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~Pdf ⚕ The Price of Payback (Sarah Sawyer #2) ♓ One Year Has Passed Since Sarah Sawyer Avenged The Death Of Her Parents In A Quest That Nearly Cost Her Life Now The Gunslinger Is Living A Life She Never Imagined No Longer Roaming The Trails Alone, She And Jo Porter, The Woman She Loves, Live In Relative Peace, Working A Thriving Farm Of Their Own But Payback Comes With A Price The Lingering Fear Of Unsettled Debts Haunts Them Both, Threatening Their Newfound Peace When Ghosts From The Past Come To Collect, Sarah Risks Losing Herself To The Darkness She D Fought So Hard To Escape Can She Pull Herself Back From The Depths Or Will The Harsh World Of The Old West Finally Break Her SW Andersen Delivers Another Action Packed Romance In The Thrilling Sequel To Somewhere Between Love And Justice This Is SW Andersen S Second Novel Her First Earned Such Praise As A Riveting Read , Keeps You Wanting More And UNPUTDOWNABLE I cried for both Sarah and Jo after the gunfight Sarah seemed lost I actually felt Jo s pain and heartbreak.The character s are well written Toward the end I felt like I knew them. OMG What a way to start a sequel All s right with the world but there s a little wiggle of doubt in the back of the mind of Sarah Jessie Everyone else is happy and moving on but there s so muchto the happy beginning And then WHAM Miss Andersen delivers a wonderful story deepening the characters and introducing some new ones A wonderful read and an interesting look into the sometimes solitary life of cowgirls.Thank you.It s a recommended read. Modern day Calamity JaneWhat a great great Western, this book should be made into a movie It kept me guessing on each chapter Now I know that I have to follow S.W and my favorite westerns Great talent. Great follow upThus was a really good second book in the story You got to see the characters evolve and then break and evolve again A very good read Highly recommend this book This one had a different tone than Somewhere Between Love and Justice , but was still a great read If you re looking for something different, this series delivers A female gunslinger, strong women open about their sexuality in the 1890 s and plenty of action and romance, not to mention a few twists I can t get enough of Sarah and Jo and hope there will beto come. Awesome sequel The sequel to Somewhere Between Love and Justice doesn t disappoint Will these two ever catch a break Read and find out More adventure, suspense, vengeance, and of course romance I m a huge fan of S W Andersen I can t wait for her next book