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This review also appears on my blog at www.silashruparell.comMy one linerCriminal capers from a fun easy to read author imparting a few insights into the do s and don ts of how to be a master criminalThe Gafin principle Every criminal gets caught Every criminal gets caught The Gafin principle measures whether or not it was worth it As an example, a Mr Matthews is convicted for 5 crimes, for which he made 500 each And he serves five years in prison, or approximately 250 weeks So his weekly earnings from the jobs turn out to be 10 per week Which he could have earned in any risk free non criminal job So, under the Gafin principle the crime isn t worth it So what if he had stolen 5 million pounds, would that have been worth it Under the Gafin principle you may conclude yes, but in fact no Because cash is easily traceable, because the Bank of England changes notes and denomination on a regular basis, and because to all intents and purposes you wouldn t be able to spend it when you got out 5 million worth diamonds on the other hand, that s 20,000 per week for each week of prison time Definitely worth it, and our young students are starting to grasp the principle I like Danny King His Kindle books are riddled with errors, grammar, syntax, spelling, the lot I have no idea whether the print books are the same, but I assume there is some publisher quirk around this.But it really doesn t manner Mr King is an honest author, whose books do what they say on the tin Most relate to the English criminal underworld, ranging from petty to master criminals Tales hilariously told, and formulaically set up to put the reader firmly on the side of the burglar, thief, pickpocket, schemer we are naturally emphatic with characters who are laughably pathetic Great reading when you have a couple of hours to kill and really don t want to engage the brain.I have chosen to review School for Scumbags.You know you are on to a winner with the opening quote of book, from the 17th century by Jean de la Bruy reIf poverty is the mother of all crime, lack of intelligence is its father And the teenagers at school for scumbags need a lesson in probability and expectation so that they can understand which crimes are worth committingHere at Gafin we take a different approach We educate young men about crime, show them the effects of their actions, the consequences of indiscriminate robbingGafin, run by Mr Gregson, Mr Fotheringay, Mr Sharp, and lovely and flirtaciously delicious Miss Howard, being the outer London boarding school where a bunch of teenage delinquents have pitched up or rather have been sent to by divers despairing parents Put these 20 or so young layabouts in closed environment together and they will sound find ways to steal of each other, steal off the school, engineer perfect crimes, protect each other, grass on each other, physically assault each other Each lad with his own distinctive personality, the schemer, the fat kid, the arsonist, the neanderthal.The protagonist is a young lad called Wayne Banstead Banners , who being of above average intelligence, ends up being the ring leader in most of the capers Including a hilariously rigged football tournament where parents are invited to witness the progress of their young angels and also to place bets on the likely winners.But it turns out that the Gregson, Sharp, Fotheringay and Miss Howard have a dastardly plan They have devised the ultimate heist, and one that most definitely does pass the Gafin principle.The preparation The boys have not yet been told about the heistGregson told me to go and nick something in the gift shop Anything, it didn t matter Just nick something, he said, and make sure they see you do it And then a period of intensive training for the big day No detail left to chance, intensive training, team spirit and camaraderie, removal of a couple of bad apples from the team, and hence from the school Each boy clear what his role would be And who would suspect a bunch of teenage schoolchildren of actually walking out with the stash So, in keeping with the standard formula of the heist story e.g insert your favourite heist movie here , the reader finds himself egging on this disparate bunch of young budding criminals to successfully complete the job.Naturally there are twists and turns along the way, some people do get hurt, and I won t say what happens to the treasure, but it s a fun yarn full of chuckles and giggles. What do you do when you ve run out of schools to be expelled from, but are still too young to be out of school for good And What do you do if you are a master criminal and want to pull of one of the biggest heists in London s history Well, if you are the master criminal, you start a pseudo school You entice all of the little rule breakers that can t seem to manage to stay in school to come to your boarding school at no cost to them Then, you narrow the class down to your finest 16 and boot the rest out This obviously is no ordinary school In this school, they learn how to become better criminals masters in their newfound profession That s exactly what happened to Wayne Banstead and his classmates But being true criminals, the headmaster and his staff have other plans after this big heist takes place The book is pretty entertaining, but it does leave one to wonder about the gullability of the parents Especially after the heist takes place It makes one wonder where the parents are and why have they not come to pull their boys out of this school A good read, if not for the last part of the book. Unpretentious, entertaining, and often hilarious. If PG Wodehouse and Tom Sharpe had co written Oceans 11,the end result would be something like this Very funny. It s pretty simple if you like the title and the premise of a comedy set amidst a very special school in London for delinquent teenage boys, then you re probably going to like this book Wayne is a teen terror who sees little point in following the rules, and after holding up his school s snack shop with a pellet gun, is all set to be shipped off to a awful sounding boarding school for troublesome boys However, when a slot at the tuition free Gafin School is offered, his parents place him there It quickly becomes apparent to Wayne that the curriculum and rules here are very much not by the book With twenty students, four teachers, and assorted parents, characterization is not big in the story Everyoneor less has one defining trait, and that s it, with Wayne as narrator of their comic journey Nor is suspense a large factor, as it ll be clear very early on to all readers that these boys are being educated toward a nefarious criminal purpose The only real suspense is in the twists and turns along the way, and just how dark the story will get It s light fun, good for the poolside or an airplane, as long as your expectations are in check And if the title is a turnoff, the book s probably not going to be your cup of tea. GoodReally liked this book will be checking others out , hope we find out what happened to all the characters at some time. Like Henchmen s Bookclub, this King book is a 4 star premise that gets bogged down with1 Bad editing Characters are tied to chairs one instant and not the next 2 Confusing typos More than once the word not was left out of a sentence That can make a fairly large impact on the story line.3 Uneven pacing Too much time was spent setting up the story and not enough with the resolution All in all, the ending felt rushed.I m not going to give up on King not quite yet. This book was awesome The first few pages were a bit of a drag but stick with it, hilarity ensures I was in tears laughing so hard at some of the content of this book This book reminded me of my family and my childhood I thought very similar to the main character at times The end was a bit rushed for me but I liked it, I would definitely check outfrom this author. (EPUB) Ì School for Scumbags õ Habitual Teenage Delinquent Wayne Banstead Is Expelled From Yet Another School For Sticking Up The Tuck Shop And Finds Himself Hauled Off To Gafin School For Misdirected Boys A Special School For Special Children It Plays Host To The Worst Of The Worst, The Cream Of Teenage Offending Thieves, Bullies, Arsonists And Flashers The Teachers Should Have Their Work Cut Out, But Things Aren T Quite What They Seem At Gafin School Far From Rehabilitating The Boys, The Teachers Seem Intent On Instructing Them In How To Get Away With Things The Pros, The Cons And The Downfalls Are All Set Out Like An Algebra Equation Even The School Motto Is A Bit Dodgy Heliarnos Eto Umminass, Or Help Yourselves Boys With Careful Tutoring, Wayne Banstead And His Classmates Are About To Take A Step Up Into The Big Leagues But In The Big Leagues, The Big Boys Play For Keeps With Scores Of Dead Arms, A Playground S Worth Of F Words And A Slam Bam Robbery At Its Heart, This Tale Is Definitely Not For Kids Undoubtedly one of my favourite books.Sure, it requires a little bit of suspension of disbelief it s a silly, possible not plausible premise, but it s worth it Superbly written, hilarious in places and just cannot be put down For me, one of the most readable books of the last 100 years.