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Insightful regarding 18th century Italian social life, not very descriptive , a good read for an afternoon. #Free Pdf ⚡ The Nun of Murano ⚷ You Are Not My First Passion, My Divine Friend, But You Shall Be My Last In This Episode From His Infamous Memoirs, Swashbuckling Serial Seducer Casanova Falls For A Beautiful Nun On The Venetian Island Of Murano Despite Already Being Involved With Another OneOne OfNew Books In The Bestselling Little Black Classics Series, To Celebrate The First Ever Penguin Classic InEach Book Gives Readers A Taste Of The Classics Huge Range And Diversity, With Works From Around The World And Across The Centuries Including Fables, Decadence, Heartbreak, Tall Tales, Satire, Ghosts, Battles And Elephants Well, what can I say what does one expect when one reads a memoir of a man whose name is synonymous to philanderer Actually, I was quite surprised It wasn t as bad or tasteless as I had anticipated If anything, there was so much restraint and a great lack of graphic descriptions that made it muchinteresting The Nun of Murano is stimulating in that there are so many forbidden things at play here Casanova has fallen under the charms of the nun of Murano, M.M She has a lover who was very much interested in Casanova s interest in her Casanova has a wife, C.C., from whom he is forced to hide the liaison, not because she might get angry she actually wrote him a letter encouraging him to get to know M.M., after being told they met in the convent , but because she knew M.M and it would be a little complicated when it all cools down I like the treatment of M.M here, in that she is a woman who knows and appreciates reason, and refuses to be tied down by rules despite her donning of the habit In this case she is only answerable to herself, ultimately The openness and honesty is also refreshing It s not really cheating when your lover knows about another, no I wouldn t be against even something like polyamory, if others are into it, as long as there is mutual trust or respect in, and sensitivity to the persons involved The problem is some people think cheating and dishonesty is fun and exhilarating, feelings of others be damned So yeah, while this is a little piece of 18th century hedonism, it was interesting to read A balanced treatment of the perception of others can make people beopen to ideas that they do not really subscribe to, but at least offers a chance for better understanding and tolerance. I don t know what to say about this It didn t really make much sense, it being a removed chapter from a longer story. Whatever Porn on paper Enough said. Surprisingly well written This guys a a right ole perv, the chance of doing the thing while her lover hides in a secret place watching.WOOF Good old Casanova he didn t disappoint, and I was certainly surprised by how engaging and well written his escapades were.Although the passages describing the sexual acts themselves were sparse, and lacking description, there was something entirely erotic about Casanova s restraint, and his waiting and longing The long hours spent before his meetings with the nun sent his thoughts spiralling, his anticipation ripening.I did expect to be scandalised, and for my inner feminist to be sent a twitching at this philanderer s treatment of women On the contrary, in this particular tale at least, Casanova and his love are presented as equals Honesty, understanding, and trust are firmly established, current lovers are informed of the tryst, and Casanova is allowed to explore his desires unhindered by shame if shame is such a thing Casanova can muster up and with no advantages being taken.The nun herself, referred to only as M.M., didn t seem to be shirking her morals or faith in any way She was an intelligent and reasoned woman, entirely confident in her actions and justifications, continuing her meeting with Casanova whilst keeping her other lover fully abreast no pun intended of all goings on.I thought this was wonderful, and an excellent choice from Penguin I would very much like to readof Casanova s sordid affairs, and fully intend to explore the adventures of his manhood.