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FIVE PERFECT STARSGo ahead, click on Want to Read Because you do You will You must.I m at a loss here Positively verklempt How do I tell you how perfect this book is without gushing When other books fail to reach my expectations, I can rattle off the reasons I didn t like it With great ones, I just stumble all over myself I apologize I knew this book would be good, I just didn t know how good The answer is LYING IN WAIT is the new standard that all psychological suspense and crime fiction novels should strive for Liz Nugent just wrote the handbook and I fear that very few writers could achieve such perfection in this genre.The thing is, if you found her debut UNRAVELING OLIVER too much of a slow burn I know a ton of readers did, you will not find that with LYING IN WAIT I read this book almost in one day It is utterly addicting and you will be hooked at the very first line The need to know what is happening becomes almost unbearable as you read.Once again, Nugent has created an engrossing family drama that spans many years and is set in Dublin It is simply the story of two families linked inexplicably by a murder At the heart of the novel is a morbidly unhealthy, but completely fascinating, connection between a mother and son There are only a few characters in this book and each one is fully dissected for the reader to analyze Each character has a chance to tell their part in the story side by side with the others I am in awe of how Nugent was able to superbly structure this story in such a natural flowing way There is no flipping back and forth between timelines ugh, I m so over that Nugent is a master at pushing the uncomfortable envelope towards the reader, without going over the top The story is tense and exciting, full of twists and unexpected turns It s dark and dramatic Gothic feeling and weird That ending all I can say is GENIUS I can t stop gushing, please forgive me.Now, mark your calendar for June 12 or just go ahead and pre order it Place a hold or get in line at the library You will not want to miss this one Thank you to Netgalley I was given the galley to read and review, all opinions are my own. [[ FREE E-PUB ]] ↶ Lying in Wait ↾ Sunday Times Top Bestseller Featured In The Richard And Judy Spring Book Club Gone Girl Fans Will Love Liz Nugent S Lying In Wait It Twists, It Turns, Its Characters Are Utterly Despicable And It Is A Compulsive Triumph StylistFrom The Award Winning Author Of The No Bestseller, Unravelling OliverMy Husband Did Not Mean To Kill Annie Doyle, But The Lying Tramp Deserved ItLydia Fitzsimons Lives In The Perfect House With Her Adoring Husband And Beloved Son There Is Just One Thing Lydia Yearns For To Make Her Perfect Life Complete, Though The Last Thing She Expects Is That Pursuing It Will Lead To Murder However, Needs Must Because Nothing Can Stop This Mother From Getting What She Wants I chose this book on the description given by the publisher, I just could not resist it The first line of the book is a killer, it just draws you into this extraordinary dark and disturbing psychological thriller It is set in 1980s Dublin The characters are loathsome, yet you cannot help but want to know about them The you read, the murkier the story becomes, as it delves in depth into the two disparate families There is the respectable family of the Judge, his wife and son, Laurence Buried in their garden, is the body of Annie, a junkie and prostitute Then there is Annie s sister who is looking for her It is brilliantly plotted to ratchet up the tension and suspense It crawls beneath the surface of obsessive love and lays bare its darkness The insights into this mother and son relationship are mesmerising Liz Nugent does remarkable character development and her writing is exquisite This is a twisted tale that is going to linger for quite a while in your head Thanks to Penguin for an ARC via netgalley. 5, uhhhh what did I just read, that was wild stars Full review featured on my blog Recipe and a Read Looks up synonyms to holy shit Wowzers ya ll, that was Grade A Crazy Town from start to finish I ve read a few psychological thrillers that threw me for a loop and redefined the genre However, I think this is the first true psychological suspense novel that has set the bar absurdly high Family dramas are honestly just not my favorite For whatever reason, I get lost in all the mess and it loses it s allure for me over time that is absolutely not the case for Lying in Wait.My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyal, but the lying tramp deserved it.If that line alone isn t enough to draw you in as a reader, there s not much I can do to help you While this is told from alternating POVs, this is really the story of Lydia Fitzsimmons, her husband Andrew and her son Laurence Lydia like many women in thrillers these days, has a seemingly perfect life A beautiful manor, an adoring husband and a loving, doting son her only real hang up is her agoraphobia read she can t leave the house But as a licensed red herring chaser, I can tell you, appearances are rarely what they seem.My sister had a reputation Ma said she kicked her way out of the womb feetfirst and she hadn t stopped kicking since.Lydia s carefully constructed bubble is burst in a spectacular show when she is forced to help her husband cover up the murder of Annie Doyal This isn t the first secret Lydia has buried, and it won t be the last But she doesn t have a choice does she She must protect her family, her home and the life the has painstakingly built for the few people she allows in The real question is how long can she hide a lifetime worth of secrets and what happens if she no longer can Laurence, whatever happened, you must remember that your father was a good man In addition to Lydia and Laurence s point of view, we re given that of Karen sister to Annie Doyal and relentless hunter of the truth of what happened to her It adds another layer to an already tangled story and really helps drive the momentum forward This isn t an all out, race to the finish type of read Rather, it s a series of choices and truths that slowly unfold themselves to the reader leaving you with a wide eyed stare wondering how things got out of control so quickly.I had finally begun to resent my mother Her emotional blackmail had me trapped.There is no question here as to who dunnit but it absolutely was not needed and not what drove this story forward Nugent s story telling ability really shined in a way that had me rapt from the start At every new twist or turn there was a burning need within me to figure out how this piece would fall into place with what the reader already knows to have happened There was a subtlety here that really spoke to me, nothing was sensationalized or needed to be These were facts that Nugent was giving to us at a steady pace that created a heady, dark and sometimes comedic atmosphere that draws the reader into the web and traps you there This is so screwed up I can t believe it That ending ya ll THAT FREAKIN ENDING Didn t see it coming, couldn t have predicted it and you d be lying if you said you could That was a slam dunk, knock out, gut punch that showed that while ending a novel might be seemingly the hardest part of writing it it absolutely can be done right If you re looking at it, if you weren t interested before, I can t suggest picking it up enough I read this with the Traveling Sisters and we ve all really enjoyed it thus far No one can help but enjoy this dark, gritty and twisty thriller Christmas Day is Lydia s only son, Lawrence s birthday, and the day her husband, Andrew died..displacing a turkey carcass from its serving platter, falling face down across the table, his hair in turkey grease Andrew drove a vintage jaguar sedan wore a trilby hat He killed a girl named Annie Lydia says it was an accident but she deserved itLydia isn t an innocent bystander,Lawrence isn t an innocent bystanderThe one person you trust may be telling you only half the storypsychological taunting suspenseful complexitiescompulsively readable I had to make myself pause to admire Liz Nugent s sly calm nervy assurance of her craft I m a huge Liz Nugent fan LOVED IT Happy Canadian Publication Day to Liz Nugent November 27, 2018Wowza 5 Absolutely Perfect Stars Favourite 2018 Read Oh my goodness, LYING IN WAIT by LIZ NUGENT was an absolutely fantastic and unputdownable read that had me totally consumed with curiosity right from the moment I read that killer opening line I was hooked and the suspense was so intense that I was flipping through those pages as fast as I possibly could LYING IN WAIT by LIZ NUGENT is an engrossing, dark, disturbing, and dramatic read here that in my opinion had all the elements to make this the perfect psychological thriller The storyline, the characters, the suspenseful writing, and that totally shocking ending that definitely ruffled some of my feathers made this an all around fulfilling read LIZ NUGENT delivers an exciting, twisty, suspenseful, and well written read here with one of the absolute best characters in a psychological thriller that I have yet read The way that this story was delivered with such ease and so subtly without any unnecessary graphic content was so gripping and intensely suspenseful in its own way I love it when an author can write so well that takes you into the story fully then when the reveal comes you are totally blown away which I most definitely was Norma s Stats Cover Creepy, sinister, suspenseful and immediately had me intrigued I love covers that have a scary feel to it because I find them so appealing An extremely fitting representation to storyline Title Intriguing, suspenseful, and a fitting representation to storyline.Writing Prose Well written, engaging, captivating, and fluid.Plot Suspenseful, engrossing, fast paced, held my attention fully and extremely entertaining.Ending Shocking, maddening, and brilliant I wanted to throw my precious book at one moment but in the end I was totally satisfied Overall An irresistible, intense, surprising, suspenseful, and fabulous read Would highly recommend Thank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada for my ARC to read and review It was an absolute pleasure reading this fantastic novel Review can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog Oh What a clever, clever Author you are Liz Nugent So, the entire book, I am thinking what gives I mean, seriously what gives I like the book, I think it is good, but what is with all the hoopla Then I got to the home stretch and the hoopla kicked it into high gear This was a fabulous twisted psychological thriller that doesn t disappoint Nugent takes motherhood, unhealthy relationships, obsession, mental illness, secrets and murder to a whole new level in this book The reader knows what happened in this book, but the beauty is in not knowing how things are going to end I found the characters to be well developed and some characters were downright sinister and creepy which I absolutely loved I also enjoyed how the book was told through Lydia, Lawrence and Karen s POV s This added a very nice touch and gave us information as to their motivations, secrets, and thoughts My advice is to go in as blind as you can One might think you know how the book is going to end but chances are Nugent will shock you Again, very clever Very well thought out I thought this carefully crafted book had a dark and Gothic feel to it The scenes that took place in Lydia s house felt very dreary and cold to me which also gave the book some atmosphere and added to the chill sinister factor This is a great book for fans of Psychological thrillers Plus, how about that cover Loved this book If there were ever a book to capture dark, comedic noir, this would be the one for 2018 This book is incredibly twisted, and yet there was levity and humor despite the darkness of the book I felt WTF in the best way when reading this Liz Nugent really has a talent for writing I loved how this book was told like the characters repeating a story from some point in time after the events had happened, rather than experiencing it live That may not sound appealing, but I believe it was that distance from the events happening that allowed for the lightness when recounting incredibly dark stories Lydia Fitzsimmons has the perfect lifeHer husband is a successful judge, they live in her beautiful family home, Avalon, and her son Laurence adores her Avalon isn t just any home, it is a gorgeous old money mansion with sprawling grounds and a pile of family secrets Lydia can t imagine ever leaving Avalon She is essentially a recluse, preferring to stay at Avalon as a wife, mother, and homemaker, while her husband flourishes in his career But one night everything changes My husband didn t mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it. Lydia is forced to do the unthinkable help her husband cover up a murder She buries this secret the same way she has buried all of the others in the safety and security of their family home, Avalon Lydia and Andrew may be able to hide their secret from outsiders, but what will they do when someone inside the home someone much closer to it discovers the truth ReflectionThere is something so matter of fact in the way these characters tell their story The Fitzsimmons family is one that is easily able to separate emotion from action, with the exception of Andrew I found Lydia and Laurence to be completely fascinating characters The way they react to everything from shock, to hurt, to anger, is incredible to behold They don t process their emotions the way many of us do For that reason, Andrew stands in such stark contrast to them He is someone completely overwhelmed by his emotions, and unable to keep them in check.We see this same theme play out with other characters Helen, Dessie, Bridget, Karen, Annie All of them tend to either be ruled by their emotions, or be surprisingly good at separating them from their actions This is not to say that those actions aren t driven by their reaction to the events around them To the contrary, the characters that seem the least motivated by their emotions are probably the most irrational of the group.There is a scene early on that I won t spoil because it is so wonderful with Laurence that honestly made me laugh out loud when I read it Another awesome reviewer, Carrie, said she wasn t sure at times with this book if she should laugh, cry, or cringe That is the perfect description of this book I dare readers to find a dull character among the lot The ending of this book is the icing on the WTF cake for this read It was crazy, but sort of perfect for the story and the characters I was so delighted by this book It was my first by Liz Nugent, but it will certainly not be my last I m looking forward to sharing this book with other readers Many thanks to Gallery Books and to Liz Nugent for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.See my review on my blog Click here Insidiously dark, an undertone of creepiness, and all done without graphic gore This is my kind of psychological thriller, one that keeps you guessing, proving one wrong when I was sure I knew where this was going Oh, the chains that bind, the relationships that corrupt, the hope that dwindles Unreliable narrators, where would novels be without them The question is who or are all of the narrators telling this story, unreliable Are any of them on the up and up Tautly plotted, unraveling at the authors pace, misleading scenes, hard to believe the gullibility of some of these people Thought for sure the author was going to take the predictable way out, where I thought this was going So glad she didn t, she instead gave it a horrifying spin, and pushed it into a new level of evil Not a good idea to go against some people, especially hidden, psychopaths.ARC from Edelweiss. Creeeeeepy 4.5 Stars for Lying In Wait This dark and twisted novel sucked me in from the very beginning and never let go I m late to the party but thanks to my Goodreads friends I attended it anyway The mother was so freaking twisted I listened to the audio This was well narrated and extremely well written The only reason I docked it half a star was because at times it felt a tiny bit slow for my taste but otherwise it was brilliant Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers