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!Ebook ♆ A Season to Bee ⚐ Fashion Illustrator Carlos Aponte Gives Readers Front Row Seats To The Runway Show Of The Season Join Miss V McQueen And Her Band Of Fashion Bugs As They Flit And Flutter Their Brilliant Colors Down The Catwalk Ladybug Reds, Butterfly Golds, And Grasshopper Greens Provide Young Readers With A Chic Introduction To The Colors Found All Around Us A cute book about colors, focusing specifically on spring The Bee, who writes for Buzz Magazine, takes us to a bug fashion show where she narrates all the colors being shown and where, in nature, most of the colors appear Certainly, for a child learning colors, this book would be fun I could also see it used as a mentor text in writing to show how something simple, like colors, could spark an idea and a different kind of writing or story. This title reminds me of the books dedicated to colors that enthralled me as a child Bright and vibrant monochromatic pages celebrate different colors found in nature in the context of a spring insect fashion show Simple, easy to follow text A great title for toddler and preschool stortyime. Unique and beautiful. Indistinguishable insects display the new fashion season s array of colors some colors are compared to something in nature, such as white clouds and blue sky others are unrelated to states of being, such as pink for chic or black for posh.Rhyming text in large black font against white background or white font against colored background.Great read aloud for colors or fashion statements Bee sure to look under the dust jacket The pages are saturated with images of the color that is being taught, which makes this quite enjoyable and a feast for the eyes The final message is the best, though after a fashion show presentation with many, many images that seem to emphasize external appearance, the flow and conclusion didn t work for me as well as I hoped it would Had the message to just be you been stronger then it might be a contender for purchase to add to the home library. I chose this book because I loved how colorful the pages were I liked this book because it gives children an opportunity to learn their colors through fashion I also loved it because the theme of it was to always be you and do what you want to do. I chose to read the story A Season to Bee because it helped show the importance of embracing who you truly are This book made my heart warm and is something that I would love to read to my classroom Not only to help them identify colors but to teach them the importance of being themselves. A concept book with a difference, A Season to Bee introduces young children to various colors via the tale of bumblebee Miss V McQueen, editor of Buzz Magazine, and fashion maven extraordinaire Taking journalists and onlookers on a fashion tour, our apiarian heroine demonstrates the beauty of various shades, even as she shows what trendy insects everywhere are wearing In the end, as she instructs the reader listener, the most important thing of all is to be yourselfAn artist and designer with a background in fashion, Carlos Aponte delves into the world of picture books in A Season to Bee, producing an engaging tale and absolutely lovely artwork The text here is in rhyme, making it a fun read aloud, and the illustrations highlight the different colors under discussion, as each one is used as the background shade, in the various scenes My favorite pages, however, were those in which Aponte mixed his colors, creating a vibrant range of hues that contrast beautifully with one another Recommended to anyone looking for new and innovative children s books about color, or for anyone searching for picture books featuring a fashion theme. A unique spin on colors Doesn t have your typical colors of the rainbow My little one kept on insisting the gold was orange LOL This would be better suited for elementary aged children as the language is a little too complex for toddlers.