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And so the saga concludes and it is done in spectacular fashion. [[ Free ]] ⇳ Wings of the Storm ☙ This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ASIN BBUOGFOFighting In Sweden For An Ambitious Warlord, Sigurd Haraldarson And His Small But Loyal Band Of Oathsworn Warriors Are Winning Fame And Reputation But Sigurd Knows That To Take On His Hated Enemy, The Oath Breaker King Gorm The Man Who Betrayed His Father, A Man Sigurd Has Vowed To Kill He Must Earn Riches Enough To Build An Army Many Believe Sigurd To Be In Favoured, But His Exploits Have Drawn The Eye Of Another God, Too Loki The Trickster, And When A Daring Assassination Attempt Goes Wrong, Sigurd Finds Himself A Prisoner Of The Powerful Jarl Guthrum Bound Like A Slave, His Luck Having Seemingly Deserted Him, Sigurd Is Taken To The Sacred Temple At Ubsola, A Place Where The Blood Of Human Sacrifice Flows To Appease The GodsIt Is At Ubsola That Sigurd Will Face The Sacrificial Knife And It Is Here That He Will Find A Powerful Relic, The Great Spear That Was Said To Have Once Belonged To In Himself With Such A Spear In His Possession Sigurd Might Now Assemble A Host Strong Enough To Challenge King Gorm And Wreak The Revenge He Craves For, Like In, Sigurd Will Be The Wild Huntsman Tearing Through The Sky On His Fearsome Steed, And The Rage Of His Passing Will Be The Sound Of Wings Of The StormWith Wings Of The Storm, One Of Our Finest Young Historical Novelists Brings His Extraordinary Viking Saga An Adventure To That Is Sure To Satisfy Any Game Of Thrones Fan To A Triumphant Close I m just so disappointed with this book and series Viking Historical Fiction is my first literary love I haven t read it all but feel I m well versed in this sub genre One of my first forays into VHF was the Raven s Saga series, which I loved despite Giles Kristian slightly odd writing style So I was psyched when I learned that Kristian was working a prequel staring Raven s jarl, Sigurd.After foaming at the mouth for the series to be released in the US I sunk my teeth into it and it was a bit sour The confident, charismatic Sigurd I d come to love was replaced by his younger, hesitant, slightly unhinged self which just wasn t that great That paired with a meandering plot left me feeling hollow but I forged on and though I was never fulfilled I was entertained until now.This book took meandering to a new limit and broke me under the weight of confusion and side plots Where Raven s Saga was high adventure which spanned the known western world The Rise of Sigurd reads like a Ben Stiller movie in which one misfortune follows another but without laughs Just fulfill your damn vengeance already and go find Raven Fuck.Not Recommend. I have followed the rise of Sigurd and thus Giles Kristian since 2009 His first Viking trilogy was full of historical action, drama and battles A truly groundbreak debut that stood proud besides the other greats like Cornwell, Severin and Ludlow This being alas his final Viking trilogy, is not just an epic coming of age story of a Viking warlord from the previous trilogy but it also represents and demonstrates an astounding maturity and refinement of Gile s talent The landscapes, emotions, dialogue, all are now potent with skaldic craftsmanship that the narrative voice is much like a seidr enchantment than that which is featured You can not help but read on, turn one page, finish one chapter Truly unputdownable and edge of seat reading.The ending is worth the wait for the final battle to settle this boiling blood feud between King Gorm and Sigurd does not begin until the final quarter Sooo many other challenges, dramas, adventures and dangers must be overcome for both Sigurd and Runa As much as it is Sigurd leading the war cry, I am pleased to see Giles gave Runa a chance for glory and thus her brother doesnt entirely hog the gaze of the gods.Epic Storytelling is the best way to describe the entire trilogy as a whole and this final book is an amazing testemant for the love Giles must have for the character of Sigurd to have effectively written 6 books about him It is a fitting tribute and telling of the life and glory fame of Sigurd and an amazing eternal dedication of Giles s nordic roots. REVIEW TO COME the best GK book yet A tad too much rehash in the beginning of this third of the series to bring a reader up to speed, but I got over it.Battles, battles, blood, gore, spears, arrows, swords, knives, honor, Norse gods A shoot em up, blow em up action adventure without gun powder 785 AD Norway If you are going to break an oath and kill a family, make damn sure you don t leave any off spring alive Vengeance Oh, least I forget, Norsemen require vast quantities of mead and ale.Entertaining. Finally we got the book we knew Giles K was capable of Exciting, action packed, tense, nicely plotted though it s simple enough really , with relatively few cliches of the Hist Fic Klub type or of Kristian s own and with an ending battle the like of which I m fast becoming to think only Giles K can write I m not saying you should avoid the first two and go straight to this though you could Maybe to fully get this one, you need to wade through one and two Personally, I would have liked to have avoided number one entirely, but there you go I ve seen enough other comments around and about to know that not everyone thinks like me, and I m just fine with that But if Giles would like to run things by me first in future, he knows where he can find me.So, what I m left with is the feeling that there surely is no one better at the rolling, rumbling, not over yet, tense, chase, omg battle scene than our Giles The end of this book with have you gasping for air, biting your nails, with everything crossed for the right outcome, but not yet, then there s this, now No, there s I can t take any You have to I like that, as I liked the end of the second Civil War book That was a masterclass, this is the equal of it.See, when he sits down and takes this writing lark seriously, he can do some of the best, freshest, most compelling and invigorating story telling there is Unfortunately though it s not all the time he still hasn t got over his beard fixation I don t know if he s ever worn a thigh tickler himself, all the pictures of him I ve seen have been clean shaven There sure is something about a beard he can t resist A beard fixation They re combed, growing with the grass, singed, braided, you name it And there are all sorts of things in those beards too, though mostly small nestling families of smiles And teeth His alter ego can t refrain from one too many, ridiculous,teeth flashed in his beard,to try and ruin the good work Unfortunately, this fixation that beards can signify every feeling, small or large, hidewolfish grinsprobably, gives a completely wrong, negative, effect, undoing previous good work What he thinksUnique, compelling, period and character detailWhat I thinkCut Throat Jake If you, like me, been waiting for the good one, this is it The wait was than worth it, this is what Giles K can do when he concentrates It s only short, just 298 pages, it s distilled down to the essence of the story, the ending, the ending and the ending and the reckoning the series has been saying was coming all along.You know I m right Speesh ReadsAnd I m right here too Speesh Reads This is a belter of a book to finish this amazing journey Siguard and Kristian have taken us on and captures all the best things about Kristian s writing Nobody else, In my humble opinion captures the savagery, the brutality, the bloodthirstiness of the Viking age as well as Kristian but he also captures the joy, the camaraderie and the sheer fun of a crew with an open ocean and the world at their feet Kristian s prose is as usual superb and you can feel his love of the Norse sagas and all things Viking in every word he writes and when he is describing the rituals and whims of the Old Gods you can almost physically feel them in the room with you such is the beauty and power of the prose.I think I once described Kristian s ability to write a battle scene as almost 3D like and he doesn t disappoint in the final climactic battle of this book He manages to cram into a paragraph the ferocity, the viciousness and gruesome bloodiness of battle and such is the power of the descriptive narrative that as Kristian builds layer upon layer of noise, blood, terror and brutality you feel yourself drawn into the heart of the scene I don t think I can recommend this book and the Series enough and if you are looking for a book that captures why we are still fascinated by the Viking age, 1000 years after it ended then you have just found it Wings of the Storm is the fabulous final book in the Rise of Siguard series and the author once again brings to life the savage and brutal world of the Vikings in a way only he can. This is the 3rd book and another great read in this series I really enjoyed the characters and the plot. The final chapter in this amazing trilogy is everything an epic work should have.The great conclusion culminating in a climatic confrontation between two sides.One seeking power,the other retribution Each one with their own allies and subjects.Who will come out victorious Who will see another day Who is going to give up all to protect those he cares about Some characters will seek redemption,some power,some glory and riches You will find all of that in this final book of another excellent trilogy.Sure,it took some time to get to it,but it was worth all the waiting,build up and settings Of course,when comparing it to the other works within this saga,this would take a number 3 place behind Blood eye and Odin s wolves ,giving the fact that it needs full understanding of the situation I m glad the author took it s time,so he could deliver us another awesome work within this great saga and I,also,hope he would return with a new work,regarding the great viking history and it s historical figures.Perhaps someone like Ragnar Lothbrook, his sons or Harald Hardrada Who knows Only the time will tell Until that,enjoy in this great saga or seek another great works like Bernard Cromwell and his Anglo Saxon stories set in this period For the time,I m going to put aside new trilogy,until I finish reviewing the best known novels of Ernest Hemingway As always,I m opened for discussions regarding the works I ve already read and giving or receiving new recommendations I wish you all wonderful and pleasant evening.