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Based on groundbreaking new research widely respected addiction and behavior specialist Dr Drew Pinksy s exploration of narcissism in celebrity culture and how it is damaging our culture, our children, and our lives Britney Spears Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Anna Nicole Smith.Who are these troubled, and troubling, figures who dominate our national attention celebrities, moguls, train wrecks Why are we so deeply interested in their lives and loves, their endlessly repeated journey from rising star to inevitable flameout In spite of extreme fame, fortune, and opportunity, why do their lives always seem so steeped in drama And most important how are their lives changing ours In this shattering new book, authors Drew Pinsky and S Mark Young offer an eye opening new look at our celebrity crazed culture from what drives people to seek fame in the first place, to how our obsession with celebrity is changing the emotional landscape of America Drawing upon an unprecedented academic study of celebrity personality they recently published in The Journal of Research in Personality Sept 06 the first such study to collect in depth research data from actual celebrity sources Pinsky and Young explore the widespread prevalence of narcissistic behavior among celebrities from all walks of fame, from actors and musicians to comedians and reality TV stars Their core finding was that individuals who become celebrities are likely to have certain kinds of psychological damage narcissistic personality issues, often rooted in childhood trauma, with attendant mood disturbances, melodramatic tendencies, and substance abuse problems than average Americans And those issues, in turn, lead to the private and increasingly public struggles of celebrities that ultimately command public attention.Pinsky and Young map this terrain but then press further, exploring how these celebrities constant public exposure in every sense of the word is being modeled on a 24 hour basis to the rest of our culture and especially our children The American demand for celebrity gossip seems insatiable Magazines like People, In Touch, and Us Weekly continue to grow at a rate of 50 percent per year 100 million viewers tune into shows like Entertainment Tonight and Hollywood Insider every night and gossip websites like perezhilton.com and tmz.com have exploded on the Internet and even spawned their own TV shows Pinsky and Young argue that this ongoing real life soap opera with its daily cycles of bacchanalian drinking and drug use, wanton self exposure and other pornographic behavior, and self destructive excess of every kind is doing serious and potentially long term damage to children, adolescents, and adults alike.With his insider access to celebrities of all kinds many of whom he has treated and his years of clinical work with issues of addiction, drug abuse, and other disorders, Dr Drew Pinsky has a fascinating vantage point from which to assess this revealing cultural phenomenon, and a trusted voice that will bring the issue home to both parents and troubled teenagers.I loved his first book Cracked , but this one did not quite measure up to that one. The author discusses how media and our obsession with celebrities narcissistic behavior is normalizing extreme behavior not only in our children and teenagers, but even the parents.Social trends of entitlement, vanity, aggression and envy have subplanted the values we usually teach our children of empathy, hard work, joyfulness, etc The author advises breaking narcissism in a individual is hard and involves the person embracing a concept of something greater practicing rigorous honesty keeping things simple, living up to commitments spending time with a broad range of people learning to access and share feelings learning to appreciate the feelings of others being of service with no expectation of praise in return This should be required reading for everyone who has a child that watches television, goes to school, or even breathes air in the United States I think this book is a real eye opener Dr Drew touches on all different kinds of factors that have led to the increase of Narcissism in American culture Although ironic to read a book about celebrities and narcissism from a, well celebrity, I think Dr Drew is a deeply caring person and it comes across in his ideas for solutions to the rise of narcissistic personality traits The most pointed consideration that Dr Drew made in the book, I think, is that when we hear stories about celebrities acting out via the media, our reaction is they get to do whatever they want, and, they deserved that horrible thing that just happened to them, and they deserve what s coming to them Our focused enthusiasm is for their demise, and it is not instead causing concern within us that although a celebrity, he she is still a human being and his her behavior is cause for concern and alarm Instead of seeing that an individual needs help, we dig into the gossip columns whenever he she has acted out, perpetuating their bad behavior because there is no difference between bad or good press reputation any, any press is good press I highly recommend this book to anyone, and I especially think it would be helpful in some sort of pop culture geared college class. I ve started reading this book because I found the real life well reflected in the author description.Reality TV Celebutantes YouTube Sex Tapes Gossip Blogs Drunk Driving Tabloids Drug OverdosesHe raises this questions Is this entertainment Why do we keep watching What does it mean for our kids It is truth, in our days everyone have an insatiable appetite about what mass media transmits on 24 7 even if that is just a piece of s t that the world revolves around.We even forget that famous people are famous because we pay attention to them I think it is just like a monkey see monkey do behavior , there are people happy to feed themselves with this information without understanding of why it is on their interest.The problem is not in the watching these things but the absorbing the wrong essence which is reflected, some users take the celebrities narcissism as an inspiration for themselves, they do exactly what they see in their real life,they mirror this effect.It is not just a critical book, I found a lot of well documented research inside, it could be used as a self help book to avoid these bad habits. This book is well written enough, and engaging enough Books like this often aren t Still, there s nothing in here that any reasonably intelligent person hasn t already figured out for his or herself The chapters discussing dealing with narcissism in your teenager, and how to avoid being a narcissistic parent, are probably helpful I don t have kids, so I wouldn t know. A few chapters in I began feeling cognitive dissonance when talk of narcissism was the focal point as I began to realize how prevalent it is in our society and, most painful of all, within myself I may not fall on the destructive, unhealthy side if the spectrum as I am self aware and very empathetic towards those around me, however this book was an eye opening experience.It s simple, easily digested, and paradigm shifting I felt uneasy and much better for it, like a good medication that initially has some mild side effects. This is one of the most illuminating books I ve read on the topic of celebrity culture I was truly impressed with Pinsky Young.Both of them are practicing clinical psychologists at least at the point this book was written and work with A list celebrities to overcome some of the pathological behavior they display in public They mention Lindsey Logan, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, the Kardashians, John Mayer, among others, and diagnose them universally as textbook narcissists.They helpfully distinguish between a healthy dose of self respect love the unhealthy self obsession that is so commonly associated with Hollywood.I ve been thinking about self absorption a lot lately It was initially the reason why I did not use Instagram a lot and now is the reason that I purposefully unfollow and avoid following celebrities on social media apart from a handful of exceptions.It has now made me re think how I use social media I want to add value through book reviews and music jejjejfercak my other IS account , so that I could hopefully add life to others.I know how much a good heartfelt song feels like on a difficult day and how much meaning an uplifting or insightful book can bring to the curious mind that celebrates discourse I think if we aspired to embody the good that we want to see, we d be able to bring a lot to the world.Celebrity culture is arguably why Donald Trump was elected, among other reasons America s obsession with wealth prestige the American dream is probably the largest contributor to this problem, however I am biased as I say that, I do realize that That is why I m researching the early beginnings of celebrity obsession Thus far, I believe my opinion is based on credible evidence.I would very much recommend this book Read on this on my blog *Kindle ☘ The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America ↚ In The Eye Opening New York Times Bestseller, The Mirror Effect, Widely Respected Addiction And Behavior Specialist And Producer Host Of Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew On VH, Dr Drew Pinsky Takes A Hard Look At The Profound Changes Blogging, Tweeting, Tabloids, And Reality TV Are Having On The American Way Of Life An Important Wake Up Call For Every Parent, Co Written With Dr S Mark Young, The Mirror Effect Is A Groundbreaking Exploration Of Celebrity Narcissism And How It Is Damaging Our Culture And Our Children I ve never understood why anyone would want to be a celebrity I absolutely love wearing the same clothes for an entire week and if I m lucky I don t bump into the same people, so no one knows because no one follows me around with a camera I also love donuts and if I eat enough to make me fat, I don t have to read any magazine articles about it I just have to buy new, bigger pants, which you can bet that I ll wear for at least a week straight.Anyhow, he briefly touched on the 2008 election Clint vs Obama and how it was so much a celebrity, rather than an issues race I would love to hear his take on the Clinton v Trump election, because oh mama That was SO celeb driven, with the front man being a raging narcissist. Incredible read delving deep into the roots of narcissism within our culture Stemming from the media and culminating at the root of celebrity narcissism Great detail into the trend for the average teen seeking fame while inheriting characteristics and attributes of narcissism along the way One of the few books so far that I m certainly re reading Great for common knowledge or those interested in the components of psychology Great book