Yvonne Navarro s short story And White Splits the Night, rampant racism in Florida during 1956 makes it difficult for seventeen year old Asha Sayre to be the slayer, especially as she travels into town to investigate bodies that continue to make their way into the nearby swamp where she lives The bodies remind her of twelve years prior, when she found her father hanging from a tree in the very same swamp after having been dragged through the trees by Klu Klux Klan members And White Splits the Night was most definitely my favourite story from this volume I loved Asha and her relationship with Laurent she respected her watcher and listened to her instructions She was young but strong and brave, even in the face of death If nothing else, Asha knew she had done a measure of good in her small world, and she had been loved by someone besides Despite their different writing styles, the authors all do a fantastic job of incorporating vampires and the supernatural into well known historical events and figures Overall, I had a pleasant experience reading Tales of the Slayer and would definitely suggest it for fans of the world created by Joss Whedon especially if you re interested in learning about slayers before Buffy as well as to readers who are interested in both history and vampires. I m a huge fan of the cult show Buffy the Vampire Slayer I m also a huge fan of historical fiction So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these short story collections My love of historical fiction mashed up with my endless fascination with Buffy mythology I was sold There are seven stories, each depicting a snippet of Slayer life during various historical periods, from a countless Slayer realizing class difficulty during the French Revolution, to a girl bravely entering the service of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory s, to the answer of the mystery of Virginia Doe of Roanoke, to a Slayer dealing with race issues in Florida and the deep South during the 1950s, and I felt for every one of them, cheering when they were victorious, saddened when they did not.If you re a fan of Buffy, or if you re simply a historical fiction fan or into the supernatural horror genre, then give this a read Stories as appears in Volume 1 01 A Good Run Greece 490 BCE by Greg Rucka02 The White Doe London 1586 by Christie Golden03 Die Blutgrafin Hungary 1609 by Yvonne Navarro04 Unholy Madness France 1789 by Nancy Holder05 Mornglow Dreaming Kentucky 1886 by Doranna Durgin06 Silent Screams Germany 1923 by Mel Odom07 And White Splits the Night Florida 1956 by Yvonne Navarro