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!Kindle ⚇ Gabriel's Horn ⚒ The Stranger Could Be Insane Or He Just Might Be Our SalvationArchaeologist Annja Creed Is Than Curious When A Decrepit, Ancient Looking Man Visits Her, Claiming The End Of The World Is Near The Stranger Spins Wild Tales And Speaks As If He Actually Knew King Arthur But, Strangest Of All, He Insists That Annja Is The Only One Who Can Stop The Horrible Event That Is About To HappenWhen Annja S Mentor And Friend Roux Goes Missing, She Quickly Realizes There May Be Something To The Stranger S Stories Making Her Way Through The Dark And Violent Underbelly Of Istanbul, Annja Must Find Her Missing Friend And The Holy Grail Before The Relic Getsinto The Wrong Hands She May Not Fully Believe The Fate Of The World Is On The Line, But She Doesn T Really Want To Die Fi Nding Out Great book A page turner for the end, because I couldn t stop reading I loved all the characters and their roles in it. Much better than the last one And a ramping up of the romantic tensions between Garin and Roux Roux was certainly a surprise Gabriel s Horn starts out with a movie stunt gone wrong and quickly segues into Garin s long awaited date culminating in an attack on Annja.Poor Annja is under fire and supported by all the men in her life along with a new, possibly immortal, cryptic character who needs her help in preventing the end of the world I really don t know what Annja would do without the Internet, chat rooms, and email. If you can believe that King Arthur talks to present day people, what s not to believe in that Gabriel s Horn can end the world Past meets present in a teeth jarring end of the world kind of way, complete with Arthur s true Lady Love I love a happily ever tomorrow LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED this one It grabbed my attention right off the bat and never let go I absolutely adore the interaction between the main character and her two supporting characters in each of the books Even though this is a series you can read them out of order Except you need to read the first one to know certain things but after that I think it is ok to read them out of order I however cannot do that Drives me bonkers to read out of order. I know I m not reading these in the order in which their written, and frankly, I don t think they need to be There s enough information within the individual stories themselves that they stand alone pretty well So far, this one was my favorite Maybe it s because I lived in Turkey and spent time in Istanbul on multiple occasions I also appreciated the romance hinted at here between Garin and Annja I d like to see how that develops at some point And I enjoyed meeting Charlie, and expect that he ll show up in later books But I m not in love with the writing style We ll see if I dive into any after this round of reviews. Wow there was almost some character development with Roux in this one But alas It was just a storyline And why didn t we find out about what happened to the movie And what was with the guys with the tattoos of swords on their necks Good things can come from these books, but they don t always come through It s just Tomb Raider type stuff. Still a good Rogue Angel read with all the expected ingredients but somehow it fails to hit the mark, perhaps it is that the first 20% of the story is padding trying to make Garin a romantic interest If we wanted a romance we would have bought one We want swords, guns and a chase to solve a mystery.Lost a star for an attempt to contrive a romance. 3.5 stars.The whole gang is present for this one But I did think there s a bit of a continuity issue at the start with Garin asking Annja out for the promised date I m sure she d already had a date with him on the cruise ship a couple of books back in Provenance I think that s the problem when you have different authors writing the books Regardless, another action packed episode with some complex relationship dynamics between Roux and Garin. Mystery an storyline were great Great pace and this book had a lot of character development involving Annja, Garin, and Roux both personally and as a family It ranks high up there for favorites in the series so far.